A Crash Course in Breitbart’s Conspiracy Journalism, Pt. 1 - The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper

A Crash Course in Breitbart’s Conspiracy Journalism, Pt. 1 – The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper

34 thoughts on “A Crash Course in Breitbart’s Conspiracy Journalism, Pt. 1 – The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper

  1. You know what’s funny, the same people who stole this land try to stop other from seeking refuge. How hypocritical of white people.

  2. This incident was between an Iraqi and two Eritrean kids who sexually assaulted an American girl. While Breitbart spun the incident out of proportion, this event shows that something is really wrong with the refugees that USA receives from these countries and they pose an active risk to society.

  3. Really ISIS taking over USA ? Sharia Law ? for fuck sake Americans not even Muslim Countries have Sharia .. Idiots they are playing you for fools .

  4. This is getting pitiful how they have put these so called comedians, or let me get it right; so called funny men, that are not comedians and are not funny… THEY ARE LIBTARD ACTIVIST but they think you are too dumb to connect those dots. They will probably just throw that old CIA phrase "conspiracy theory" at you if you tell them how obvious they are. These people are more like lobotomized chimp soy boys evolved into skinny jeans wearing sissies that advocate for other men to whack off their penises and go in the same bathrooms with our children lol WOW! This is the luminous that made a fool out of his self, caring out propaganda to cover for these pedo criminals. It just amazes me how far they are willing to go, running their networks into the ground. Even so far as to have these America hating, self hating, God hating queer lovers turn the whole country against them….as they still try to brainwash their fellow citizens with this free pass to out right lie to the American people.. thanks to what their lord and Messiah Barry Soetoro did to the SMITH-MUNDT ACT 2012 research it people they made lying to you legal. I feel sorry for this kid, because they got him out front on their most important issues like the Q phenomena. And fake debunking the pizzagate truth, by mentioning the known North Carolina actor 28 year old- Edgar Maddison Welch, that supposedly shot up that sicko Comet Pizza in DC but in reality that actor walked in and shot one time.. do you know what he shot? Into the hard drive of the computer, the computer that contain all the sick pedo and queer material on that… now get this: How the whole pizzagate supposed conspiracy theory got started, by the freaks posted the sick shit! Now that's the facts…he didn't shoot people, painting on the walls or even ping- pong tables… he walks in pizza shop, goes straight to the back office and put a bullet straight in the computer… threw the computers hard drive (see his IMDb page if its still up) and they want to call someone else a conspiracy theorist LMAO These people are at joke leave now, now they are trying to get their feminized soy boy activists to commit harassment and violence on other Americans in the streets of America on real red blooded American Patriots …I guess after their violent propaganda didn't work, they are calling for Soy Boy pussies to litterally start violence with the American Patriots… you know the real men with all that toxic masculinity, you know the ones that have all the guns, their balls and penises still in tact. SMH LMAO… This is beyond twilight zone!!! still lmao

  5. What a truly reprehensible person, to deliberately spread lies in service of hate, and to base those lies on children in a terrible situation.

  6. I have lived in Twin Falls for 38 years. It certainly is a conservative area. I have been involved with the College of Southern Idaho who have helped with the refugee center we have here. I have been associated with the refugee center. My daughter was president of the Diversity Council at the local college. We were able to put together a Thanksgiving Dinner for the refugees a few years ago. It was a great experience where I met many of those refugees being supported by the center. Interesting stories and good citizens of Twin Falls. There is no ISIS problem. And the incident reported was misrepresented by those "journalists" just trying to attack anyone they don't see as a true white supreme being. Come to Twin Falls and enjoy the community. It is supportive for the most part of those with different ethnic and religious backgrounds.

  7. There's "waves of Islamic terrorists" all over the country, despite evidence to the contrary. But mention "racism" and people balk at the idea like you're insane.

  8. Oh dear. Cosy lies rather than the ugly truth. Islam is a slaving cult. It has never changed and can never change. It's not complicated.

  9. This is idiotic to the people who have to protect their daughters from people entering the streets and doing crime like that you of all people should know of that.

  10. Straight up manipulation. What they're doing is disturbing. I don't mind making fun of it, but hopefully people understand the seriousness behind it.

  11. It's comedy… But…
    This is actually some decent reporting about the massive craziness erupting in our country…
    I didn't really pay any attention to the "infowars" people and mentally equated them to "flat earthers" in how much I thought they were driving our national conversation… But if this is really how they do business then it seems I need to pay more attention to this lunatic fringe…

  12. I just hope these people know that the cosmos will deal with them for being pieces of shit. Karma is a bitch.

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