100 thoughts on “ABC News Anchor Amy Robach Caught On Live Mic Claiming Bosses Quashed Her Jeffrey Epstein Story

  1. is the woman in the red dress a news person herself? Why is she dressed like she's at a cocktail party or hollywood event? It's stupid, she looks like she's ready to pick up an award.

  2. Paid cheerleaders for a corrupt and evil establishment, almost the whole of the MSM and the tech monopolies, truly, as the President says, enemies of the American people.

  3. Love or hate him, Trump was first to really apply pressure on the mainstream media. And who else would know the power of the media better than Donald Trump?

    With all of this said, how can anyone side with these very people in the media who are trying to railroad Donald Trump?

  4. The women who were raped as children need to sue ABC for covering up a massive criminal pedophilia ring. A judge could destroy the company with $5B in damages. If ABC gets away with it then bodies need to start dropping. If the criminal justice system is corrupted so badly that an American multi-billion dollar corporation can get away with aiding and abetting child sex slavery, then media mogul and exec editor heads literally need to end up on pikes with their severed d*cks in their mouths.

  5. I was absolutly raped out of my mind and tortured. They force us to go threw this. We dont want to. We dont want to live through being group hate rpaed but they force us to. They have all the money, power, connects, guns, helicopters, qjd friends to hate rape us as kids. I was a kid ajd thwy stope my life ajd hate raped me becaise tot hem i wasnt a human worth talking to. I was a girl who was shit and a whore bwciase somwone made nonconsentual teenage porn of me from 15-16 and i didnt know they did that to me. The epstein weinstein r kellys of the world got a hold of it and hate raped my mind with bullies who spit on me as a kid. I didnt want to go through it. I didnt want to feel raped i didnt want it.and they tortured em and hate raped me anyway. Thwy staljwd me and took away over 26byeats off my life hate rapubg me and laughing becuase they caused me to have a nervous breakdown. They hate raped me bad and the top knows. They hate rpae our souls and force us to got hrough thibgs we dont want to becias it hurts girls ajd womeb. They gang hate raped me bad. They forced me to live through hell. I jad no power, money, friends, or help. They hate raped me for living in a house. They treated me like dog shit and wouldnt stop when they knew rhthey ey were hurting me but instead called me a cry baby. They hate raped my soul. No one wpuld help me and they forced me to go through it for years. They take away yo7r life and force you to live through degredation, humiliation, torture, and their hate aimed at you. I didnt want to live throuvh it. I sobbed saying "i dont want it" and they continued tp rape me like a guppie like a piece pf dog shit and even after many suicide attemtps. They kept bringing in more and new people. They hate raped me. Everyobe took a turn from bkys who spit on me at 10 to well lets say i will look up to a human again. They hate rape us for fun wgen they have that kind of power nad we are pesants and they are kings for a good tine boys club. Theyhate rape pur souls and force us to live though it. They hate raped me.

  6. "You're watching
    ABC: A Disney Company!" 😀

    [Kicks stack of photographic evidence of child sex-slavery under desk]

  7. they covered it up and will again and again. nothing will change. i doubt Epstein is dead, dudes in Israel or another island having sex with girls. period.

  8. Hey, at least she's still breathing. Gary Webb exposed the Iran-Contra scandal and the CIA saw to it that a few years later he "committed suicide by shooting himself TWICE in the back of the head."

  9. The reason ABC squashed the story is that they knew it would lose Hilary the election. She was such an awful candidate she lost anyways. You want to talk about selective reporting. Trump farts and they call him a racist.

  10. The corrupt "news" networks, AKA PRAVDA, have already analyzed her comments showing suicidal tendencies and is just waiting to be ordered when to reveal the story after her terrible slip and drowning in her bathtub.

  11. Wonder when Amy Robach will be on Good Morning America again. I didn't see her this morning. I suspect she's an impromptu vacation for an undetermined amount of time till this blows over. We must not let this blow over.

  12. If mainstream media can supress the fact that 911 was a controlled demolition why are we suprised they supressed an elite pedophelia ring..

  13. Disney owns ABC and bought out FOX. Let's not forget that our huge media corporation own everything. Time WarnerMedia owns by AT&T that has masses of outlet they control from CNN, TBS, HBO, DC Comics, the CW, the Great Big Story (YouTube channel), etc…It's a propaganda machine. Rethink on how you see news and decipher if it's true or not. Creepy Pedos are at the top of this corrupt system.

  14. I sense yet another tragic suicide coming with someone slipping in their toaster electrocuted bath and falling up the stairs and out the window after shooting themselves twice in the back of the head…

  15. ABC called CBS today and asked CBS to fire the person ABC believes to be the whistleblower. CBS went ahead and fired her.

