‘A Major Conspiracy’: Indicted Giuliani Aides Could Sing To Feds | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

‘A Major Conspiracy’: Indicted Giuliani Aides Could Sing To Feds | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “‘A Major Conspiracy’: Indicted Giuliani Aides Could Sing To Feds | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  1. Mnafort, foremr agent of pro-Russian party president Yanukovytch and of Russian government interests (as a lobbyist who worked for trump election campaign), former agent for several other nations, is advising Guiliani from his prison cell.
    Quite like mobsters who run organizations from prison, he had no essential loyalty to the US, but only concluded numerous highly profitable deals in his time.
    THe extreme disinformation, open lying done by trump and his associates may yet prevent justice form ever occurring in trump's case.

    this is profoundly unfortunate, as this has been the worst single political corruption ever to have occurred, reaching into ALL Cabinet departments, obstruction of Congress/US support for Ukraine defense, (Flynn, another trump associate was an agent for turkey, We see little direct connection made public on this peculiar trup decision, but since his decisions have ALL been in favor of governments which are autocratic or oligarchic, and whose interest are at odds with the US, it must be suspected that the facile reasons given for ANY trump decision is falsehood), and impeachment and CONVICTION MUST occur, or the Senators failing to rule for conviction are in UnConstitutional violation of the3ir own individual oath to preserve and defend it.

    If the US had ever lost a war to invaders, its government and structures wold no longer exist. This "rule by liar" is an equally destructive threat.

    Should the threat not be neutralized – should trump NOT go to prison soon, he, with corrupt politicians, will have managed to do what Hitler and Japan could not.

    He is benefited by what appears to be over 40% of the US population helinng him to destroy the larger community.

    Most of the disinformation appearing in youtube comment columns, IS IRA (Agentstvo Internet Isledovanii), based in Moscow employing thousands (1500 or more) of increasingly adept trolls), but because the us also contains immense numbers of autocratic submissives (such as the neonazis, the republicans who do not substantially differ from them, and the theocrats who have attempted reversal o fcivil and human rights since 1979) who are refusing to hold their "leader" accountable.

    NO leader should be existing in the USA. ALL government employees are public SERVANTS, accountable to law and constitution.

    the grave mistake of most of you , is to presume that "leaders" do or should exist. You therefore fall prey to the feudal hierarchalists who believe you should be their slaves, serfs, subjects.
    The Constitution was intended to protect form this, but having been devised in a period when most nations were monarchies, the president's scope was insufficiently delimited in that document.

    This must never happen again. Only education, as unpleasant as it is to that 10 -45%, can help us out of this.

    Religions MUST BE TAXED whenever they impinge or mention political issues.

  2. Hi. Genuine question. Can anybody help me understand how impeachment is not a criminal process when according to the constitution it is literally the remedy for 'high crimes'

  3. We live in interesting times … Trumps second corrupt lawyer and his two Ukraine-linked associates are about to sing … and Trump isn't going to like the song that will be broadcast to the nation!

  4. Like Trump, these weirdos work for Putin. If they spill the beans, they will answer to Putin. Only after life sentences is there a chance they will squeal on the orange traitor.

  5. these guys are mafia, the president's personal lawyer consorts with mafia, the president consorts with mafia, think about that, is that acceptable?

  6. Trump is nothing more than a glorified absentee landlord and his supporters are nothing but inbred morons, pedophiles and sociopaths.

  7. Yawn. Schiff lies constantly. The Whistleblower met with Schiff & staff before filing any complaint. Schiff staffers almost went to Ukraine! Report the facts.

  8. I have my doubts if any of this will make a difference to Chump or his re-election. The Talking Heads will talk in hushed tones using facts and figure, the principled quoting of the law, and with genuine amazement and palpable indignation; to no avail. That's what been happening for three years. There is something very rotten in the state of the United States. Deep down in the bones rotten.

  9. they have to remember, Trump has NO loyalty. Either cooperate or rot in jail so they can be run over by the Trump bus.

  10. Typical Trump denial, I don't know them or him or her, when in his mind says the opposite "Oh!! Yes I know them well all these years."

  11. "I'm a law and order president."
    Says the guy that blocks testimony and even claims to be innocent but yet won't come to court and even goes as far as to say he's got evidence he's innocent…..but we can't see it? 😒

    I wasn't born yesterday man…. My kids accept responsibility quicker than this guy…. And his supporters just lap it up…. Man I can't wait until politics are boring again

  12. Do they realize that they are saying that the president is in on the conspiracy? Executive privilege does not apply to crimes.

  13. Rudy has let it be known that he would have liked the Secretary of State position, Trump needed him to be free to be his fixer and dirty-dealer…..without an official tie to the Executive Group……just a friend, that’s all,,,really?

  14. Man if there is one guy in America I would NOT want to be right now, it would be Rudy Giuliani! He is probably hoping when all this is said and done he gets a cell in Solitary Confinement away from other Prisoners….some who he probably is responsible for locking up himself, when he was Prosecutor Dudley Do Right.

  15. The difficulty for them, Giuliani and the president, now is that they appear to have left an indisputable trail of contact – it'll be relatively straightforward to relate Giuliani's comments, his appearances and links to the president's comments – that will have some effect, even on the more fanatical Trump support. If this, at worst, even has them carefully considering the evidence and putting some thought into the sequence of events and how this led to the introduction of foreign funding for Republican campaigns – the president won't be able to turn it around. When it gets to that point some of his supporters will recognise that it's their trust and support that's been abused and will turn out to be some of his harshest critics.

