A Battle with The Navy! A Guide to Anchoring in Key West | S3 EP 45 | Sailing The Space Between

A Battle with The Navy! A Guide to Anchoring in Key West | S3 EP 45 | Sailing The Space Between

this week on the space between we have a run-in with our Navy in Key West we get to go on board a homemade steel boat and we have an epic dolphin encounter hi I'm Scott and I'm Holly and this is the space between I'm on vacation every single day because I love my occupation vacation every single every single day everybody sour like a lemon tree I'll be smiling down upon my enemy love it but you'll never leave so let's take a look at Keywest oh wait right we're forgetting something this is how our day started so Holly here's a siren chirp I say it's nothing she gets up and looks a few seconds later I hear her talking because and I hear something banging into the side of my boat as you can see it's hitting my boat hard enough that it even knocked the camera over so yesterday afternoon we pulled into this anchorage we anchored right here that way we weren't in their channel and we were out here with the rest of these boats now as you can see the boat in the background is at least 100 150 yards closer to the island than we are as our several of the other boats that are in here so I really didn't think anything about it including one directly in front of us however unbeknownst to us a month ago they put it in the Key West newspaper that they were moving the restricted zone lines so basically what we've deduced our navy 2 is meter maids they roll out here their siren they didn't come out now when I didn't see because my Raymarine decided to take a crap was the fact that we were in their restricted zone we were anchored here this is their new restricted zone lines but as you can clearly see they don't say restricted on them like they do up here in a dashed line like that can mean anything from special permit restricted Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary it can mean anything that's 20 points to but maybe he was playing to the one next to us and he's trying to get the guy next to us but he's not home I guess we should have all abandon ship so he couldn't have gotten a chance so we pulled our anchor move 30 yards back and reset it now I'm a big supporter of our armed forces but I just don't think that it's right using them as meter maids and I honestly think that for taxpaying citizens a warning would have been more appropriate than a 325 dollar ticket well enough about that but if you're around Fleming ki keep an eye out for those dotted lines and stay on the other side of them they're quite a few boats sitting in there that I assume will get tickets as well but we didn't see him give anyone else a ticket but us and when anchoring in Key West obviously you have the mooring field then you've got the Anchorage on the west side of Fleming Key watch those lines and then you've got tanked and wisteria and then all the way up the frankfurt bank which has a little bit more of the local flair but they don't bite going into the mooring field stay in the channel weave around the boats that are anchored in there stay right in the middle of the channel until you clear the north side of Fleming key there's a channel that runs down next to Fleming key right into the mooring field it's first-come first-serve just like most mooring fields but you don't pay for it in downtown Key West you pay for it and garrison bite at the city marina there's a dinghy dock and then the city marina is just to your right after you come out of the dinghy dock now I can get rough in here anything from north to east and it can chop up pretty good into about two to four foot waves in there our favorite is the marina there galleon but that's another episode so if you're in a dinghy or center console or anything that is shorter than 17 feet you can cut through Fleming cut the Fleming cut goes into the mooring field or if they're coming out of the morning field you can go directly around the corner to garrison bite here's a few shots that show you how the mooring field is set up it's not too tight there's boats in with sixty to eighty foot range here and there still plenty around there are quite a few vessels of Pickers and as we were cruising through a mooring field the steel hull boat here caught my eye so I decided to take some closer look at it my captain offered to let us come aboard Steve Scott unfortunately due to our audio difficulties we're not able to hear Steve story of how he built this boat and sailed it all the way down here from up north I mean he built everything right down even to the mast Wow look at this yeah there's a whole boat back there you're saying you're not good at carpentry look at all this woodwork you had to do you know but I ever bought almost every for every square corner it's crooked you got all the curves over there angles and everything it all come out great right who's gonna come down here with a protractor exactly it just pissed me on how oh and you phoned it in the whole boats phoned all the way down Wow aunt below the waterline I guess with steel you kind of would have to get any kind of heating or cooling it's