6ix9ine Signs A $10 Million Record Deal | Genius News

6ix9ine Signs A $10 Million Record Deal | Genius News

[HOST] Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine reportedly
signed a 10 million dollar deal with his former label, 10k Projects; home to Trippie Redd,
Lil Gnar, Icy Narco and others. [HOST] The news comes just weeks after 6ix9ine
testified against his former associates Anthony “Harv” Ellison and Aljermiah “Nuke”
Mack of the 9Trey Bloodz. [HOST] In early October 2019, Nuke & Harv
were both found guilty of racketeering, with Harv catching a separate charge for kidnapping
6ix9ine in July 2018. They both are looking at years behind bars. [HOST] 6ix9ine was famously arrested in November
2018 and turned state’s witness a day later. [HOST] In February 2019, he pled guilty to
a number of charges and was looking at decades in prison but will likely receive a reduced
sentence for his cooperation. His sentencing was moved up and is now set
for December 2019. [HOST] This is the latest development in the
saga of 6ix9ine that started with his breakthrough single, “GUMMO” in September 2017. [HOST] In just a little over a year, he landed
a number of tracks on the Billboard Hot 100, with the aforementioned “GUMMO” peaking
at no. 12, KEKE at 15, and a top 5 hit in his collaboration
with Nicki Minaj and Murda Beatz “FEFE.” [HOST] The $10 million dollar deal with 10K
Projects is reportedly broken up over two albums – one in English and the other in Spanish. [HOST] He proved his chops on the latter with
Puerto Rican Latin trap star, Anuel. [HOST] He is supposedly forgoing witness protection
for 24/7 security. In September, Genius spoke to disappearance
expert Frank Ahearn about Tekashi’s situation .He told us that for Tekashi to continue to
live, he’d have to leave his old life behind. FRANK: I don’t think he can adjust to be
honest with you…he’s just gotta cut that world off and walk away.” [HOST] Hip-hop was initially mixed about whether
or not 6ix9ine could still succeed in rap. Everyone from Joe Budden… JOE: “The streaming people would eat it
up if there were a bunch of songs about people trying to kill him.” [HOST] …to his former compatriot, 50 Cent
have shared their thoughts on the matter. 50: if he made the record I believe the audience
would play it. [HOST] For now we’ll just have to wait and
see. [HOST] I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News,
bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music. Peace!

100 thoughts on “6ix9ine Signs A $10 Million Record Deal | Genius News

  1. I gotta blow some steam man. BUT I hope someone will get him.
    He chose that life, agreed on every crime. He rapped, acted and lived like a gangster, but now that he got caught. He isn't, he doesn't have the maturity and strength to face the consequences. Instead he'll do anything to avoid deserved punishment and betray every man he worked with and thereby broke the biggest underworld rules. Loyalty and working with the government.

    10K Projects are naive, if they think he can simply put everything behind him and start making music again.
    Most of the rap industry and rap fans don't want him no more.
    And 50 is right. Unfortunately, too many people don't know or care. The young kids don't care 'bout snitching. Today's rap is a whole new branch and rarely put deep meaning in their music. If your ears like it, that's good enough.

  2. Think about theyre smart asf for offering him a deal
    You already know once hes on it everyone gonna be talking about him and more attention u have more $ you make even if its bad attention its still attention
    And if he gets killed thats even better for the label

  3. Who has the balls to kill a snitch now a days and get the death penalty all these rappers calling him a snitch are bitches to they roll up with security and shit and never have they even ripped skins before or walked the main line shit my old homie snitched on drug gun dealers for that Sinaloa cartel and he still riding round like nothing

  4. Honestly if he gets out. And makes music. Ppl are going to listen to it cuz they wanna see what he says. Which in turn will give him views and he will get paid off that. Shits crazy

  5. Garenteed he’s gonna die, you don’t know who’s really your friend anymore, anyone could be a blood, he’s gonna get capped.

  6. There still going to play it because we look in a pussy generation today he still going live after and no ones going to do shit but talk shit online because this generation is pussyyyyyyy

  7. 6ix9ine snitched on too many people. I could understand him snitching on the people that robbed em but he aint have to snitch on all that people that fuck wit him though.

  8. Social media mafia is going to whack him and make billions dollars on him like tupac and biggie, that's why they going to release him and give him ten millions dollars so they can set him up to get murk and nobody going to know who did it like they did pac.

  9. Quit with the negative comments about snitching and how hes guna die. You're the same morons that swore Trump would get killed on day one. Member? It never happened. Are all of you loser gang bangers to that think "snitching" is a bad thing? Good to see this generation is living by prison rules. Wishing death on anyone means you don't deserve YOUR life. Oh, and snoop dog snitched but the community accepted it. What, bc he was more famous or more gangster? Idiots. #byeeeeee

  10. Snoop dogg snitched and you still like him. Yeah, you're all band wagon idiots. 6's stuff will still bang when he gets out! #byeee

  11. I honestly dont care about any of this drama .it has nothing to do with me my family or life or anything.I care more about what I'm going to eat for dinner than any of these rappers or what they do.

  12. Funny thing is……what if all this was a sham… to promote 69 new record deal, new album…. lol that will be the biggest WIN of all time…

  13. They smoked XXXTENTACION and Nipsey and deez two had nothing to do with gang beef, what make yall think they cant clap 69

  14. Some of y’all act like y’all ain’t never snitched on nobody .. be the main ones at work talking bout “why can’t I get a raise , why he make more than me and I do more ?“ when the homie told you how much he make on the down low. Rats

  15. 6ix9ine clowns every rapper
    nobody did anything
    6ix9ine claims himself King of NY
    nobody did anything
    6ix9ine rats out the whole 9tray
    nobody ain't gonna do anything

    If nobody touched him the first 2 weeks he was out. He ain't gonna be touched for a long time if not at all.

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