43 thoughts on “AAP Demonstrates 'How To Rig' A Vote Machine (EVM)

  1. Even after demonstration was being proved that evm can absolutely be tempering. Then the question is that why, all other parties were not unitedly demands for scraping of EVM entirely?

  2. Wel done sir. I salute u. I agree it's highly possible. Bjp party ne saare hindustan or hindustaniyo Ki izzat nikaldi. AAP MLA Zindabad

  3. That EVMs can be hacked is a threat that has been given not only in India, but in many other countries, which is why a number of them have banned the voting machines.

    1. Netherlands banned it for lack of transparency.

    2. Ireland, after three years of research worth 51 million pounds, decided to junk EVMs.

    3. Germany declared EVMs unconstitutional and banned it.

    4. Italy also dropped e-voting since its results could be easily managed.

    5. In the United States, California and many other states banned EVMs if they did not have a paper trail.

    6. According to a CIA security expert, Venezuela, Macedonia and Ukraine stopped using EVMs after massive rigging was found.

    7. England and France have never used EVMs.

    Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, along with a professor from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, had also once said that the EVMs could be easily tampered with and their results manipulated. Which is perhaps why Mayawati has questioned their use in Uttar Pradesh and other states this year. But will we ever know if they at all were?

  4. Kya hoga ea dikha ke
    . Chunab ayog ki jo head hai uski history pata kijie , jarur bjp ka dost hai

  5. Open votings on Social Media platform will be a better solution, rather than these Jholler EVMs doubts. No body can mess with open voting platforms.

  6. i somehow believe that EVM hacking is indeed possible, it is done in large scale in 2014 and now in 2019. RIP democracy. People are made fools

  7. Jb ECI me hackathon rakha tha to inhe saanp sungh gya tha ar ab khud k banaye iss bawasir ko assembly me nautanki kr rhe h

  8. गांदू पता नही कहा से चाईनीज खिलोना लाके बोल रहा है

  9. साला पेचकस हैकर
    अरे ओ झांटू जब ईसीआई ने हैक करने के लिए बुलाया था तो क्यों नहीं आया अपना पेचकस लाने

  10. Friends Aap ne dekha Ho GA Arvind kejariwal yeh to kejariwal to chutiya He janta ko Bhi Banna chata He AAP ki janta ko du Banna ki koshis He kejariwal ka muh dekha Aap ne is video me Becheni He keshi khurshi jaane wali He tu chutiya He kejariwal tu kamina He Tuj ko to Pappu ne Bhi lat Mardi Teri saale koi izat HI nahi Thu He tujpr

  11. Why Linking of Aadhar to EVM not done? While govt insisting and complelling us to link the same to mobile, bank, pan, etc. The motive behind …?

  12. Logo Ko Pagal mat samjho Aise Tumhare channel ka TRP badhane ke liye essa na kre esse news Pakistan me dekho india me nahi

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