A Rather Late Map Update Analysis

A Rather Late Map Update Analysis

Let’s take a look at 3 maps which all got
updated for different reasons. Workout just got its first changes since 2014!
There were bugs that went unnoticed back then… but the CS:GO community in 2019 is bigger
and more critical. Stuff like stuck spots and ridiculous 3-man 360 pixelwalk boosts
have become a hobby for some, and under today’s scrutiny, Workout has been deemed flawed!
The major change was to a one-way stuck spot, where you could boost over this wall and get
stuck down the other side. Utterly pointless to do it, but who said bugs needed to give
you an advantage. The car was also rotated around- something
that I saw repeated across the map. Maybe this was done to keep them out of the way.
You’ll still be able to lose weapons behind them.
The shower near T spawn has been brightened up. This was mentioned in the patchnotes.
And the whole map has been rendered with different settings to light the props up more accurately.
This can be seen everywhere, but I do think is most noticeable in the court, where the
larger props now have shadows accurately cast across them, instead of being completely dark.
The crayons that were scattered across the floor have been tidied up, though I’m unsure
as to why this was needed. The clipping on this wall was moved out a
bit. Though I had no problems with how it was before, you couldn’t jump up onto it
or get stuck on the sticky out bits. You can still slide up the side of the pommel
horse, but stuff has been added to the top of it so you won’t see over. You’ll still
be able to toss weapons between them, and they will get stuck.
I feel the maker of this map, Skybex, deliberately chose to keep weapon stuck spots. As it’s
a hostage map, it’s not like it’s as important as bomb stuck spots are in defuse. If you
don’t want to lose your weapons down the backs of things then you shouldn’t be dropping
them there in the first place! So that’s Workout, the map that’s had
the fewest changes of the 3. Next is Sirocco, which has been updated twice
since I last covered it. The first addressed all sorts of bugs. I did a video a few weeks
ago showing dozens of these. And it looks like the devs took it to heart since many
of these have been fixed. I won’t go through ALL of the changes, only the most interesting
ones. A rock has been added to cover up the gap
that you could get stuck in before. The house of horrible wooden beams has been
cleared out, meaning you can’t get stuck in the corner of it any more if entering through
the broken roof. Where plants used to poke through walls, they’ve
now been moved further away to stop this GLARING GAME BREAKING BUG from occurring.
There was a pixelwalk along this wall and it all looked rather half-finished. I was
surprised to discover that they didn’t fix the pixelwalk bit. They chose just to make
it look nicer by hiding the joins with props. I am pleased that they decorated these bits,
which were simple white blocks before. You can still see the blocks if you get close
enough, but nobody in dangerzone gameplay is going to do that.
They left the gap between the rocks that lets you see up from this passage through to the
cliff above. And they also left the rocks sticking through
the walls in the underground parts, confirming that it’s a feature, NOT a bug.
They fixed most of the horrible problems with the batman hole, like where the props didn’t
connect properly, or where you could see the sky through a wall.
But they still haven’t clipped the lowest flight of stairs! You can see they’ve tried,
adding a rubble displacement to it to smooth out movement, but this doesn’t extend all
the way across, meaning that if you’re running along the edge here you’ll still get stuck
on every step. Valve please fix. And these towers are still the same old models,
and will still let you pixel-walk along numerous parts of them.
But apart from that, they seem to have fixed the rest of the things covered in my older
video. https://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2019/05/24172/ Then, last week the map received yet another
update! This was a bit more vague, fixing a ‘stuck spot’ and some clippings to doors
and windows. Well I found the clippings fairly quickly-
some have been added, like to these stairs. And others have changed from purple to red,
meaning that they’ve gone from clipping just the player, to behaving like a wall that
will block almost everything. The stuck spot was more difficult to find.
I’m still not sure I have! But I did notice that this roof shifted across. Before, you
could run across bits you might have felt you should have fallen through. And other
bits would let you fall through and take a bit of damage. And from this corner you could
land on the window frame and shimmy across. So not a stuck spot, but a little awkward.
And this crate at the ships has shifted across a bit. Make of that what you will.
That brings us up to date with Sirocco’s changes! And the last map is Ruby. And it’s received
the biggest changes… ever? To the point where most of my comparison shots don’t
work because the spots no longer exist, or have moved so far it no longer makes sense
to try and compare them. Other parts have changed so much it’s hard
to recognise that they’re the same locations! To say this map has had an overhaul is putting
it lightly. It’s no longer the same map. Whatever you thought about the map before,
you can forget it. It’s a new map. It might as well be called Amber now. I spoke with
its maker, Catfood, about it. He said he cut a lot of less important areas, and tried to
make rotations easier. He also added a few boosts to reward teamplay, like this one which
requires 2 people to pull off. The radar shows it well. Many areas have had
been streamlined and simplified so there aren’t so many corners to hide behind or to get lost
in. And the map now acts like 2 rings- one around the outside, and one in the middle.
It’s still more complex than your average map… but in a world where people have tired
of a standard dust2 layout, perhaps that’s not such a bad thing.
So, Workout has been given some bug fixes to bring it up to 2019 standards. Sirocco
is responding to the barrage of small bugs that a map of its size starts off with. And
Ruby is so different it’s best to wipe your mind and to jump into it like it’s a brand-new
map. Enjoy.

