58 Percent Support House Impeachment Inquiry: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

58 Percent Support House Impeachment Inquiry: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “58 Percent Support House Impeachment Inquiry: Poll | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. It really doesn't seem to matter. You could be at 99% for Impeachment. You could be at 99.999% for impeachment. Congress will still send 4,000 subpoenas, letters of anger, demands for people to show up…and Trump will fart at them…and every Democrat in Congress with cower. Trump is a criminal…and the Democrats have no spine.

  2. That’s a fkn lie! Why aren’t they after the Clintons,ODuma!!!!!! If they impeach him it’s going to be an civil war

  3. democrat's need to stay the course. subpoena's need to go out and obstruction charges. should be next. line them up and lock them up. let's get this guy out before Christmas.

  4. I'd probably be among the respondents who disapprove of the way Democrats are handling the impeachment because they've been too gentle. Pelosi said "He's not worth it" and was being an enabler. It's good that she eventually made the right choice, but for a long time, she was so focused on being politically correct that she didn't bother to hold a criminal accountable for his actions.

  5. Republicans in the Senate and Congress who cannot smell danger when it's under their nose, are of no use to this country in any way, shape or form. Trump supporters are more dangerous because they're our neighbors, co- workers, family members….and when the itshay hits the an-fay they're the ones who slow down efforts, cause more problems and use more resources. They are THE WEAKEST LINKS and they're going to get us all killed. It's no use trying to change them because they don't think they are wrong. Trump is like a canny bacterial bug. He sets up on the WEAKEST LINKS and proceeds to use them as a means to an end. What he just did was already planned. Don't think it wasn't. It's the payback for the election. HE IS SELLING THIS COUNTRY OUT and his minions, like Jordan and Gaetz, who actually look like Devils themselves are helping him and should pay, but the people who elected them pretty much know what they are, that's why they voted for them. But, what's done is done. We need to concentrate on protecting ourselves from the fallout at this point. I think it's going to be upon us before we can do anything about it in time.

  6. 💥💥💥***When you cannot trust your government, DOJ, FBI, CIA, NAS, and others time for Martial Law and military tribunal!!***
    "Oooooh," my goodness graciousnesses" I love it when a plan comes together!! If you don't want the Swamp-Rats with the fleas in a cage you must take away the cage Builder! Before you can get the fleas off the swamp rats, you must catch the Swamp-Rats in a very secure cage!! Swamp Cockroaches are beginning to look for a place to hide!!! WWG1WGA!!

  7. Msnbc, cnn, Fox News, Cbs news, abc news, Washington post the corporate media are the arms of global Neoliberal corporate hegemony, the deep state cia, the military industrial complex, and the empire

  8. Msnbc won’t report that the top 400 most richest Americans pay significantly less taxes than the bottom 47 million working poor low income Americans that are living in poverty and living paycheck to paycheck

  9. An impeachment inquiry isn't the same as impeachment guys. Sorry to burst your bubble on that one. It's quite likely that a fair proportion of that 58% support the President, and want an inquiry to blow it out of the water once and for all. You have been Trumped!

  10. Don't believe it. The American people do NOT want impeachment on both sides. Stop the LIES. Where did this poll come from? It is NOT True. Trump has done more for Americans than any other president.

  11. No we don't.. He is our PRESIDENT.. but someone needs to remove morning joe and his partner. only one weird is meaka

  12. These statistics are because nobody is asking anyone besides Democrats.

    More Republicans than Democrats alone.
    And still they are divided amongst themselves.

    #(ck) common knowledge

  13. Half of Americans your lying .And their wont be a rat hole for you guys to hide in ,Your liars , 12 more years lol !!!!!!!!

  14. I just caught a blacklisting statement applied by deep state to cover up deep state crimes.

    First take note of behind the scene murders that were linked to liberals that I think was military supported by nsa under socalled white hat in sheeps clothing Rogers that took out liberals per Q and other duped trump idolatry reactionaries of deep state coverup I personally believe needing croudsourcing by danger i would go door to door black listed. Both john mc cain and bo biden died of a rare brain cancer. Kind of like stars lining up in a line improbable not they occorred in a timing like common killers. Q sites sounded to be military soldiers of fortune for nda coup with trump acter figure head enemies fkreign maybe by these domestics.

  15. Trump IS the greatest….greatest criminal and immoral President ever! Presidents have been impeached for much…much less!

  16. I'm sure the majority of those supporters are also Trump supporters. I don't know if you noticed, but since the announcement, the Dem primaries are taking a backseat, and Trump raking in the cash. If this isn't an intentional attempt by Dems to throw the election, they've really messed up.

  17. Here come the fake polls right on cue …Hey Joe ! What about the dead intern found in your office when you were a congressman ???

  18. Wow earlier today another channel said 58% wanted Biden investigated. Remember when trump was saving lower income people 800 billion in 401k and the same day cnn said trump was costing Americans 800 billion. Trump just hit highest approval rating.

  19. This is fake news, Americans heard the tapes, ahh news flash you Trump deranged freaks nothing wrong with what transpired. The Biden’s on the other hand that is the story you imbeciles.

  20. Trump's true approval rating is around 60% but the drive-by fake news will never tell the truth about that and why would they it doesn't fit into their agenda of propaganda lies.

