13 thoughts on “3:15 PM Update: New Orleans hotel collapse

  1. Sending love and prayers to all of the first responders and the search teams who are doing a really good job under dangerous conditions!

  2. Look at the Nazi from DHS! Was it the mobs fighting or the Nazi's/CIA? A whole side collasped…looks like it was Oaklahomad! This is really unusual!! Makes no sense unless it was a bomb. A whole front doesn't fall unless all the beams are affected at once. How does that happen? What mob owns Hard rock and who are their rivalry mob?

  3. If there is an emergency at a construction site everyone must meet at a muster site and be accounted for from their trade group, this is how they can account for everyone.

  4. May God bless the one dead worker, the 2 missing workers and the rescue teams who will search for them. May the reporter who ask what the cause was just hours after the collapse find a job at Walmart.

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