40 thoughts on “35 year old who lives in 1946 – BBC News

  1. (This lad at age 96)
    "Boy I don't get those new-fangled iPhones"
    "What the fuck is an iPhone granddad"
    "You know, those things that Apple came out with that everyone's using"
    "Dammit grandpa Apple went bankrupt two years ago. How many times have we gotta tell you that it's 2075, not whenever the fuck these iPhones were around"

  2. I bet as soon as the cameras turned off he whipped out his iPhone and started playing Words With Friends lol

  3. If I was into guys, I'd be into this guy. But the toilet out the back might get me. I'm sorry, but I'm strictly an modern plumbing kind of girl. Other than that, I could get into this.

  4. Sorry to spoil the fun but when he turns 50 he’ll be living in the 60’s
    And when he’s 70 he’ll be in the 90’s
    But when he turn 90 he will be in the 2010’s so he would have caught up by then

  5. I hate that Facebook calls the connections you have made friends. I only have 6 people on my Facebook because I take the word friend extremely seriously and refuse to use that word for someone who may be an acquaintance. I think he's right, it's screwed up what peoples reference is towards people.

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