  21. Investigate this, Bought-Out-Lame-Stream Msnbc: "I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine, they say CrowdStrike… I guess you have one of your wealthy people… The server, they say Ukraine has it."

  22. Nobody believes your statistics about half of Americans. You are fake news MSNBC. Your same polls said Hillary Clinton was going to win by a landslide.

  23. Bimbo and dumbo don't mention the fact that these surveys are done with the left-wing liberal mob and do not have any affiliation with the Republican right.


  25. Ha Ha! I love how these Lib Dems like Mika and Joe think a few polls conducted predominantly along the liberal Eastern Seaboard showing support for impeachment "inquiry" as somehow are a true and accurate measure of American thought! Good Luck, Dems, you idiots better be careful!

  26. how do these polls matter? ultimately, the only thing that will matter is how the senate votes (if they even vote at all). this isn't American Idol.


  28. All I can say is just make sure he doesn't steal the silver ware on his way out and you had better check Ivanka's purse as well.

  29. INCREDIBLE FAKE Joe & MSNBC News.!! Most people in the mainstream news media know the Dems are lying with phony accusations and pretend it isn’t happening. They complain about Trump & want to impeach him, but where were those same Dems when Biden was interfering in Ukraine to save his son from an investigation? No one said a thing. Obama and Biden were probably the most war-mongering President & Vice President we've ever had with Hillary & their lies about Libya and Syria to bomb them, yet most of our news media in the US and EU backed bombing these countries. What kind of responsible news media is that? Biden's a crook just like the other Dem Leaders & everyone in the news knows it! Biased much? What a joke!

  30. unfortunately the Republicans in the Senate are not going to impeach him and remove from office …..all this bluster is starting to look a lot like the early days of Muller – creating the impression that the US might actually do something to remove Trump from office – but they won't – we have to listen to all this bluuff and bluster and he will claim victory when the House votes not to remove – then he will look stronger than ever in the election and the Dems will once again have snapped defeat from the jaws of victory. The US is a mess.

  31. If you do the math on the numbers you can also see that the number of Republican supporters is shrinking. People change their affiliation based on Trump. That means supporting Trump as a GOP incumbent gives you a win in the primary, but you will lose your seat to a Democrat. And it seems there is no way out of that trap. And they did it to themselves.

  32. The same people who predicted Hillary would wo. A landslide 😀😀😀 yeah. Good luck with those polls. Try polling somewhere else.

    Here’s a real number. Trump is raising money setting records.

  33. Lol trump in a landslide in 2020 Fake polls once again Middle and rural America are going to have a field day Keep thinking it’s actually real American love this president and it’s not even close. MSNBC just pushing forward that agenda makes me laugh

  34. This will not remove him it will get him 4 more years in office since your agenda is clear even to those of us who don't support him.

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  36. It makes sense, there are dumbocrats who do not care about democracy and want Trump down no matter what, and there are conservatives who know that the impeachment inquiry will hurt the Democrat candidates in 2020 election so they say "yea, good job" :):):) Go Trump!

  37. Democrats and the lying MSM will soon be paying the piper. Impeachment Inquiry is as much a scam as the Russia Collusion. Same as the Ukraine Hoax. If Trump broke laws, IMPEACH IN FOR REAL! They don't because the real corruption is on the hands of Demonrats!! From dark to light the world is waking up from the Globalist spell. Trump 2Q2Q.

  38. Gotta love these poll numbers ! Regardless , Democrats should vote Yes they approve for Impeachment process, Republicans not for Trump should vote for the Impeachment process and even Trump Supporters should vote for the Impeachment process. Trump Supporters should because the Whitehouse Adminstration did say the Impeachment process should help Trump's re election. So technically everyone should vote for the Impeachment process which is not a bad thing for all.

  39. REMINDER: 2020 will be awesome.
    Dont you all remember these same media corporations did the same thing in 2016 with their "Polls"

  40. If you're not careful, the newspapers (media) will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.
    Malcolm X……

  41. Fox News poll 9/9/2019, 51% want Trump impeached and REMOVED!!!! Is that enough for you Republican Senators? Defend your country and impeach NOW!!!

  42. come on America, we can do better, make this 100% GET TRUMP OUT NOW, he is belittling all America stood for.we are no longer respected, laughed at on the world stage,now known as warmongers, what more are you waiting for? THE TOTAL COLLAPSE OF AMERICA IS COMING FAST. stop trump now remove him, his kids, his lapdogs from OUR white house,make it no longer a playground for fools.

  43. This country has turned into a joke. We have millions of working people living in tent cities, homeless people up the wazoo, Opiod addicts running wild and instead of saving the country we are wasting millions trying to impeach Trump? Anyone with a working brain knew Trump was a joke. Countries around the world are laughing at us. America is officially a worldwide joke now

  44. These type of lies about poll numbers are nothing new created by the Negroids in the media. On AOL during the elections they had a great deal of these lying polls to attack the president because he is a Caucasian and not a Negroid like many of our other presidents as the Clinton's, Lincoln, Obama, Truman, ect. They are extremely racist against Caucasians and Asians. They are decendants of Africans from North Africa that moved into the Middle East.

  45. Treason, high crimes against America, obstruction of justice, campaign financial crimes, contempt of Congress, abuse of office, foreign/domestic Emoluments violations, intentional emotional distress to every patriot..YOU'RE FIRED..PACK IT UP

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