After Bush v. Gore: 2000 Election Documentary | Retro Report | The New York Times

After Bush v. Gore: 2000 Election Documentary | Retro Report | The New York Times

29 thoughts on “After Bush v. Gore: 2000 Election Documentary | Retro Report | The New York Times

  1. I'm curious what it would have been like with Gore. 9/11 would have still happened because Clinton allowed Bin Laden to flourish (mainly due to the Lewinski scandal). We might have sweeping environmental changes, however, congress would have had to pass those. We'd probably be roughly in the same place, actually.

  2. if the Democrats would only fight fire with fire. they allow Republicans to steal power all the time and draw their own districts. it's criminal and these people should be arrested for life

  3. it's odd how only red poor states have these restrictions. most of those states haven't paid in a dime federally in 50 plus years

  4. everyone knows why Republicans want to enforce strict voting laws. they love suppressing voters because when the people vote Republicans lose.

  5. I happen to be a woman of color and I think that if you are an adult over 18, and you cannot get a legal form of ID, you dont need to vote- you are incompetent.

  6. Had Gore won that election, the core of our nation would be different today. A Gore administration would have never invaded Iraq, and the housing bubble, the crash of 2008 might have never happened and we would have maintained a national surplus. Furthermore, a Donald Trump presidency would have never taken place. Bush's failures is what brought us Trump because of his lies of the Iraq war. Thousands and thousands of American troops and Iraqi civilians would be alive today and no ISIS with a stable Middle East. The electoral college needs to be abolished.

  7. When a teammate dies for the next 12 turns you have a 50% chance of killing any non-boss mob in one hit

  8. 2008 recession, the destruction of the middle East, the Patriot act, and war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why were you not like your father.

  9. How is there 'essentially' no such thing as voter fraud? If they typically vote democrat but aren't actually citizens then vote in an election then thats voter fraud. For the record I'm against it even if it's votes for Republicans. New York Times you're being extremely dishonest as usual.

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