not that it's that that much well my deck was great and you would be cooking in here now that it's white I mean you can't even stand on the deck in the middle of the day when it's gray why you can't it's 20 degree difference yeah but it's a sound I steel boat oh yeah I don't think about with the waves hitting the side of it's like being inside of the 55-gallon drum this reminds me of uh the CS why's the way they step down okay yeah I but I coulda went our way down but that's a long ladder I kind of want to separate it but leave it open right so I got both tables down someday I'll get in here so basically what I'm saying is that every captain or every boat builder has a story and Steve had a really neat story I really wish our microphone would have been working better but we wish all the best to him and the tool in and we wish him calm seas and following winds so as we prepare to put a little space back on board we hook her in crank her up for the last time I might add we get ready to head to stock island for a little R&R with the boys who were driving down to see us now with stock island marine all booked up we decided to try a new place called ocean's edge the entrance is fairly straightforward follow the signs and it carries a mean depth of about twelve feet all the way to the docks ocean teasers most definitely a resort and a fairly new one at that there's plenty of room here I love these concrete floating docks today we're at ocean edge marina this place is a resort it's really really nice they had something like eight rules here a really nice facility the folks that work here are really genuinely nice Arina hold a boat like ours he heads and they were booked up so they were nice enough to put us here at the fuel dock and they've got great fuel prices we went ahead and topped off unfortunately we didn't have a lot of time to stay here because our weather window is closing to get back to Lauderdale and outrun these 10-foot seas oceans edge looked like it just stepped out of a travel brochure the place is immaculate so much to do so much to see wish we had more time so making it quick walking up to the porch through these massive oak doors and straight into reception the attention to detail in here is immaculate let's go have a look at the restaurant there's an open-air restaurant here and believe it or not that's a Starbucks this place is real easy five stars across the board oh so much for March Madness st. Patrick's Day and we have plans to go hang out on the ball and spend some family time with the kiddos yesterday or no sleep and got there about me got dust about 8:30 or 9:00 I'm out with them until about midnight or two and and they woke up this morning and we had whether fastly moving in so not have 10-foot seas on our beat beating into a 10-foot seas on the way home we are leaving today his glass the Gulfstream get as far north best laid plans one thing I have goodness if you can't control the weather so we made a little pit stop on the way home just two of us we a stop at looky-looky highly recommended some diving license we can see some glass sweepers there apparently it's a good day for today Luke he is a beautiful reef it's lying about 15 to 18 feet of water and it's got plenty of marine life as you can see but what I'm looking for or at least what I think I'm looking for until I actually come face to face with one is a Goliath Grouper we saw him over at the other boats there but apparently we didn't have their food of choice but after leaving Lukey heading out into the Gulf Stream we ran into these guys one of the largest pods of model nose dolphins that I've seen in the keys if I had to guess there had to be between 80 and 100 individuals here has anyone seen more than this in the keys leave me a comment below I don't know about you guys but I could hang with these majestic creatures it's a big pot they've broken up but they are traveling together but they break up into little sections and then they all come back into one big group and you see their tail slapping that's the way they communicate with each other their position I've heard them they are so adjusting closest one is twenty yards away so I have Holly put the boat in gear stuck my head and water dope down about eight to ten feet hang out there they came they had to come see what this crazy animal was doing in the water floundering about [Applause] oh here comes one but as quickly as they came over to us they left but we were sure happy with a visit now on de Lauderdale that van Eyck says we're at one foot seas I am begging two different we're actually about four feet here the reason for that is we are losing our breakwater if you look right here you can see where the reef starts to taper down to nothing and that's when all those waves are coming in from the sea and they're actually coming in at different angles now so it makes for a kind of uncomfortable ride anyone know what type of boat that is 24 hours later we are cruising back in the home port but don't forget to join us next week as we return to the beautiful turquoise waters of the Bahamas we spot vagabond again and we get an interesting perspective from a charter guest you

