50 thoughts on “Adam Carolla on Donald Trump and the 2016 Election

  1. Adam has his points. However, his self-righteous demeanor takes away from his message. His comedic style is stale and abrasive. I've never been a fan of his. With that said, I do agree with most points he's made in this interview.

  2. Adam NAILED it!! Shitty people having shitty kids. It’s killing us culturally and financially. It’s NOT a racial issue. Stupidity and shittyness is color blind!!

  3. $8 happy meal!? Rubin obviously doesn't have kids that eat at McDonalds where $8 will buy you nearly TWO happy meals 😛

  4. Right wing extremists commit the lions share of the terrorist attacks in the us now. Guess they didnt see that coming in 2016.

  5. You don’t like don’t like don’t like what YOU as a WHITE MAN caused! The patriarchy created identity politics and that’s why those groups end up marginalized and exploited. Look at the big picture and point the finger in your fucking face! You prop up these social ills with your attitude. In fact, you and your ilk are the dumb ones responsible for this system, not the people affected by these conditions. Who creates Wendy’s shitty food? Who creates predatory lending? Who creates poverty and desire for creature comforts? The pigs at the top, not the people at the bottom.

    Yeah, we know why you don’t need studies. Because you don’t have the mental fortitude to understand social stratification. Social Darwinism is fascism. It isn’t natural order.

  6. They’ve literally made comments like “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” a racist comment and totally off limits.
    They’re also now turning climate change racial. Even abortions are racist since the right doesn’t want black woman to kill their babies.
    When are more people going to understand that this is only being done for power and to shut down their opponent? It’s such a disaster and horrible for blacks in particular. No doubt it’s giving millions of them an excuse to not even try. Imagine being told this shit over and over again when growing up.

    Instead of great motivating speeches like JFK’s speech about what you can do for your country it’s not people consistently asking politicians what are you going to personally give me.

    When you keep electing the same group for 50-60 years in places like inner cities and things are either getting worse or are the exact same shit that it’s been I say you pretty much deserve what you get.

    This is where all the race nonsense comes in. They use this tactic over and over painting people like Trump as evil nazi racist since they know it will cause them to get overly emotional and shut down all logic and common sense

    Trump ask them what they have to lose and then they say he’s racist and starts saying how great things are etc. He’s 1st republican president who’s tried to reach out to black community in my 42 years and that’s what freaked the dems out and had to destroy him. I could say he gave them ammo but did he really? They distort and lie so no matter what he says it will be twisted. Best example is Charlottesville and the both sides comments. Knowing that he condemned all Nazis and said the good people on both sides are not the ones that were Nazis or klansmen but there were people in the city to only protest statue removal that wasn’t involved w the idiots w tiki torches and real racist.

    It was a freaking city and the media was acting as if everyone that was there knew everything that we know today. You could easily be in a city w a March like that and be ten blocks over and not know a damn thing.

    The statues are tricky because some are actual history and were put up right after civil war to show appreciation for the soldiers. The ones that were put up in 60s as a slap in the face can come down but it’s up to the city.
    The soldiers were treated w respect and rightfully so. We also didn’t destroy soldiers that were Nazis after ww2. They were just doing what the govt told them to. You also had men like Robert e lee who was asked to lead northern army and only reason he didn’t was because he couldn’t fight against his own state/ country. The country was very new at that time and people looked at their home states the way we look at America today.
    He also started a university for black womaj after civil war.
    He didn’t want the war and if he was really an extremist who believed what he was doing was the right thing he could have easily went to the West Virginia mountains and fought an insurgency/Vietcong styled war and held out until better terms like keeping slavery, etc. However he surrendered and wanted to unite the country the best way he could. Actual racist and extremist in the south were mad at him and really wanted to fight on. He was a great man and without him things could have been much worse. Soldiers he surrendered to had tears in their eyes. That would never happen to an evil enemies leader that you hate.
    This is the history and the type man that good people were protesting to stop him from being removed. He’s huge and one of most important figures in all of American history. Start erasing him and what’s next?