  16. https://www.occrp.org/en/27-ccwatch/cc-watch-briefs/10974-newly-promoted-ukrainian-prosecutor-was-player-in-giuliani-scandal

  17. I told y'all! I told y'all! They're going to flip! Guiliani is going down and he'll flip on can't get right ( Chump)!

  18. Start the body count? this is amazing, Rudy being investigated by his old NYSD office!… America's most influential citizens are not looking very good. at being bad…So, why does this whole affair hover near Trump again? Hoax, witch hunt??? Or just more hints theres something rotten in the WH…Sarc.

  19. How did they get government documents? Do they have business contracts with Trumps signature? Was Trump trying to establish Trump Ukraine Hotel

  20. Truth to power. However we get him out. Trump and his cronies have created so much trouble and turmoil Trump must be removed. Then, we can move forward as ONE nation and begin damage repair.

  21. The Authoritarian Regime of Blowhardia. Censor the press; overrule and undermine the judiciary; isolate the nation.

  22. Jail sentence? More like death for treason. You have foreign agents with US officials trying to plot a conspiracy. What am I missing?

  23. expert psychologists should figure out his eyes every time he lies… they will get an answer to everything he says…

  24. This is like a re run of the mueller probe. It really highlights that everything that was suspected about trump was true. And he got away with it. So, hes done it again. Will he get away with it this time? Quite possibly, which is really amazing.

  25. I would like to hear Michael Cohen's thoughts on Dumpy now preparing to drive the bus over Ghouliani. I'm sure he watches everything happening now with great interest.

  26. If the Democrats had not taken the House in 2018 … I dare not even think about how the present situation would have been.

  27. traitor-trump is the "Godfather" of a huge TREASONOUS criminal conspiracy…., and thus the desperation coming out of the CRIMINALLY COMPLICIT GOP and traitor-trump and William Barr are now in full swing!!!

  28. Trumps support group has out to be Beavis and Butt-Head, followed by Dumb and Dumber. Our stable genius is nothing but a circus barker who decided to get rich off of America and is nothing but a rodeo clown in a barrel. He and his get-rich-quick family will be getting theirs soon.

  29. Duh. No legitimate government official would risk his career on a quid-pro-quo scheme. So that job fell to and continues to be serviced by a dwindling team of fakes and henchmen.


  31. There are no aides that have been indicted. Zilch, zero nota, These people just know that NONE of you idiots will research it. The MSM is making fools out of you people.


  33. As soon as his two amigos sing, Rudy is going to sing higher. The House of Cards isn't just going to be a collapsed heap of paper, its going to be a pile of ashes.

  34. Don't let William Barr near them. We need them alive to see that Giuliani gets the recognition he so seeks. He got caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Giuliani now knows that he is trouble and the bus is ready to roll all over him.

  35. this will eventually lead to the footsteps of donald trump which makes me wonder, are the republican law makers not seeing this?

  36. No need to ask anyone. All anyone has to do is look at the 15-20 photos of the 2 russian criminals with Trump and Giuliani. These 2 goons practically lived on Trump's airplane and galavanted all around the world with slick Rudy. Mmmm…wonder what they were doing? Duh

  37. The methods a person might use to promote their interests and seek foreign capital are very different than a Political leader charged with executing the printed laws.
    So the DA might say we can charge you for 20 years now sir. You may want to cooperate and get to continue your flight home at our expense.

  38. What does that mean, 'these guys know what Giuliani meant'!? We all know what they wanted to do. They even admitted it with the phone transcript. Case closed.

  39. Trump go to is I don't know them bs. He knows them and there all doing his dirty work .Trump is going down if not now it will happen after he leaves the office….

  40. My concern is that Mitch is in charge of the Senate. He's required to hold an impeachment hearing when the House formally issues articles of impeachment. But, there is nothing which states how that hearing must be conducted. My suspicion is that Mitch will do any and every thing possible to undermine the impeachment hearing to get the traitor off.

  41. american been fool by media and democrate party leftist driven ideology crazy
    i think they feeling more clever now with Trump
    people have a living on economic and best social services , not from migrants policy and cold war with russia
    election evidence is the result Republican ,it dark fate from Democrate since decade

  42. Spin Ghouliani and his bosom buddy Igor with their henchman Lev under the money spell of the Big Orange Lying Wonder Warlock. Putin's Frankenstein has risen. Witch hunt and the witch has been found.

  43. The GOP are such spineless stupid lemmings. The GOP needs to Mutiny Against Trump, otherwise they all will be sucked into the whirlpool as the Trump Ship sinks into the ocean of evidence, bad decisions, and outright stupid acts! @

  44. I love the way the media spins off to distract what’s coming with the Barr and IG report. Best defense is to accuse your accuser. Let’s see these clowns commentary in a couple of months, you hoaxers ran this exact same crap for two years of Russian collusion, really do you think we are stupid, I guess you do.

  45. The worst part of this mess is that to acquit Donald Trump in impeachment vote Republican Senators will have to endorse foreign interference in U S Elections. That will be the worst shot yet from Putin.

  46. Rudy Donald Trump want to be president lawyer you know why I know he's crooked because before 9/11 even afterwards why didn't he charge Trump with tax evasion money laundering and other cases you know why because they were always friends so Rudy is a crooked con himself he's always been a con with a Russian That's why nothing happened to Donald Trump in the 90s and 80s because Rudy is a con artist himself

  47. Rudy's clients are nothing con artist and yes they know that want to be president for many years I think there's another one that's being charged he's Donald Trump's father's friend so yes Donald always hang around with Russian has done money laundering he's a pervert he doesn't pay his taxes and when he became president how do you think he says he paid his own money that's a line keep the Russians helped them win the elections

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