26 thoughts on “Acting ICE director Mark Morgan to replace John Sanders as CBP chief

  1. You picked up the kids …take care of them. you dont want to take care of kids them then DONT PICK THEM UP !!! If you pick them up and dont take care of them then YOU GO TO JAIL !!! This is REAL simple unless your unamerican.

  2. Yall trump supporters are bad! Hes making America worse again he literally is separating kids that were BORN in the UNITED STATES and their parents who were born in Mexico or any other country like wtf yall just haters cuz u mad that Mexicans are better workers than you trump supporters! 😆😖😌

  3. Feel like the administration follows a weird paradigm of "Can't care about the problem if you don't have someone in the position to care about the problem"

  4. If these people would not come here illegally they wouldn't be in this situation. Stay in your own countries!! make your own countries great.

  5. America is better than this. We were kinder to our prisoners in World War II than we are to these innocent people. Anyone in America that can justify this treatment of refuges needs to do some serious introspection of their soul if they can find it.

  6. DEPORTATION NOW! NO Delay. NO Excuses. NO Special Treatment. ALL At One Time.

    Then… Deport the anti-American's in congress.

  7. Why resign, stay and help get this situation under control.Every one wants a great life for the children.We can donate money to help. The Border Patrol is not letting trucks of supplies through.They walk many miles to get to the border,only to discover that there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.🏜

  8. A crime to cross a border. Sad. I often like when these Americans talk about "I fought for my country so you can have rights" What? You murdered kids like i did during my 2 tours in afgan? Like my CO and others COs? I wanted to join so i can make sure kids like those live happy yet there i was in 05' with my rile pointed at the innocent and the guilty shot. So for you vets who have to live with your decisions like we all do. Understand you did it for them.

  9. Hey Trump! Give Americans back their $100 Million Dollars. You spent our hard earned Tax dollars on 40 Golfing Trips, in just 2 years, at your clubs. You gouged us taboot, instead of giving us a discount. What happened to your promise, "I won't play Golf like Obama did, I'll stay at the White House and work."
    You conned us, give us our money back. Over 100 mill.

  10. Wow the bias of this news organization is just stunning. These children are being trafficked by illegals. That’s the truth!

  11. He's desperate, you can hear it in his voice. He doesn't want the stigma of what's going on attached to him and that's why he's leaving. Once Trump is gone, the dogs will turn on whoever's left, and he wants out of the line of fire when the time comes. He knows the line "I was only following orders" isn't going to work now, any more than it did at the end of WW2. To him, this is like a ticking time bomb, and he wants to be as far away as he can be, before it goes off. Can't blame him for running away, he knows he'll be the scapegoat if he doesn't, and all of us have seen, and he's learned first hand, you can't reason with a lunatic.

  12. How is massive amounts of people illegally coming to our country and overcrowding the facilities the presidents fault? He declared an emergency crisis months ago and nobody wants to solve the problem! Nowww the media says there is a crisis. Give me a break. FAKE NEWS.

  13. Doesn’t take a Genius ICE director is racist, it’s ok to have CBP working facilities with their conditions, however “Don’t come to our country illegally” not to mention, Director can predict kids are gang members too, by looking into their eyes. What a character…

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