  7. Adam thinks the poor are worthy of responsibility and Dave does not. Dave: poor people don't know how to eat, it's heartless to tell them to have sex with a condom on, raise/provide for their kids and work hard.

  8. I like Rubin. He never says a word at all and lets the guest do all the talking. THats a good host. Should be called "It's your this episodes guest host show"

  9. people "dont know" [how to shop]….. LOL, fuck off rubin.. that is literally the dumbest thing ive ever heard you say

  10. Since the invention of the electronic computer, trillions have been spent upon the design of software for a million applications. But the entire theory of democracy [mob rule] is: The majority wins, period. [must have cost 50 cents to figure that out]
    The majority wins, not because it's wise or factually correct or historically correct or morally correct, no. Just because most people think it's correct. Never in the history of the world have animals or humans had the bottom echelons of their population make the policy decisions. It's upside down and stupid and it didn't work well for 5 minutes. Democracy predictably and inevitably leads to the most stupid end possible, namely socialism.

  11. old vid – but still poignant. Adam's points are the majority of America. Wish he was still in the mainstream.

  12. Oh, you think you own your land? Stop paying taxes, and see if you own your land.

    They will take “your land” and sell it to the next renter!

  13. Not racism here unless you think that way anyways. Be responsible for you're own actions. Nothing but facts here.

  14. Adam Corolla reminds me of Jessie Lee Peterson … when you are right & you know it YOUR LIFE is easy.

  15. Jews are white, and they are more financially successful than other groups, in general, so they're the first to be kicked out of the intersectional coalition.

  16. I love you, Adam, and I agree fully with your feelings on families. Any mother – and it is the responsibility of the mother because "a woman's body, a woman's choice" – is morally obliged to possess at least 2 prerequisites before giving birth: she has to want the child (love), and she has to have the financial means to care for it. The latter typically means being married. Now, when someone claims "racist," ask (1) why do you connect this philosophy to race, and (2) are our ideas of right and wrong to be race-based?

  17. Holy shit. I never knew how cool AC is. Hes fuckin awesome. Common sense all over the place. How did JIMMY KIMMEL (is couterpart) get so mixed up?

  18. Democrats used their 1965 Great Society Legislation (welfare program) to keep blacks on the plantation

  19. In the city schools near here kids get breakfast lunch and after school meal program because momma traded in the ebt at 50cemt on a dollar for wig&nails ,,,,
    Lots of city corner stores were busted for buying ebt to the tune of $25.000 a month

  20. I do not disagree with a word coming out of Adam's mouth. However, I do think it would behoove him to learn "Cause and Effect". Once he really brings cause and effect into his equations, things are not so black and white.

  21. All problems with our country are because there are people here that hate Adam Carolla and vote.

  22. This guy is my hero. He brought comedy, and understanding to my life when I stumbled across Loveline 20 years ago late at night, the only time I could get high because everyone was asleep. He shaped my personality and now nobody can argue with me. He taught me that the brutally honest truth mixed with comedy is the only way to make a controversial point that nobody can argue with.

  23. Adam agreed with me so now he's my favorite person ever! … how right of you. 😂 I'm sure if everyone could make a living spouting out their dumbshit dribble.. wouldn't need government assistance.

  24. 8:30 Dear mother of GOD Dave…."HOW WERE YOU EDUCATED ENOUGH?" Educated to do food shopping over eating out? They're educated enough to know how to turn POWDER COCAINE into CRACK ROCK COCAINE or hustle food stamps for drugs and cash or to keep having kids so the nanny state will keep that check coming in…

  25. I loved school lunch from late 80's and early 90's. Pizza was the best and those mash potatoes with the green snot looking gravy.

  26. I work with a white French guy. And hes been using these places forever. 3 at a time. Its fooked.. cause hes in a bad cycle now. These places keep the poor down. And yes its stupid to go there in the 1st place. Hell we all do stupid shit but it dont cost us all 35 percent intrisct.

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