7 AM | ETV Telugu News | 26th June 2019

7 AM | ETV Telugu News | 26th June 2019

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Prabhu Tony religion oppressive ADA Cannella Mortimer Tony Chris man Ithaca ricotta pie R Myrtle a conduit repressive a they kind of cool Solana Mook even three Jagan are they Solano see idiotic are aloof after eternity a malicious Turner Delabar a circa Dada parvis a Tamara prajapathi cannot fool Shiva sir Kundalini preserve a Deaconess Ayodhya DiCarlo cool she Westerner Nina sign trim cultivate the Prakriti program Vinci a particular way second pagan element on chaser Marikana cantaloupe put cinnamon on equal Shivan owner odd the rhetorical abhorrent you tuna pre her in equals evasion Adhikari Lou JC Baloo one the Mundy Cooley Latoya the party party cannot follow you chase Turner Nina syndrome are you can tell us a mere lucia di Beppo commissioner Vijay Krishna and Sarathy Luke wander Adhikari Lu engineering sympathy cool Allah to preserve a the covered the co-chair corner moon alone a AC Lu computer Lou could chill ooh Bala when tea was to Lulu la real o'ciock in TV with a frontal a 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with youth is thumb money yeah Nicola pressure alone Jagan prepped in chair the appurtenances Valen am some pie eval article at ocm chechens and a narrow margin 'm c a d fi mookie me three samiksha near mr. fish nana the theorem vente aprama carter Dalek will Jeevitha new prabhu dhanya particular are mentioning Roger Vedic a Parkin even a gender Bob Willis aha terracotta Pentagon a marina near Menaul equal to Beta Pi cm Adi carlitos a machine C kill'uh can deny and his corner Rajasthani near madam a beauty boom allah khair time um Sarafina EBIT Lochan sehra not lethal Cindy Raja Terry boom laquetta improve vana near Mahalo Akram a Luger kyani Jegan protection Laguna partnership with a nerve Sawadee Karen loke was there some magrav eternity Korra yeni Calaca mundo pregnant sir DNA patello which are knavish my native near my auntie's connect our custom one day Telugu Desam jati objectory chandra babu VDC Perry Aetna Mugen Tony interpolation chair corner Gannavaram Vimanas ranlo party night Luca ricotta Lou ionica swagatam pal car Anantha underbelly Luna Tanana bezanika Chandra Babu chair Connor Raja beta kikuchi beta tan Akutan Bassam silicon Patrick attacking Popeye partying I call a tornado Chandra Babu Church in Turner kara kata pioneer model occur moment to preserve a de canoe cm adisyl at OCAD a culture based on the EDS some yellow maha-mantra Lokesh beretta no jet category no g y+ could tag is two two plus two gunmen locator inter Nara bonus worry brahmana they one screw Prabhu – Podrick and a poor thing Italian chair rain develop art Nalco mundo gender pappu Kumar GCM proportionate ahora de l'année green channel clearance the part to Vimanas real Arakawa kelapa practica vessel particle pincher press the thumb obviously barton who aren't who finish put up with one taluk inch hindi rati varam hyderabad the Bella Turner Chandra Babu ku Telangana police who put this style of particle piston Eric J pillow Mottram gender pabich on YK traffic to clear in silica for Tonto ina vahana Cindy came upon her Jenny antardhana victim Oh Tandy APSRTC nephropathy 100 billion and serum fight at the apraxia Nadeau Prada monk R&D billion on VD with Honolulu pendant chain the coup mr. anta IPS see on tannerite Nathan lo committee near the somavia sankaran d talita on the pradesh our Tacoma 3 bok'nor RG and another ad to committee some obvious and conduct an interim Ravana psychometry Pena Nieto Chinchin on the first 'litham RTC article participate some say MD Surendra Pavitra Nevada co-author on de Nicola come T attained on chest only mother waifu RTC low electric mozilla province Anika someone NC odd Jane and icky Prabhu Tom Airport each asana nella guru Sabula camp Takota nato arctica ravenous a commonality awesome ovation carrandi Brassica diesel Basra new electric was–let Oprah Tom I'm Jason Morgan II he come please switches Sundy VA Allah knows against ironically somber tell and America / chain through this cover century land chorus a force which is only modern llo a committee to the Nevada canoe somewhat pencils even D Telangana police who say hello Mauro Padilla novella would do gala party key a de carlos an ecologist Yakub Telangana Prabhu from Sutra prying Ganga Corrine Cindy Kajal operatic for they can a man do Raina post Luke Carlene Lefevre Lucia currency upon a low Adi Carloni maken on my ear rain develop additional opa develop with do caliber t cheha rain develop Adams loaf Adam develop Caligula party practically a consult on a nipper take a constable si with do calico to the park shop puta babaca Haruka Lane Abdullah patrol a parcel and a movie Cindy Warren Rosa low cutoff mark early pregnancy of a castellone EMP Kane appeared Allah Cujo line and c-section are you gonna nurse Morrow Dafa for the here novella police with yoga local someone shipwrecked on a vertical in event in a new yarmulke procuring a new Prada maintains go zentangle nominee Telangana police new yarmulke Mandela tell Effendi Hyderabad vada Kaka anthems 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owner demonisation and chi african they sell agony southeast you they shall again evil aren't there the african they shall demonisation Loredana in-app intelligent which listen Joe I wish station Arthur and Prasanna made up Italian ships anonymity awkward Inca Churchill no child upon Telugu G monarchy is a mature adult wrote about the party Lord and for our customers apply America so destinations at worry with Rivera donkey man shall crush on me Telangana Congress no PCC injection father Vicky azza wajal Assange chakra manga parent only TPCC ejection father Vicky Tom want a thumb our filament to Nathan Oprah Colonel abou prisoner presses on PCC injection governor would thumb commodity knee Martha Anna Wu Hagen a lot o heap are the vinyasa stone on Ethel thumb up retinol and a member on J sir Yin Nicola whatta me guillotine a million and capicola Capodimonte – yeah lipu TPC Salonika throw a loafer make our own memory corner own Ethel by hearing of you Marcel chase Turner DNA Patillo TPCC addiction father be mark poukai money provost the nerve AACC lone Elk on and on each city car hangar telling Carlo objected Ahmad Popeye Congress sadist annum in Kelantan denying fiscally the TPCC addiction for the vaquita no coup de Portillo Oona nonny Sangha ready Emily a jaggery dispersed on Sega BC somatic of organic a addiction path available on e V Hanuman throughout dementia sterner no no Roger Ganga who Maaloula new customer the biodynamic okasada sent you a you know lorena he sorry mother but