5:00 AM - Current Affairs Questions 24 June 2019 | UPSC, SSC, RBI, SBI, IBPS, Railway, NVS, Police

5:00 AM – Current Affairs Questions 24 June 2019 | UPSC, SSC, RBI, SBI, IBPS, Railway, NVS, Police

morning India [Applause] [Applause] Monday to Friday back-to-back classes live from Studio re-subscribe career if I study channel go good morning guys welcome to my face to the change in the Volare master the commercial class for example aapke india number one agenda general while face too deep a now why officially has become the part off and I gotta mean decade as a job is generally choice or the chocolates June those are on this delicate a perky capsule class a Tsubaki but chicken parts burrata pan-canadian a camel cap full Tara hey Akuma manjunath he get a awesome hotel hey and humid Kadampa G Raghava me you he gel today hey Sandhurst cassava he Jesus Alaska salmon is myself up here Keeley so RP could Co motivate cutting it up he could get start he up he could get ography Monica Jeter Jeter harmonica harihar a Grubman see her get off nested loops a sultanim allah gyaku it's Carson man Gomez boo Turkey son curses from mayhem muscle artery a Jeter he a crucial hey Heather hey Amanda is America the chili a us and hit Oh Cal initiative Sybil's of town it has Guevara just very Mandela cement give Joseph Alta generally up going Milegi a political Emily Chris Chile the context of Japan a question of the day consumer take a vodka he did miss aqui para por que no service – pssst Sol affected our own is Khalil Nami turkey again no mere other leaner other knee when discussing he has that I take a jelly palette a key Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been declared as the winner offered readers poll for world's most powerful person though their own is conducted by a leading British magazine British Herald Ghidorah Magna Columbia had built this Herald okay jolly yeah okay question of the day I've got a new Christian look summit we post a lockable page GI Giovanni can stop Ravi Shankar Prasad Subramanian Swamy Romulus pass one big boo simple question a sandwich and head oh let me send a personís I answer I express entertain the Muslim woman built to zero benign protection of Rights on Mary's to bend the practice of instant repeal Act was introduced in the Lok Sabha the bill was tabled by law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad Ravi Shankar Prasad is Tampa kaha a member of parliament he commended sesame answerde jaga Munez dr. Hansen as I approached in Omaha Shanker podcast a member of parliament okay Johnny next Osaka Japan I will turn Emily 14th g20 second sermon kappa sure kappa ABCD is cancer kappa CC and C's casaya answer a human centered future society human sector future society Sarah and Sarah he gay jelly explain something lit a prime mention a Modi will attend in the 14th g20 seekers a melon on Osaka Japan from 28 to 29 June former Union Minister Suresh Prabhu will be India's save par at the g20 meet Naima India's a Papoose Turkish and charisma Suresh Prabhu g PK shelly next to some capital Turkey Newman a sec is this the Eggman or hit America drone go home elusive it straight to me Marga hey which of the following country has sought down an unmanned US drone in the Strait of Hormuz region of Sidon Iraq UAE Iran or Cobert is Kentucky Raqqa Iran he answered her explanation decked a key a meal at airline knee AP he cut them try he just make her each atom and some house and has the jet Rosa said you Lana could reroute curvy Agha hey yagna model job Eggman or hit America drone Co gutted tomb sit and watch a dreamer gotta get her next day Giga nearly to the cons of this F ATF Kapoor's Quran Karim Allah pahala out of this ban gaya Oman Saudi Arab UAE or Katara he sends get up car Saudis I answer it okay Shelley explanation toilet a accessible lucky Saudi Arabia has become the first other country to be granted a full membership of the Financial Action Task Force every day f a PFD a Cal Rothko upcoming Ibarra positive video Laker aha whose mystic reason gay bar I'm a Sikh religion cobalamin Sadiq is salli boti Muhammad Ali TV through trick yeah Giga come back to the bar Ava's if we do a sequel is anybody in Batavia jack illegally Sega Kalama Club add joy at her I'll be Punk but sugar tea plant a pilot if we do get the sequel is about a medieval is yoga Barra by Jeff Allah very most important hey what happened Joe Pesci come in the car they will