you know when we conservatives talk about small government the progressives immediately start shrieking about what the country would look like with no government at all but that's not what we're talking about and we both know it you can't have a civilization without some form of government I just want a government that's going to fit back in the box that it originally came in so what do you need to have good government well some of the smartest best educated minds in history thought that over it not for a few days or weeks but for their entire adult lives they read the histories of every civilization that it ever existed trying to find some recurring themes and they did find some recurring themes and here's a few of them concentration of power this is bad give total power to one guy and you get murderers like these guys here now back in 1215 in England they had someone of that stripe King John who governed in the style of the day that style was known as beasts at voluntas that's Latin for force and will basically King John took whatever he wanted just like every other King and Emperor before him John however was such a piece of crap that the Barons that ruled their estates in John's name finally said hey you know what were done and they took King John to a table and they made him sign away the power of force and will he signed an agreement with the rebellious barons called the Magna Carta Liberto the great contract of freedom England was no longer ruled by one nasty King now it was ruled by 25 nasty barons but this Magna Carta was the first time in history that someone had limited the power of the king now this led the founding fathers to their second recurring theme of good government the rule of law this means that those whose heads get chopped off is no longer decided by one paranoid degenerate having a bad day introducing the rule of law meant that there were rules for what was allowed and what was not and those rules were written down so that anyone could read them and the rule of law meant that no one no king no baron no Shah or Sultan no one was above the law the rule of law applied to everybody okay so the founders that's good laws are good but who makes the laws what if those people suck too well two thousand years before the signing of the Magna Carta the ancient Greeks lived in something called a city-state that's basically a walled city that was its own country and on one of these city-states called Athens these regular Greeks got it into their heads that the people themselves could make the laws and that they all had to live by them in the Greek language that meant that the demos the people would hold all of the criteria in English that means the power this democracia democracy was an awesome idea but if it was such an awesome idea why did it die out 2,000 years before our founding fathers were born well it turns out there's a serious flaw in democracy and it's simple really some people are idiots and some people are bastards and some people are idiot bastards Athens fell because the Athenian leader Pericles got everyone all liquored up about fighting the Spartans the Spartans the Athenians voted for war 27 years of war later Athens was in ruins and so was democracy a democracy can be dangerous because people do stupid things Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany because millions of Germans had voted for him and his National Socialist Party then these guys the German parliament or the Reichstag voted for 41 to 84 to give Adolphe Hitler absolute power and that was a bad idea so finally these dead white males realized that you could not put a fence around the power it just didn't work that way but you could build a wall around the individual you could build a wall of individual rights that's why contrary to most people's believed the United States is not a democracy the United States is a republic now there are many elements of a democracy but people are like the President and the Congress and so on but there is a wall of human rights not around the government but around the people that stops the lying greedy half-wits who seek political power from punching people in the nose and stealing all of their candy the constitution of the United States exists to distribute personal political power the president has power that's true but Congress has power too and so does the Supreme Court these three branches of government the executive legislative and the judicial are constantly screaming and yelling and poking and slapping and biting each other if one of them gets drunk the other to tie into a bed for a while and they write on its face with sharpies and wait for it to sober up now here's one final cool little twist virtually everyone in America knows that the first 10 amendments to the Constitution the Bill of Rights gives us freedom of speech freedom of religion freedom to assemble and peacefully protest and so on and virtually everyone in America is wrong the Bill of Rights does no such thing the First Amendment says that freedom of speech freedom of thought freedom of religion freedom of the press and the freedom to protest is built into every human being the minute that they come into this world the First Amendment simply says that the government does not have the power to take that right away good government is not a player good government is the referee referees aren't allowed to call penalties against one team and not the other referees do not intercept passes and then run them back for touchdowns and referees do not make up the rules as they go along now try to imagine a Super Bowl where both teams are comprised exclusively of referees and there are 22 penalty flags being thrown on every single play if you can then also imagine there are a hundred thousand referees in the stadium and each one of them is constantly screaming out a hundred thousand rule changes and two or three players are shuffling around looking frightened and confused well then you will understand why conservatives don't like big government

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  1. You need to get yourself a college lector job and teach them dumb kids some history so we don't have such ignorence coming out of college campuses as Ocasio Cortez…college educated socialist!

  2. Why didn't these videos get more views? I think it must've been when YouTube started not notifying about new videos

  3. States can have as big as a government as they like as long as it's constitutional, however our federal government was intended to be nothing more than a government that oversights the states and enforces constitutional law….. However, in the present we have the exact opposite – we have federal government ruling over the states….

  4. Your channel is too brilliant to have bad audio. Please have someone check that out. Always love your videos, sir. Wishing you continued success and better audio. 😉

  5. Sociopaths are attracted to government because they get to use guns to make people obey them. To think that you can limit the scope of gun-toting sociopaths is silly.

  6. Yes, you can have a civilization without some form of government. In fact, the only way to have a civilization is to have no government. None.

  7. at around 2:08, the background has the word 'Erection' pointed right at Bill's face. i don't know if it's a joke or an oversight, but it was pretty distracting.

  8. The Idea of government is a disease that pretends to be its own cure. Rules without rulers. Shea's rebellion the whiskey rebellion The sedition Act right out of the box they screwed the pooch.

  9. Bill, I'm so glad you presented this video. People need to understand that "democracy" is evil. I appreciate the short genealogy; actually there's about 700 years of Anglo Saxon and British history prior to our declaration of independence that should be taught regularly in our public schools.

  10. Anytime you say Nazi or Hitler as a example of evil. You are guilty of helping the Zionists destruction of the Christian West

  11. Yes, this is strange. Why are the anarchists attacking Conservatives instead of Leftists? Do they know what anarchy is?

  12. The rule of law applies to EVERYONE……….. except Hillary, Obama, Comey, the Federal Reserve, JPM Chase and the other Big Banks, the COMEX, etc.

  13. Okay, but you missed an important point about law. What is the meaning of "The Laws of Nature and of Nature's God" as mentioned in the Declaration of Independence? It points to the origin of law and states that true law is created by the Creator and not by men and that King George III was in violation of those laws.

  14. It's always the strong victimizing the weak. A single King or a hundred politicians working as one is no different. In fact, it's worse. One tick on a dog is no problem, but an infestation, now that's a problem. Our government is infested with ticks, sucking our power and money every day. Greedy, power hungry, control freaks. It's just a career choice for them.

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