5 Event Tech Trends To Watch in 2017

5 Event Tech Trends To Watch in 2017

hi everyone and welcome to today's video five and on tech trends to watch for in 2017 this video is brought to you by our friends at pokken the 360 degree event platform built for engagement hi everyone I'm Judith Solaris and I'm the editor of event manager blog calm the first website for event planners and today we're going to be talking about five and tech trends to watch for in 2017 so what is the technology to look forward 2017 what should you use in your event find out in this video the following video is from our annual report ten event trends for 2017 the most spot where in the industry get your free copy on event manager blog comm trend number one drone streaming drones have been around for a while now you know the controversy you know the challenges but what's the role of drones in event so live-streaming is booming YouTube Twitter Facebook all jumping on it how can we use drones strategically to create a much more immersive experience use drones to livestream what's happening at your event withdraw screenings you can have different approaches you can do it on our DIY basis by just you know buying a commercial drone they are 4k cameras they can follow your speakers around very simple to implement them reasonably cost-effective or you can be extremely fancy about it and have a full set of drones going around and really have unique points of views for attendees either following the event remotely or actually being at the event and checking unique point of views on the earth Mart phone whether you want to be cheap about it or you want to be fancy about it drone streaming is one to watch to augment the experience of your events sure number 2 virtual reality or what I like to call mixed reality the interaction between offline and online with Facebook pumping millions into 360-degree cameras and live-streaming we can expect great things from virtual reality this year probably too soon to think about very complex virtual reality environments where we can interact with other attendees but definitely the one to watch it's 360 degree live video with major social networks supporting it now you don't really need goggles or very complex VR equipment to engage with a very immersive experience what you really need to have is your smartphone you can immediately be connected you know 180 or 360 degree experience for your events so virtual reality definitely one of the most exciting trends for 2017 turn number 3 the sharing economy the sharing economy is nothing new we've all used Airbnb or Oberer nothing new there but what we're talking about in this trend is services that have been specifically built to connect event planners or to connect attendees so built around the band your opportunities here are multiple first of all we want to get rid of the middleman the one that makes the costs go high secondly we want to find new opportunities to either cut costs or to find new venues or connect our attendees together to get a much better experience so what are you looking at saving some money or connecting your attendees the sharing economy is finally ready to cater for events in 2017 throws number 4 real time data real time data has been around for a while nothing new there really we collect a lot of data from our apps our dashboards or registration beacons RFID there's a lot of data going on but what is changing 2017 is the ability to process that data to make it really valuable for event planners so what artificial intelligence does it digest all the data and gives us very actionable tips on what we need to do next so whether it's a security breach whether it's a marketing opportunity where there's a lot of attendees gathering a specific place in an exhibition real-time data gives us very direct opportunities to act upon sure number 5 touchable stack further we're moving away from wearables they didn't really make an impact in the event industry but we're moving to what we call touchable technology we all know the power of social networking not video but events are live they're about face-to-face interaction and there's a component of involving our five senses in today so we want technology that really marriages within the experience we're having think about the spectacles from now where we can have our unique point of view and interact with it you have to think that some of the most successful event technology of being touchable so things that we can interact with you know then planners love that not Indies love them so definitely want to watch for 2017 we can expect much more so that's it for me today remember to subscribe to get more videos like this use the section below to comment and let us know what your favorite trend of what you see is one of the top trends for 2017 I'll see you at the next one

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  1. This is awesome information!  Event tech is definitely growing and expanding for event planners.  I wander if you can offer some specific examples for each tip you gave…thanks again!

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