21 thoughts on “4 Billion Solar Mass Black Hole in M87 – Event Horizon Telescope

  1. So no-one has actually seen a black hole but they imagine what one would look like?
    Yawn, yawn, yawh…they watched too much Planet of Apes.

  2. 5:57 – I hope they made backups of those data arrays. Imagine if the plane carrying that data crashed…

  3. You do know that a so-called black hole does release ALL of the information. Right? Energy gets converted into gamma rays. A true black hole can't exist in this universe because there isn't sufficient energy to form one. You're another host perpetuating a debunked theory.

  4. Hmmmm: is it four, or six, or six and a half billion times the mass of our sun ?? Very curious how they keep getting it wrong …

  5. Its scary yet it gives a feeling of utter worthless ness that feels so good thinking about something that billions of times larger than the planet you live on


    I'm terribly sorry for the highly inappropriate dumbed-down popular culture reference/outburst, please do continue Scott.

    (EDIT) Addendum: This is exactly why I'm banned from many lecture theatres around the country – that & the habitual indecent exposure!

  7. Why our solar system is align in a same line? Why the planets do not revolve the sun spherically i.e. earth on x-axis, mars on y-axis, jupiter on xy-axis and so on?

  8. Thank baby jesus it’s not shaped like a wiener or a rooster. I wouldn’t wanna be the one to announce that name change.or maybe I would ?

  9. for me the scaries thing is that if it is 55 million light years away, god knows what's happening there right now

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