24 thoughts on “60 Political Parties Pass Vote Of Confidence On INEC

  1. All these guys are hired. Their statement is filled with bias and shouting APC up and down. Abeg!!!!

  2. After all the amount of money disbursed for a server they can’t get a server inshort this country called Nigeria be divided no need for restructuring

  3. There is something not right here just look at all the front seat men you will know that they are all bunch of liers I bet with this kind of men in Nigeria there is no way this country will move forward

  4. You people are not serious
    Is this not tells by moonlight
    Other countries are busy fixing the basic things to make their citizens happy and prosperous
    Your citizens are dieing in Libya, South Africa! Malaysia
    See the type of rubish they are busy talking
    Shame on all of you

  5. 60 Demons wasting their time and going down in history as those that destoryed their future.

    Just like that guy that demanded for his rightful seat from Wole Soyinka. Until Nigerians begin to demand for their fundamental rights from those crooks in power. Nigeria will continue to fall into the gutter of Shame.

  6. I would like to know how many votes these presidential candidates got at the elections.
    Why can't they wait for the elections tribunal to do their job.
    They looking for stomach infrastructure/appointments.
    Herdsmen are killing hundreds every day, they held no press conference

  7. Millions of Nigerians are mentally sick. How many of this parties won elections. The outside world is laughing at Nigerians.. Few criminals are using Nigeria money to destroy Nigerians.

  8. These IDIOTS think that Nigerians, especially those of Igbo extraction doesn't know that the northern Cabals in cohort with INEC intentionally over populated the political parties registration in order to do exactly what these corrupt fools, who call themselves political party leaders are doing right now. Welcome to the new awakening because you have murdered NIGERIA. These shows of shame are registering in the right quarters and their effects will soon manifest. You thought Nigeria is a horse market but you'll soon have a rude awakening. My take.

  9. God punish you stupid presidential candidate that went to this conference. Good things will never come your ways. Peace will never reign in the life of everyone that is hidden the truth. Thunder will strike all the people involved in electorial malpractice. Your generation will never have peace . Every bad things happening in Nigeria will locate your wherever you reside. Stupid Nigeria

  10. This so called political parties are apc floated parties to mess the election. There are justifying and giving credence to a very flawed election to show their true colours inec failed woefully and local and international observers attest to it.

  11. These guys are a bunch of Destiny Destroyers! Look at them bond together like soldier ants ready to die to protect their fraudulent 2019 election result by any means necessary! Nigerian is definitely a failed state!!!

  12. What is the meaning of card reader. What is it reading if it is not electronics. Goats. God repented of creating bunch of idiots like all of you. Compromised fools

  13. Mistakes of creation. Brown envelope party vampires and blood sucking demons. Over 200 people were slaughtered in your useless elections by fake inec .idiots

  14. Shameless and failed party fellows talks to be relevant or how many candidates each of the parties produced from chancellor chairman to federal positions in last General election ? Useful idiots and stomach infrastructural parties…..

    Shame on you guys

  15. Nigeria has nothing to offer. Do they even understand the meaning and significant of a press conference????

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