38 thoughts on “7 Times Wrestlers Went Nuts On Reporters

  1. Its because reporters are notorious aszholes. They try to make people feel like shxt. Especially since they aren't after truth they want ratings. They feel like they are the elite of the world.

  2. God Michael landberg was a cancer to the sports media world, the interviews he did with sonnen and Dana White were sloppy, uneducated, unprepared, and straight up unprofessional

  3. I am WWE fan for more over 11 years and i feel like the WWE has blocked my country Kuwait because of these interview maybe, i feel like its not fair seeing the WWE planning for doing shows and PPV for middle eastern neighboring countries Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia excepting my country Kuwait being the first ever country in the middle east that host a WWE show back in 1996. And now i still hope there is a chance in the near future that one day we see the WWE coming back to Kuwait after more than 20 years


  5. You can script everything but the pain you feel . Wrestlers are athletes who have learned to ignore pain, They dont miss a wrestling match over turf toe or a sprained finger. Wrestlers are the toughest Athletes ever. Even the women can deal with pain that would make most men cry. I have always respected wrestlers. They are a different breed

  6. Wrestling is set up not fake, there is a difference. The results are planned in advance as are the storylines. As a wrestler in the ring if you don't carry out what's expected of you in the right way you can and do get hurt for real.

  7. landsberg needed to go eat 15 antidepressants to not kill himself after the punk interview. Landsberg is a Liberal pussy looking for a safe space in the sanctuary city of Toronto !

  8. Why would Vince have David make an example of Stossel if he was just gonna fire David for it? Didn't David get fired for that?

  9. McMahon was doing a press conference over Owen Hart's death, when a journalist asked him what safety equipment was being used, & he became aggressive & acting like the victim.

  10. Professional wrestlers are strong, healthy, and powerful sportsmen, not unlike professional major league baseball, basketball, or footballs. You see, pro sports is a business, a sports entertainment business, and yes they are different in the sense that the outcome of a pro baseball or football game is not planned in advance and yes the pro wrestlers do hold back on their techniques, after all, the pro wrestlers do not really want to actually physically hurt their opponents just as pro football players try not to cripple the opposing players. Look pro wrestling is an entertainment business and it can only succeed if it gives the fans what we want,strong athletic and physical activity by handsome powerful men going at it.

  11. How about you S T F U, and play the clips?
    Or are you so in love with your own voice, that you just can't stand to not hear it. We dont need your stupid explanations, if you would JUST PLAY THE ACTUAL VIDEOS.

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