A Progressive's Guide to Political Correctness

A Progressive's Guide to Political Correctness

40 thoughts on “A Progressive's Guide to Political Correctness

  1. I first discovered the PC Police at Bellarmine Chapel at Xavier University in 1991. I told them to fck off then. How offended can you be by a male pronoun? Grow some balls!!!

  2. ok hold up…ultra sensitive progressives easily offended is one thing and normal progressive working to change for the better/ethics and so on is something else…the two should not be confused….

  3. The Confederate Flag was a symbol used to proclaim your agreement with the ownership of your fellow man because of the colour of their skin and Woodrow Wilson was a racist xenophobic misogynist who turned America from a peaceful nation to a borderline Imperialist nation. Washington inherited his slaves and he was the most important part for the founding of our great nation. Any signs that point to Rascism (Symbols of the Confederate States of America, Nazi Germany, or Neo-Fascist symbols) shouldn't be used as they promote people to praise People like Lee, like Hitler, and like Richard Spencer. And just because they had slaves, that doesn't mean they were horrible people. And while yes Andrew Jackson treatment towards was horrible… no yeah those places are named after a horrible person, and Oklahoma or "Red People" was originally Native American territory hence why it isn't "an offensive abomination" while "Redskins" is an actual slur! also Who said that Native Americans were "perfectly peaceful people"? it's well known and taught that they fought both the Europeans and each other. And the whole "saint cities" argument is also invalid since they were named after figures who promote good things while praying at graduation is indeed a violation of the separation of Church and State

  4. Progressives are barbarians, because they want to legislate every human relationship while giving themselves immunity, and this tyranny is false imprisonment to control other people. The world became our high school and the Supreme Court is our teacher enforcing discipline, and this is not freedom. The problem is the Progressives are feelings over facts, and they have no clue of anything, except that they want to feel good like a Colorado Rocky Mountain high in a hot tub, and this is cowardice. The only thing a Progressive can give you is communism, because it is clueless government serving itself in a power grab.

  5. On the Massachusetts State Seal that’s just elizabeth edwards that’s on it! Plus on the Minnesota State Seal the farmer has his musket and powder horn leanings a stump next to an axe! Not to mention the voters in Minnesota have also elected muslims to office!

  6. Everyone’s missing the BIG mark! Just the word “Democrat” should be offensive considering Democrats are the ones that created Jim Crowe laws, created the Ku Klux Klan, was for slavery, and against women voters.

  7. Call them what they are: Leftists. Not all Progressives are willfully-ignorant fanatics in the cult if getting offended

  8. Absolutely great piece!
    Dennis, please, make more clips with humor and sarcasm! Though these may offend the progressive, but if a clip will be without, suppose humor, then the progresive may be offended even more.

  9. Like I always say — if I’ve said something that’s offended you, that’s your problem. Don’t make it mine.

  10. Yes, those state flags and seals are terrible. New Mexico has the best state flag. All other states needs to take notes from the roundhouse.

  11. a certain kind of people are such ignorants when things don't go there way and you bring up history and facts they get irritating just like white liberals. Best way to destroy such ignorance and foolishness is through their ways of being through books, education, and knowledge they don't like it when you know as much as they do.It becomes their kryptonite

  12. Gotta love the slight of hand trick of comparing Washington and FDR to Robert E. Lee. Remember folks!! According to PragerU, the guy who led a white supremacist rebellion against the United States that cost thousands of lives is equal to the father of the nation and the man who led us through the Great Depression and World War II.

    Also, like, good god, as someone generally opposed to all this PC outrage, this video seems like it was made by someone who has never even seen a leftist.

  13. Not only do progressives make other people miserable, but very angry as well. Angry enough that they might start voting for people that they would never consider voting for 10 years ago, if it means that the individual in question would do something to disrupt or harm the ideology of progressives.

  14. Progressives: BAN THE CONFEDERATE FLAG!

    Also Progressive: Raises Communist Flag. Has T-Shirts of people that killed millions.

    Censorship is a double-edged sword and the only person wielding it is The State.

  15. You, Geirge Will, should have thought of this and of other Socialist or Progressive Leftist policies, when you refused to support the current Administration.

  16. Oklahoma is not progressive, my teacher haves a gun, he is a conservative and most of my teachers have a mega hat on their desktop lol

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