kubilay never gonna give me the first vehicle lightly schematically stone one network ooh Allah Allah so a tradition a passion of Banga no you put a cut money to the pace Tony Roberts of Pascal at whare and up the chest someone truth is cannot double and a theory DJ Elleni addict are partying ethyl on Oprah's alone Elodie stoner he's a fisherman mangalavaram says on a safari laka modularity nature realities contaminate mockumentary mamta Banerjee provincial Commission's is kannada Carlo Raja pretend Renault IPC section for not 9 Kenda which are in Shalini Mamata near my internet loo mockumentary car ela Ivana the Kerry Walker total perv ye section kindda Avenue to keep all coordinate LaRussa way they G with a kaiju later for their lover coup de la vi avi disturb cut money Avenue tip I watch every other honest way currency suction on my return a cheap Ortolani police run a month of energy audits internet Litella stone the presidency near sonali object uncovered on though Trinamool Congress couch in there Anita tano disco Naren deluxe linear way the value theory chaser bungalow positive power puncher quorum linda barrelli Rovio pillows on a subway and Nicola Moonen a panel oniy Mamata in a 90 second RNA are open all night cut money Mottola no tearing each al and 2ba japa party nurse they pertain to somewhere tomorrow knee Allen could be a name Waddell Assyria Baloo brain develop additional load correctly Tirana visit Jeevika can pinchy serious unshaven and cheetah pins connect Ramallah Norman and Impala sarin are the relative question of preference Annika chartered our borrowed Ajith Ronnie to see ya with a punch and cuddly pointy serega are they persist aloo in America Mexico sorry heard the Lakota convinced the night pea dare he come sank shop up our sister Anitha to Kalika Central America nestled on og armadillo kunda americano charmer a price nello rocket Andrei Sannikov amudha nila Lapithos aha Rio Grande and not alone Monica Jennifer here see every channel oh-oh periodic a can athon dream Erin who got a gap at econo near amudha nila lectionary Alana – this was some addition they were enduring birthday hallo Adisa Teno Nazir athelia order to convince I got a photo Central America there's a love also Castellano Karla Coker Tony body photo thesis journalist Catherine American Oscar Alberto Martinez and a beauty pariour Kumar – taka – americano a swaying cousin Vinnie of the taiga trumpeter Carter's Corinne Cheney Paria Vanessa who through Valyria – khaleesi Rio Grande Nathalie Edie America lo que Bella Lani Martinez 9 inch Kanade mundo tan Oh poppet Ocala seed re Sukkot auntie Varia unseren Chaka native goodra tiki Armavia ganga co2 Co Co ND there was a Martinez Kotaku therethis aha Monica Poyer Donny southern Ernest Willard in chair telling Carlo em set engineering counselling pie-o-my owned a look on the counseling cause some Ianelli ravine a lagoon and she beat the odds Lou online lo slot booking just container repugnancy drop a trollop arsalan a dragon on d-day pertinency Jolyon algo Burcu a call is low a course no chair thorough with the earth drew babe option Louisville say 128 a field cylinder near my insults and telangana Rasta province a La Russa Melanie internal committee chairman niyama compiled but I boot on their name please Collin Falcon gollyzilla protocol in general simulate most villages kuhnian oh hi coach our telethon Matheny Cheney prasit Annika College Luke pratik positive civility Scoville journey third whatta ya f RC car chase no fuel okay Carter podoleni quotas for 20s in the high court a single judge each and ether will appeal appeal jail and impoverished Nutella Carnaby Jessica go to magenta Lutherville oprah Teleco sumbitch it was only appeal valina a rave party locusts pasta would say our custom I don't wanna win a knee Bobby sooner cavity by partial R acharya no random maduro jalloo why the viously I'm sorry person listener latent a high coat are they Solano we have said Club where Connie counseling course I can see your channel over nerve madam a poo engineering counselling cool a solution D College luyendyk or solution dc2 on the bottle I won't tell you whatever cause foster Salado J&T you hitch was money I was still unopened the good theme for a Korea Putin a particular Adhikari can got Telangana would not have idiomatically librelucha relay do algal Abu Jalal Agha Terra The Argus Club person a Calabar shall atone a stop wanna hear William the velum when they write a lapis I am unhitched allo Montag Adani Telangana byung-se is a kombucha card there's if I hike owed us interpreter victims yes indeed July I worked in a beauty Katanga hasret right Ilocos I intentionally Kathy Scott natural and of a brain Shalini are decent ending either agua de la Rock Olive are shallow corner stop when array silica but I would thumb input to subsidy you put him lead any other about the couch in Dana were ready to plunge operational yeah Jim jockle chaser Gnostic way near a tilaka poniendo point evocative mood a quarter of a chill in Chelsea wanna I either nello better Cena underlay than a British Nutter Pune Avada voluntary yacumo Motel hotel in Chelsea one Danny Frost attempt rock react wanna socket on Danny Prabhu toe critique and Yaya Dakota københavn chair daruma-san on jockey and Jess come to collect and Nevada cap on peanut butter key we ever say Kaimuki carry there's a Hindu commode and governor any president Indy Yenta Monday rate alone a stock boy euro yen 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yeah Cara within a quarter raccoon de to stamina work or ethical no Tania make a seal of Ethan Allen ooh reindeer bellow and a logo and a lion appear open a subsidy pie under the esta manera andhra pradesh for a booth on Telugu this on sternal up I'd written a doodle and Erica colonies it'll be there some micro dementia sir practice Angela shindig and jam mandalam Rudra mombacho Rallo wake up a caricature a Dorito avemar apparent at Oaxaca Atma hostages khanna padma cut Ambani delegate is some nettle upar immerse in chair Margie man 3 : Ravindra Dhaka Monica vara Prasad Emilia Carr number ROM Krishnamurthy katana pie which are American chaser Prabhu tone spawned in C in Indian challenge didn't you switch Ollie going then emerges our punchy we turn it Carnot engine Roberts in other Madonna Mia aberrated in Carolina robot under metaphoric theorem and 20 signal is calling s same as for action this calling it women demand you sue the enemy the interpreter Kanakadasa masala do oka pair the magic are my healing euros oh oh man thought any point in the day he which Allah Allah Karim DNA under candy soup they may the charities volunteer which one I demand you some given you some of them mascara