19 thoughts on “A Battle with The Navy! A Guide to Anchoring in Key West | S3 EP 45 | Sailing The Space Between

  1. There are some valid questions hereL
    1) Is there a properly approved restricted zone? The reasons for an approved zone are not relevant.
    2) If there is a legal zone, it comes under a federal law does it not? Many MPs and SPs are made Deputy Sheriffs so they can enforce civil speed laws on roads passing through military installations. That does not empower them to enforce federal laws. If those sailors were SPs (not so identified) they could encourage civil vessels to move out of a restricted area. They cannot arrest people and issue tickets. Where does the ticket say that you can appear to contest the ticket and when?
    3) The friggin Base Commander is irrelevant in regard to civilian conduct unless you go on the base. Although he is responsible to ensure that his sailors equitably annoy (not ticket) all civilians parked in a valid restricted zone.
    4) Probably, they are getting away with capriciously issuing tickets with exorbitant fines because no one has contested their authority to do so. If they somehow do have that authority, then they must treat all "offenders" equally. If an owner is not aboard or refuses to answer, they still should be issued a "parking ticket."
    5) You do not reside in Key West and are probably disinclined to go to court there. I would do at least 2 things. First write a letter to the court (assuming one is cited) and question the validity of the ticket and the inconsistent enforcement on that day. Second, I would ask the city of Key West if they were aware of this ticketing of bessel; question the legality and method of enforcement; AND say that this is detering you from bring charters to Key West. Send the letter on "corporate" stationary.
    The latter course of action is the easiest. Personally, I'd pick up the phone and call the USCG District Commander, a local marina, and the city manager of Key West and their Chamber of Commerce.

  2. The navy is not allowed to enforce civil law. They can not issue citations. That is a violation of posse comitatius. Only the Coast Guard can enforce civil law , I would file a complaint for violation of posse comitatius.

  3. Most government agencies have become revenue generators. Truth be told, you probably got off lite. The animal being dragged behind the boat is called "bait". ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ The odd looking boat is probably an Italian design. Thanks for the info and warnings! ๐Ÿ‘โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘โœŒ๏ธ

  4. I know nothing about Dolphins but by any chance is this their mating period and that's why there are many? Love you segments and music so relaxing. Did you ever beat the ticket? PEACE.

  5. The reason it is a restricted zone is we train our Special Forces underwater operations course in that area. It is where we open water swim and do scuba training. We have had problems for years with the anchoring and more importantly motor craft zipping through the area. Boaters have been warned excessively over the years and with no luck. Navy, CG, and Marine patrol now enforce the zone without warnings. Key West NAS just had a new commander and that means they will enforce every rule to the T. I spoke with both the Cdr and the Cdr of the military dive school and volunteered my company to lead the cause of properly marking the zone with piling that state Restricted Zone. MTF. If you are still in the area have fun.

  6. The 106.63ft 32 XP expedition motor yacht 'Calliope' was built by Numarine in Turkey, she was delivered to her owner in 2018. The yacht's interior has been designed by Newport Yacht Interiors. https://www.yachtcharterfleet.com/luxury-charter-yacht-53452/calliope.htm

  7. On YouTube, there are videos of several Italian builders who produce boats with that appearance. It seems to be the new style, albeit ugly to me. About that ticket. Screw the local newspaper, this ain't no local zoning notice. If this wasn't published in the Local Notice to Mariners, that it ain't legal. But, it probably was. LNTM is available online and you should check it regularly. The USCG will place you on an email list. If practical, I'd go to the US Commissioner;s Court in that area and dispute the ticket as unjust for a first offense. Especially since you checked your latest charts to ensure you were NOT in a restricted area. I would also point out that they failed to ticket other boats just because their owners did not come out on deck. On that latter point, I'd politely query the Base Commander on his/her inequitable enforcement policy. $325 is a disproportionate fine for a poor little boat owner. BTW, the US Navy is part of OUR Armed Forces and not the Navy of Iran.

  8. Seeing that pod of dolphins gives me hope!โœŒ How are you liking your new countertops?โ˜บโœŒ That's why I sub'd you. This is GPD

  9. as they say.. don't do the crime if you don't want the fine… ignorance is no excuse… as for the Navy being meter maids… they spent six years at sea to get that two year shore billet… also the CG has downloadable updated charts

  10. the boat @ 14:38 looks a lot like a Horizon FD 85 or 87

    Edit: Its a Numarine 32XP

  11. Happy summer solstice ! Longest daylight of the year ! Hope your sunset has a green flash !
    Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  12. They must be "protecting" the Army's dive school on Fleming? For the military sailors Sigsbee Campground was nice.

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