see topic we will do an afternoon up trying to the exactly what you see people tear up my yoga a measuring about midget Molley make liquor get the jicama happily prevail over give it again Shelly next part of the malapa use negated donor by stock be the Nikhil America's Mangano Mauna Kea guy got that bees are plentiful Jorge Posada is not the character 35 Hodgins he answered a the 35 Hodgins not answering no construction or upgradation of about 35,000 kilometers of national highway are to be undertaken by 2 0 to 2 under the Baja Ramallah project next Nebuchadnezzar Cassini Mongolia me a cycle atomic gymnastic jam bands immigrants aparajita her esophagus cancer aapke plan athena EXA he answered an express Adela tanki in gymnastic India's Panathenaic pleased bronze medal in the world event aired aa senior is an artistic championship in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia then Chile next ik tanki my Arc hello there honk yeah yeah yeah yeah kiss kadowaki Agha too often a group in charge are often say Miska Miska centre could have been that leg or tiga express something later he Bangladesh capella and toasty theatre most of Bangladesh kiss silikal Academy Camilla raha rubbing that I work in Atlantica my arc hey I was talking cotton purse to the group a process is key guy hey take a akamalik ravine epigonion Amash so not Bengali kata busca bangle is not optically at her next act a key namely the console does povitch AB ght get ahead bungee cantilever sahaja Yogi's are high at her pen voter ID your bank passbook he's on cam tag apke odd Harlan TK the explanation texts Enki the GST council has it simplified rules for vegetation in Adha will now be used by business for each test on under GST in the earlier system people had to give various documents and now several advantage will occur to the business by using odd her okay Shelly next wasn't like take it take money kay Binn or cargo design in gvnkelly a new leak is mr. kis company case a big boo-boo version but the purpose taki booing umbria air but solid lockheed martin he's a constant of the gap car here a beste he answer it okay to the sushena prodigy from tech mahindra named Gabe in our cargo design engineer clear arabesque is an egg BOSU ball Samantha Qiao er miss a granitic rock or take Monica Sarge a doll hey digger next ha return a copy that he has appeared in half nuclei which is hydrotherapy vodka Nicola heck can boo Mutulu or and about or Kolkata it sounds like a hog apke Mutulu matroyshkas so he answered clear chilly explain something I think India has opened its first he specialized hydrotherapy treatment for elephants suffering from I'll try this near the wildlife SOS elephant elephant conservation and Care Centre e C CC in Mathura okay gentlemen the crap across from the bay hoga combo lucky strategy like Geoghan namakkal Hopwood each apology I eat a cranky ah hey hey Maharashtra Karnataka unto this or he or be chilly the Tigers are jelly so Jacob sonica got some purveyors couple of commences I'm a tiny or many fish they were lucky that Kobayashi was at least Class A and we chickened appendage of class we would swim in a Sikh religion k bottom is study but M upon ei these chalice lines but adding a juvie Shamrock of elusive Maharani cook like ugh 99% kiss me child's Mohini 8% kissed me Poland silicon Appalachia Bucky my plastic Judy puppet Quran I pillow a video Karachi khomyakov a level to definitely up PDF available Husky 1815 7yv PDF available a sports car Chico class with his poor ski book video available a PDF available a which was an organization or institution is have an establishment capivara muñeca here me who haha he used to get any members and Bukhara chuga whoo but egg we do many karate a Sikh religion Gooper he K upcoming system attracted said he goes volley classmate converse we do Quran I'm a karateka Lima daily Monday to Sunday cha like a commis which should to need daily class or gay or smart care improvement company consumptive oh sorry but about Algeria Hanukkah we took like ichika bye bye take care otherwise god bless you love you all

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  2. Good morning sir
    Ans Maharashtra & Karnataka
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    CM- Devendra Fadnavis
    Gov- C. Vidya Sagar Rao
    Karnataka Cap- Bangalore
    CM- HD Kumar Swang
    Gov- Viju bhai valla

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