39 thoughts on “7 AM | ETV Telugu News | 26th June 2019

  1. Whatever it was a foolishwork.bcz it was people property.the people onely given authority to cm maintaine proper way the assets

  2. Rajakiyam aending prajalaki.yavaru vachharani cadu prajala ninyam tisukovali 24 gantalu kadu m.k.m.ri

  3. 420 jagan ki kulchatam matrame telusu ,tampering chesi vachindi ela kulchatanike , 31 case lu unay vadi medha , mundu avi nirupinchukomanu , waste gadu,

  4. 9 Cr Loss for AP. Jagan can use the building for another public use.

    Jagan has only revenge policy. AP already in too much debt and he destroyed a nice new building. What a shame

  5. Instead of demolition why can't use govt use crores spend on that why can't think like that it's a blaming ego game like tndu politics…waste of people money in a deficit state…it's just politics not intentional good

  6. Prajvedhi ka build chstunnappudu nvu eami chasavu ippudu prajavedhikanu kulusthunnavu. money vest chastunntavu…? Neku vison ledhu eami ledhu…. First nvu velli special status tesukoni ra…

  7. Raithu ni mosam chesi akramamga thesukunnaru idi TDP ki shapam iyyindi …. raithuni mosam cheste puttagathulundav….

  8. ప్రజావేదిక ఆపమని రైతులు వస్తున్నారా ఎం చెప్తారండి etv

  9. ఎవడు తీసుకున్న గోతిలో వాడే పడతాడు జాగ్రత్త జగన్..ప్రజావేదిక పై ఉన్న శ్రద్ధ ప్రజా కోరిక ప్రత్యేక హోదా పై ఉందా..

  10. Prajavedhika avsaram lenapudu andhu lo unna vastuvulu endhuku avikuda kalichi vste bagundu a
    Vikuda avintive kadha

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