20 thoughts on “9/11 first responders say McConnell committed to holding vote

  1. I live in the State of Kentucky a disabled vet still fighting for benefits believe me when I say McConnell only cares about himself,he's needs to go

  2. Now i want you guys to go through the streets of new york and pick up every homeless military men you can find that fought for this country and give them there paycheck

  3. Fake news. These lying psyoppers work for military intelligence. 9/11 was an inside job done by the US govt and Mossad.

  4. Mitch, put on your Grim Reaper costume and get all these smurfs here with your sickle that won't stop asking me dumb questions. Help those sick people…since the healthcare is a big fake hoax in this country…

  5. what a joke..Mc Connell …hypocrites.. spend billions of dollars for wars and you cannot give a penny worth to your own taxpayers? Brain dead for being too long in the senate..

  6. Once again a republican is shamed into acting, over two years of total control and what have they gotten done?

  7. Mitch McConnell, how many people have to die before you sign to the bill? If you don't live up to it, then you should re-sign.

  8. If you were a first responder and didn't enter the towers to save people you're NOT a first responder. Props to the selfless heros who actually did their jobs that day though and tried to save lives!!

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