34 thoughts on “A Beautiful Mind – 04 Creating 'Governing Dynamics'

  1. Heeerееe is reallу full аnd gооd quaaаlity А Bеautiful MМind => https://twitter.com/bb0540cf2d2b6e019/status/872636997407342592

  2. imagine sitting in a room and MAKING this sound. making it with your hands and with ur craft. like a carpenter of sound constructing a musical monument to beauty.

  3. @TCOVproductions that's funny this and LOTR are my too favorite movies (okay and every Christopher Nolan Film.), yetI believe that LOTR is much more powerful but only when it is counted with all three movies if any one of the were removed they would fall. But A Beautiful Mind is an incredible movie that can stand alone so both films are equally amazing in their own respective spheres.

  4. @THE0103 But don't insult me by saying I don't know what I'm talking about, because years from now if and when you see I'm right, you wouldn't have the balls to apologize. Like I said, I'm not saying I'm right, just sharing my thoughts on the deal.

  5. @THE0103 this isnt something you can read about, or me trying to explain it. It's something that you have to "get". Even if i gave tons of examples, I can only see the true meaning from my perspective, and anyone else who shares the same belief. I had a lot of different thoughts about what Einsteins Imagination is more important than knowledge ment, But now i think i have reached a conclusion for myself, and I'm sure everyone has their own different opinions which I'd love to hear.

  6. @VardanB92 imagination and knowledge: Why are we comparing them? It could be that imagination increases with knowledge. Besides Einstein said a lot of things in his life, some of them incorrect: for example his model of black holes. He was not omniscient. But if we're going by what he said: then he said, also, that we're standing on the shoulders of giants, and none of his discoveries would have been possible but for the contribution of our predecessors: thus showing his respect for knowledge.

  7. @flowertower872 Here is a good example to make it clearer: A person with more knowledge, and a person with more imagination: The person with more knowledge reads the same book as the person with more imagination. The person with more knowledge needs to read the entire book and memorize it to do good on the test, while the person with more imagination understands the whole book just by reading a couple of pages from each chapter. Afterwards, the person with more imagination got a higher score.

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