  16. Hmm, what else was happening in 2016? ABC collusion to silence a very important story during an election campaign?

  17. What's really interesting is how while the MSM has been forced to address this story due to the leak, they continue to defame ProjectVeritas as the source of the leak in order to cast doubt on the story itself. BuzzFeed called it a "heavily edited" video…what exactly was edited?

  18. Just think how many kids were raped in the last 3 years while she was doing nothing. She is a horrible person it's all about her not the victims.

  19. Shame Project Veritas for exposing all the illegal underage sexual relations that were had by all these perverts.
    Now the Democrat supporting Media will be busy covering this up along with a Billionaire joining the race, the latter story is a welcome distraction.

  20. 20/20 co-anchor, Amy Robach, slams ABC News in a viral video about a 'Jeffrey Epstein story she was told not to air,' then defended herself and the network in an apology.

    . . Because, you know… hindsight is…

  21. Why she should she be wishing she didn’t speak?! QUIT ALLOWING PREDATORS TO DO THIS SHIT! I don’t fucking get it.

  22. y'all in the comments sucking trump's dick must have forgotten that he visited epstein's pedo island lmao can't relate

  23. Why in the hell does anyone think that this was not quashed by ABC? Absolutely was to cover up for Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew! ABC is sick and should be avoided for being caught red handed for manipulating stories to fit their disgusting Liberal views. Quash ABC

  24. Isn't it rich that ABCNEWS decided to call CBS and tell them who they believe leaked this tape to Veritazand that woman was instantly fired from CBS while the top execs who said no to the Epstein victim interviews are getting ready for their million dollars of X-mas bonuses???!!!

  25. Amy Robach, just because they won't put it on the air at ABC news and give you the credit doesnt mean that you didn't have a responsibility to report a child rapist! You could have saved some people from a lot of pain.

    You could have gone to the police, Fox news, or maybe even an individual like Trey Gowdy. Try something!!! But no, you say on the story and complain about how pissed you are. You make me sick

  26. The facts they don't talk about. Epstein PLEADED GUILTY and was convicted in 2008 by a Florida state court of procuring an underage girl for prostitution and of soliciting a prostitute. His arrest in July 2019 was his SECOND arrest for sex trafficking of minors.

    ABC killed Robach's story back in 2016 even though it was about Epstein who was already a convicted pedophile (underage prostitute – who also happened to be acquainted with media figures, politicians, royals, and Hollywood. Let that sink in…

  27. George Stephanopoulos and Katie Couric attended a party at Epstein's apartment after he was already convicted, these people are sick and Evil.

  28. The bitch doesn't care about the ramifications, only that she missed the scoop. Fist yourself! I do not trust mainstream media.

  29. Amy Robach saying ‘pressure’ from Britain’s royal family killed the story. LIE. Red Herring. DISSEMBLING. This little piece of ‘caught on an open mike’ was staged theatre. The real pressure came from the Isrealis and those who underwrote Epstein in his Mossad blackmailing business

  30. Anyone notice a common element to all this?
    Try this free pdf.

  31. “We regret to inform you of the loss of Amy Robach. She was found dead in her home from an apparent suicide with choke marks and a glass of cyanide next to her bed”

  32. Why was this not Trending? Where is all the Liberal OutRage? ……………..Crickets………….. . . . .

    **BREAKING NEWS** Crickets' apparently commit massive suicide right beside a Size-10, Men`s Boot… Meanwhile at the GNC, a Local Grasshopper reported that "The Crickets had no natural Enemies, other than one big**s Spider know as Clinton." Back to Bill and Martha in Studio.. This is Jimeney Cricket signing off

  33. its funny how all these questions are insinuating robach shouldnt have told the truth because it makes ABC look bad. so
    .. NO questions about the cover up? it was an "outburst"
    exposing pedophiles is "right wing" and "not up to journalistic standards" so yeah meanwhile children are getting raped we're making a 2 hour documentary with pretty music for next year while we squash stories about the ongoing RAPE of children .

  34. hey, you cant rape THAT many children while we wait 3 years for this documentary to come out. give us some time to edit in some pretty music

  35. Nothing But Perverts working in these Corporate Businesses!! Those who covered up the Epstein story and those perverts that raped those young girls, Cancer wouldn't be bad enough to inflict on them..

  36. Gotta laugh at Republican and Democrat Americans in the comments section going at one another's throats (like in 95% of political YT videos). Talk about a shit slinging contest. You sound like you're in 2 opposing cults. Meanwhile your government wet themselves laughing at both of you because they have you where they want you: divided. The last US election was a battle between 2 crime families, but voters are so brainwashed they hardly noticed that you can write the difference between the Republican and Democratic party on the size of a postage stamp. They are merely different wings of the same bird marketed accordingly.

    And what is worse is that not only are Americans falling for the illusion that they have a choice, but when things in government go belly up, the government just sit back and watch voters go at one another for voting for the wrong party.

    If it weren't so blatantly wrong it would be genius.

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