100 thoughts on “A Rather Late Map Update Analysis

  1. I love these videos, and everything on this channel. Great narration voice, good info, and such a professional but friendly & polished CSGO corner of the community. ♥️

  2. I think Valve should keep the weapon stuck spots on every map. It's part of the game and you should use your brain to not throw stuff in those places.

  3. 3klikphillip’s voice is like a documentary that i watch in history channel and it makes me watch the full video

  4. Valve, please add de_tuscan and de_season already.
    Another cool edition i think they should be adding is that when workout and ruby will feel irelavent, i thonk they should add instad de_mist. Very complex map.
    They should add de_tuscan and de_season with a permanent place in the game like with de_cache and de_mirage, but add more maps at the side like the done with cs_workout, de_ruby and de_zoo

  5. I wonder if valve would ever think of adding a schoolyard map for defuse or hostage gamemodes, I think it would be interesting

  6. Im done with csgo’s vac system. Been playing with mates for 6 month and i have not had one game without atleast one cheater. I miss the old cs days sometimes… aus csgo is incredibly terrible….

  7. This was released 5 hours ago? Wtf? Mandela effect? I remember watching this like 3 or 4 days ago.

  8. if you look at the right hand corner of the screen at 4:39 you can see a building appear out of no where

  9. I think they fixed some of the window frames, where if you tried to go trough, you get stuck on them forever.

  10. I've noticed that when you empty the mac-10 fully and inspect it the bullet is still in the chamber…valve please fix!

  11. 1:46 ”I wont go through all of the changes, only the most interesting ones.” Also Philip: ”A rock has been added here”

  12. There is a minor mistake at 3:10. Purple clip brushes are player clips, red clip brushes are regular clips that behave in literally the same way (in CS:GO anyway), except that there are different types of clip brushes for all kinds of surfaces, such as metal, wood, etc. So what I'm guessing is that before, the staircases made concrete footstep sounds when walking on them, whereas now they make metal sounds for metal staircases, wooden sounds for wooden staircases, etc.
    Note: I do think it's funny how the new ones they added seem to be playerclips, even though in the example you've shown at 3:07 it's clearly not a concrete staircase. Somebody at Valve must have missed the memo on that

  13. If the creator of Workout thinks they can leave weapon stuck spots, they’re a bit lazy. It’s quite easy to get weapons stuck accidentally, mainly when you kill an enemy next to one and their weapon is lost.

    This happened to me on the first day vertigo was in competitive. I killed someone on the metal in lower A ramp, chucked my weapon to pick up his and realised it had fell down the gap. And so did my weapon which I tossed. So, being the last one alive, I did the natural thing and jumped over the edge of the building.

  14. Ruby is the only map where I get shit fps, is there anything special to this map for this to happen ? Like is it bigger than the others ? Or just badly optimised ?

  15. I quite liked the old version of Ruby but, much like the original canals, it was really not great for 5v5. 10v10 on it was awesome though 👍

  16. Hey, i dont think you would see this but theres a rumor running around saying that hitler made dust 2, u could see on redit,is this true or not, u can make a video about this or simply reply to this comment

  17. I know where that stuck spot was, i got stuck in in, the first time i played the map, i don't know how to describe it but their was some shrubbery and then there was a clump of rocks, if you fell between these rocks you could get out of them. it was at a cliff edge.

  18. 2:23 those kinds of buildings actually do exist. they're usually inside a cave. many of such structures can still be found in india in mountain areas such as "ambaji in gujarat in india" where ambaji is the place, gujarat is the state and india is the country.
    also, notice how a house appears suddenly in the right side between 4:36 and 4:40 ..valve pls fix xd

  19. Hey, 3KliksPhilip, SWAT only have around 2 maps, I like the SWAT, though, I guess it is a little realistic?

  20. Hey Philip, when will you make another map? It's been quite a lot of time and I was wondering why you stopped and if you were starting again.

  21. Ruby makes me remember of Santorini back in 2016 when Operation Wildfire took place. The missions then were fun.
    Talking about Sirocco, idk but I just don't like Danger Zone in general. It never was my thing to begin with.
    As for Workout, it's good to see it back in the game as I've said previously.

  22. About the player clip bit: Player clips (purple) and the normal clips (red) behave exactly the same in-game. Even for bot movement. The only difference boils down to nav mesh gerneration: Where player clip doesn't block areas during that generation, clip does. Meaning: Nowadays, no CS:GO mapper ever should use player clips.

  23. Your like warowl, you can predict what will happen but isn't fast enough to do anything about it.

  24. Is it just me or when on de_workout whenever you use a spray it just disappear after a few seconds? investigate this…!

  25. Damn it’s as if Valve actually cares with all these updates

    Edit: Alright all we need it an operation and then they can go silent for another year

  26. That boost to a trap is good and bad,
    1 (the good) CT’s will always win if one stays alive,
    And 2 (the bad) Molotov’s can still kill the CT

  27. Did they change the trees on Workout so they're no longer tripping on a high amount of LSD?

    They moved and swayed in CT spawn when it was indoors.

  28. It’s 11pm and likely around 2 am for Philip but holy shit CSGO just updated the shadows on the blue foam mat

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