5 Tips for Filming an Event /After Movie | Cinecom.net

5 Tips for Filming an Event /After Movie | Cinecom.net

from crazy parties to serious business events we've created tons of after movies at silicon but what makes an after movie so exciting to watch here are five tips for shooting an action movie hey folks is Geordie here for SEMICON dot net whether you shoot a dance party or a business event it's always important to show the positive atmosphere so that the guests can look back on that wonderful day or tease the people that couldn't be there so that they'll come next year you want to create a video that people share and interact with but how do we do that tip number one be conscious about the cliches and try to avoid them when you make an ad remove you by the party don't use film people dancing the whole time and if it's a business event try to avoid charts of people that drink champagne eat olives and talk in a group around standing desks that's just boring to watch but unfortunately we see it too much so be aware of the cliches what most after movies show you and try to be creative with your shots don't be afraid to skip certain parts throughout today when you believe they aren't interesting and that brings us to tip number two which extends to the first tip be a director not just a cameraman you're creating a visual story that often needs specific shots to tell that story if you're not sure something will happen then just put things in scene of course don't tell a different story than what the event is about just ask people to do something for the lens this could be small things like standing on a specific place let people lift your glass pop a champagne bottle if that fits the story of course let the hostages do something etc shots like this make the viewer feel more connected to the event tip number three if it helps to tell the story or even set the mood then record a speech or do a small interview from someone at the event not to show the entire speech but to find interesting quotes we often do this to bring forward the emotion of the day and add an extra layer to the video home delicious on topstitch DeMuth informative advocate Bob Toledo gosse's if I don't work with a voiceover or an on-camera speech I also have the tendency to look for music with lead vocals that goes with the editing vocals that somehow tell the mood of the events on to the fourth trick notice the details in your camerawork this really differentiates a professional actor movie over amateur work as you're covering an event where you have very little control over what happens camera mistakes are done pretty quick your image is at a focus someone walks into your lens you forgot to set a new white balance your angle askew etc if that happens make your shots again if possible and definitely don't use it in the editing I know it's not always so convenient but try to make a video that is clean from such mistakes if your shot was out of focus then ask the person in that shot to do their action again even if that's something silly like raising your glass or making that funny dance move again and that brings us to the last tip for today make enough insert shots these are shots from the interior perhaps the Sun behind the tree walking feet etc these shots usually don't show what's actually happening at the event but they do help you a lot in the editing to connect all the different scenes more fluent together and that also adds a great extra value to the route and feeling of the video if you liked these tips please let me know in the comments below and I might make another video about after movies as there's so much more we could talk about thank you so much for watching and always remember stay creative you

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  1. I love filming events and i film about 2-4 events per year. I hope this makes me learn more. I'm filming an event tomorrow

  2. ABSOLUTELY the BEST TIPS of shooting Parties nice and to the point. Very Professional and valuable information. Thank you so much.

  3. We are conducting a coding competition in our college in this 19th and 20th February, this is the third season of the competition. How should we cover the event? Could you suggest some scenes that need to be there in the after movie?

  4. thanks a lot jordy, this video enlightens me because im gonna have to make aftermovie this week and im so nervous. Now im kinda ready for it, thanks!

  5. Do you have any tips for approaching people and filming them having fun? I feel a bit awkward walking up to them with a camera and light and shoving it in their faces. They also are likely to be unprepared. This is for a night club/bar promo

  6. that part about asking the people to do the same thing again for the sakes of the video makes me nervous…

  7. It always amazes me that those having the Event, rarely care about its capture, character participation, or even the message it may convey. They, as their guests, are typically more interested in getting their maximum amount of food, drinks, and attention. Most of the Key Employees too, are showing up just before their speech and bail shortly there after. So, I suggest getting all of the "B" roll stuff in ASAP. Then you'll have time to grab Key players as they arrive — still stunned and sober and easier to coach and direct. This still leaves time to get more of the Event as things unfold.

  8. A cliche when it comes to your videos, but I can´t stop myself: Awesome and inspiring as always, Jordy! When shooting in crowded places where things happen quickly, how do you support your camera? Gimbal ? Handheld ? And a second question: Is it all manual focus pulling? Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks, these were great for me. Much of what I do it "home movies" which are typically of events. I'm trying to make them look as professional as possible. Thanks again. 🙂

  10. Nice !!! Just what I need it ! It's sometimes difficult to make goods shoots when you have to work with somme people around. Really important to know how to be a good cameraman AND a good director AND a good creator…

  11. Great, could've used that two weeks ago 😀 Just uploaded my first own content…you guessed right, an aftermovie. But anyways, how did I do? Any honest and constructive feedback is appreciated 🙂

    or at my channel 😉

  12. cool! i watch lots of clips which i didnt realize they are after movie techniques. i always wowed about the smooth transition! thanks for very informative video 🙂

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. This is by far the most valuable input I have gotten for free 🙂

  14. Jordy plz reply.. When I edit video in adobe premiere pro it show all time this notification "audio hardware I/O overloaded at 00". Its irritate me plz tell me solution

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