29 thoughts on “A Special "Vote In Real Life" Message from President Obama | #voteIRL

  1. Why does youtube push political agenda? they are a video sharing platform, this is en extreme abuse of power and all these companies and MSM will be brought to account one day, i cant wait to see them in court for crimes against humanity, they`ll say they were just doing their jobs, but thats what the NAZI`s said at the nuremburg trials and look where it got them. Judgement time is coming for the treasonous globalist puppetes, they cannot be allowed to subvert and divide us any longer.

  2. I thought this was a world wide thing, but it seems like it's just in America.

  3. Obama, the WORST POTUS since Andrew Johnson. Find a different career Obama, we heard enough of your drivel for one Lifetime.

  4. Why in the world is that basturd OBUMMER still on You Tube talking about the upcoming (NOT) election? He certainly did not hesitate about lying to the AMERICAN people

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