100 thoughts on “A Fox News guest called Greta Thunberg ‘mentally ill.’ The network just apologized.

  1. Deranged and brainwashed. Not mentally ill. Fox's message was correct just poor wording. All forgiven. MAGA 2020

  2. Non meat diets cause more pollution than meat diets? LMAOOOOOO go tell that to the study conducted by Oxford University researchers 😂fox news is a joke 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. I think we cause climate change just not in the way people say we cause it. How do we know it’s not a cycle.? Earth goes though thousands of cycles. It could be signs of an ice age. Who knows.

  4. What a dumbass with a dissmissive one sided argument. Sustainable organic practices are far more enviromental from ranching, hunted meat maybe more sustainable, but not ranch produced meat

  5. Climate change push by politician not by scientist thats why its not credible?….and what mentally ill child used by parents?….are you even a Doctor to tell that?….wth

  6. Can y'all just freaking chill why are the comments this wak like she's not perfect but she is making a great point and your probably mentally ill if you don't agree with her at least a little

  7. Did anyone ever apologize to the Covington kids? Just curious. I mean Reza Aslan wanted to punch the kid in the face for awkwardly smirking as some injun banged a drum in his face.

    Just curious.

  8. 😂 ahahah bruh I’m dead “Children of the climate” bruh ong these kids aren’t fixing shi ppl don’t bring little kids into stuff they don’t get

  9. ..bs.. they flew her ship crew home and flew a 2nd crew in which used more gas emissions then if she just flew herself.. how can you justify that Greta..? … she is under the instructions of her drama actor parents.. classic energy vampire storys perpetrated by a child actor with mental illness…
    ..someday the Demo-rats will figured out a scientific formula to make baby kittens talk about their fake news agendas…

  10. She's so over, I call her mentally ill how often I want, she has done nothing to save the world shes just the face off a thing that is impossible to handle

  11. As a teen, I do feel like I’m understanding what she is trying to say to the whole world, but the problem is people like that person on the first clip exists.

  12. Meanwhile greta probably takes a limo or a fancy car to these speeches…..btw they made her the face so no one can disagree with her,because shes a "child"

  13. This kid needs a chill pill. Did the parents not bring medication? And the dude saying "..be a grown-up.." when he is the one that is creating an issue that doesn't exist and doesn't like facts being stated by Micheal is a total moron. A jealous one too in that he knows Michael has a podcast with lots of followers. National TV? Get a grip dude. AS IF the public is too damn stupid not to recognize your ploy in whining and behaving like someone hitting themselves to blame it on someone else.

  14. She is a fantastic young person who is unfortunately being used as a puppet. I have seen her on a panel being asked a question without the influence of the people close to her and she struggled so hard to even give an answer .

  15. Autism isn’t a mental illness it’s something one is born with. It’s not treatable with medication. I have a relative who has it. I’m no expert on the subject but I know that it isn’t an illness.

  16. WaPo libtards get triggered by realists identifying a mentally ill kid being exploited by her marxist handlers.
    WaPo proceeds to show video of said child exhibiting full-blown paranoid schizophrenia.


  17. It was the context he used mentally-ill in. She does have Asperger’s syndrome so he’s technically correct but like it was kinda out of no where.

  18. He is 100% correct she isnt right in the head she is being pushed and brainwashed by Vegan Activists there scared there wont be any grass left for them lol

  19. Hey Baldy…I think she is a twisted little twat…what do you think odf that…Q-Ball? Do you want to get tough?…Give me the word tough guy…any time any place…Just me and you

  20. I've been seriously thinking of giving up meat. Now that bloomy has told me to…I think I won't…just for spite

  21. im50 years old, since I was five they have been pushing this fear down our throats. remember Jacque custoue. in the 60sand 70s there was an energy crisis. they think of us as dumb sheep and we are.

  22. Just so pathetic she's doing it just to become famous that's it . Go to school child this isn't where you belong furthermore nobody ever talks about what the Bible says about climate change the Earth is going to burn up and everything that's in it.

  23. Its odd, the 3 at the beginning are placed wrong, the guy on the right should definitely be on the left of the screen, and vice versa

  24. So she can play that card for sympathy but we can’t use that to question her credibility.

    I also like how the cut away everything that knowles said to explain himself. This is the fake news that 45 talks about.

  25. Greta needs treatment, believing her obsessions is not good treatment. She is panicking and her compulsive obsession will get even worst. Her parents are using her mental disorder instead of facing it and providing proper treatment.

  26. there was a boy in my brothers class that was forced by his teacher to watch this video, and he started to cry because he thought he was going to die, feminists are evil

  27. The criminal hypocritical handlers of this sick abused girl child have only malice and hatred for humanity and the rest of the planet in their hearts and minds. If they'd spent half the amount they spent on promoting this seriously psychologically ill Greta Thunberg for the good of the world, they could've helped create a less perverse more inclusive, prosperous, less violent, more conscious, more compassionate world. But no, their interests have nothing to do with anybody's well being, neither humanity's nor that of wildlife.

  28. Greta thunberg is technically mentally ill. Even her mom says it.

    That leftist bald boomer boi was acting like that to
    seem like the good guy and the "alpha" to look good. He was tryna be the peoples hero lmao its just so cringe
    Sjw in a white collar

  29. People with Aspergers are entirely competent to do the basic math and science needed to prove that CO2 is a greenhouse gas and that 6 trillion metric tons of carbon dioxide are dumped into the atmosphere annually and, from that, write equations that determine the connection between global temperature increases and quantities of CO2 emissions. But people who love laissez-faire capitalism more than science will not be persuaded.

  30. Is there an ounce of falsehood in her being called a mentally ill child ?! She has Asperger syndrome and is autistic.

  31. She is mentally ill but it's not her fault. It's the fault of disgraceful people who're coaching her.
    This is child abuse, it's shameful, and on top of all that, it's a terrible job of acting.
    It's sickening that some people are actually shallow enough to support the exploitation of a child and applauded this obvious nonsense.

    This is embarrassing and it's troubling that her parents didn't prevent this.
    Especially when there's plenty of other idiots in Hollywood who are ok with being exploited and actually good at acting.
    The looney lib-tards should get an older more experienced actor to push their false narrative next time instead of hiding behind and exploiting some kid like a bunch of cowards.

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