Affirmative Action: Crash Course Government and Politics #32

Affirmative Action: Crash Course Government and Politics #32

45 thoughts on “Affirmative Action: Crash Course Government and Politics #32

  1. The notion that less qualified people are getting into schools and jobs they are unqualufied for is bigoted. Affimative Action wouldn't be neccessary if access was based on qualifications alone and not the personal preferences of people entrusted to give oppurtunities fairly.

  2. As a black female with a MENSA-level IQ, Affirmative Action simply makes no difference to me. I inherited my IQ from my white father, but my ghetto-trash black mother raised me. Since I was raised in socioeconomic conditions which were beneath my intellect, I would have had to earn far more than a white woman, to achieve a reasonable standard of living. This is especially true since I look black, so I will never have the benefit of middle-class males, helping and supporting me voluntarily. To be honest, this lifestyle is simply too hard and stressful to cope with, so I ended up with nothing.

    Sufferings such as mine don't "just happen", as a relic of America's historical racism. Scientists sat down and PREDICTED these patterns of behavior, and governments used violence to crystalize them, and make the most of them, to DELIBERATELY reinforce racial oppression. For instance, a couple of decades ago, a white male and a black one got together, and raped and murdered a pretty biracial teenaged girl. I believe her mother was also black.

    The reality is, once you establish a system of racial oppression, things will never go right afterwards. So Affirmative Action is analogous to the old-fashioned girdle: it doesn't solve the problem; it just shifts it around, to make it less visible.

  3. i am certain that eventually the supreme court will rule affirmative action unconstiutional because it is by definition discrimination based on race which is against the fourteenth amendment and many civil rights acts.

  4. THERE NEED TO BE SEPERATE GOVT FUNDED REHABILITATION SCHEMES TO BRING MARGINALIZED PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR MISERY NOT AN AFFIRMATIVE ACTION..Like eg free mentoring, career councelling, drug support, corrections services for criminals should prepare them to take on the world once released, domestic violence support disability & orphan support groups. in addition to free 1 room housing & free food & basic free medical & 30% quotas in public administration

  5. Past description doesn’t justify present discrimination, particularly, as in the case of Asian Americans, when the same group was subject to discrimination in both instances.

  6. I don't really agree with affirmative action. Maybe it should be based on socioeconomic standards instead since poorer kids have worse chances at higher education. Or instead of having quotas, there can be incentives for companies or schools to not have discrimination.

  7. Plot twist …found out it wasn't affirmative action …it was rich people paying their kids way and taking spaces from worthy people of ANY race, or financial status

  8. So the guy was mad because he didn't make the cut of 53 slots so he got mad about tbe 16 slots set aside for minority….soooo non minority has 53 chances and minority people only havr 16….my god people are greedy…

  9. I'm sorry but I want my doctor or lawyer to be the Individual who is most qualified, regardless of race. The remedy to previous racism is not more state funded racism

  10. Asians have to score 450 points higher than blks.whites have to score 250 higher. Who will be better for America smart workers or lower. I. Q workers. And what does it tell the blk kids. It says your stuped but we're going to take care of you. Make the score equal then blk kids will work harder and have self pride.

  11. Love how you presented the facts and did not get politically involved. Get video. I say left get rid of Affirmative Action. I am really tired of people a person of color that is being used a scapegoat for someone else's fail. Or having my achievements questioned.

  12. It’s very rude to assume that black and Hispanic people are “stupider” or “less intelligent” than white or Asian people. There are definitely black people who are smarter than Asians and Whites (like the winner of the Mathcounts National Countdown Round 2018, a black student. Lower grades does not necessarily mean a lower IQ. It could be the other student worked harder than the student, or maybe they were more prepared for the test. I feel like everyone has an equal opportunity to obtain the same grades, and it doesn’t take a boost up to get into a school. Affirmative action is just a way for the government to ease their guilt for the way they treated others in the past by dragging down other hardworking students.

  13. Well, the white people get more opportunities and for example, get maybe a tutor. Collages are just leveling the playing field.

  14. Why I don’t like AA, I am a high school student in an area that includes mainly upper middle families (mainly millionaires) and if a black student who also went to my (public) high school and I were both applying for the same college with similar sat scores and extra curricular activity points and their was only one spot left he would be chosen, even if my sat was higher. I think this is unfair. What I believe should be considered in the eyes of colleges is socioeconomic status, if me and a student who lives in poverty both had the same sat and other values colleges look for then he should get the upper hand in acceptance as he made more of less then what I did with lots, that to me is to a certain extent very fair.

  15. This is the first cc government I've watched, can someone explain to me why he keeps punching that eagle

  16. The reality of the matter is that diversity is good, but also that we need to have a system where the smarter you are, the better uni you go to.

    How do we accomplish both of these goals?

    We get more people to become smart before they apply to unis by investing in K-12 schools.

    University education isn't a right, it's a privilege. K-12 schools are a right.

    All people must go to them, no matter how dumb or smart, so if we get all people, not only minorities, smarter in school, we won't need Affirmative Action because we will see minority groups get into college because they are smart, not because they are minorities.

  17. I’d like to think that affirmative action would be good but it just seams kinda broken in principle, like I get what their trying to accomplish with it and it’s a great goal but it can’t really work without also excluding others

  18. There are so many people in the comments saying this is racism to white people.
    Meanwhile the Asians silently disappear

  19. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Affirmative action for the Whites bred affirmative action for the 'others.' Sure, two wrongs don't make a right, but let's look at AA as a lesson well earned to not discriminate.

  20. AA was intended for descendants of slaves. Expanding it to "minorities" undermined that. It was redress specifically for slavery and Jim Crow.

  21. This might be an open-ended question, but…. I wasn't aware that white kids struggle to get a college acceptance letter. Is there data to support that claim? Everyone keeps debating the college admissions side in selective/highly competitive Universities, instead of comparing the number of white high school seniors who're offered ANY college admission vs admission offered to minority high school seniors.

  22. most Asians are very good at studying… they will have high score n stuff.. but I guess being book smart is just not enough.

  23. Affirmative action is absolutely insane…How about we raise our children to get good grades, stay in school, and do well in life so they don’t have to use their race as a pass. You earn what you earn. I am a strong believer in equal opportunity not equal outcome. Stay in school and work hard for what you want…don’t get pity points for your race. If someone had a better score than you and they are a certain race they are more qualified for the position. Those are just facts.

  24. Affirmative Action gave away the much qualified Asians and gave the spots to less qualified blacks. Doesnt matter—- Asians in general do not care for handouts anyway. they will get it themselves by sheer hard work.

  25. The movie ( and book ) Harisson Bergeron is where Affirmative Action ends.
    Ridiculas concept than milks ''White Guilt'' with dire consequences

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