Adaptive Leadership explained in 4 minutes

Adaptive Leadership explained in 4 minutes

adaptive leadership explained in less than four minutes no matter our position our role our context for each of us the opportunity for leadership is on the other side of the question what should I do an important first step in personal leadership is then to understand our own purpose and the alignment of our own purpose which over clearly imagine be able to see everything all the things we know in our organization to be true all the facts we can collect all the things we see in one simple case this is the pool of data our reality of our own context but it's a place we don't spend much time in because we want to leap into action but when we win the urge to get things done immediately and start entertaining multiple interpretation or what we see multiple explanation or what happens little by little we climbed up the ladder we start seeing more than one thing more than one reason more than one way things are we are on our way to the balcony above the day-to-day fray a fresh new perspective where we begin to see differently two very distinct kinds of work getting to focus from the balcony the kind of work is dealing with technical problems the expertise expertise driven deliverables the require efficient execution based on current know-how control following or procedures the technical work is the work that you do every day he for 90% of the time in your day to day job for this work clear Authority structures provided routine and protection order and direction great work like this is performed every day two procedures plans non responses in every organization yet this is not the work of leadership there is another kind of work much smaller and much harder to make out and very murky is the work of dealing with adapted challenges a very different kind of work we don't have yet an instruction manual for work for which much more than a quick fix is required work that requires people to rethink their own values loyalties and have it this is the work of leadership and the only way out is engaging consciously and collectively in learning unlearning and relearning to build what's next in the middle of uncertainty and ambiguity now this work is no more than 10% of what you do every day but this work is about dancing on the edge of what you know or what you expect or what you consider true or what you would do by default it's a place where you need to experiment with a sense that things may go well or things might go wrong and you can do it alone you gather a group of people willing to roll up their sleeves and factions quickly surface group of people are in favor people they're against others they are ok with the status quo they sense the danger and do an unspoken calculation or what's at stake they progress this make the risk of that they may lose status peer incompetent there's a point people they care about look that inevitably conflict arises your job will be to orchestrate the conflict as people in this work become fearful their expertise Authority security being challenged insufficient or not helpful yet they work a leadership here is holding people through this loss imagine having a hand on a thermostat turning the heat up and down to keep people fired up enough around purpose without having them boil over at their own third so uncertainty finally you reach a sweet spot of leadership where innovation flows and people start asking new questions speaking the unspoken within their own assumption test-driving novel practices building fragile new partnership across organic life and in doing this they start making progress on critical issues together

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  1. I like this as an incisive and visually engaging take on adaptive leadership. Great for stimulating discussion. (See also my own OBREAU Tripod videos on YouTube for a toolkit for enabling conversation on adaptive/'tough' issues.)

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