2 thoughts on “30 years of EU Cohesion Policy

  1. To Raisonneur : UK was not in Schengen either :)) Schengen Zone can be both good and bad for the economy , a double edge sword . As for coruption and the corelation with Schengen, that doesn't make any sense either. There are countries like Greece, Italy, Hungary etc etc way more corupt than Romania and they are inside Schengen .
    Second . We in Romania are 100 % pro Europeans and Pro Germany. Our president is german, we before the communists invaded the country, were a rich German Kingdom, some of my grandparent were germans. You got the wrong adress if you want to spread anti -German crap here in Romania.

  2. The growth of EU member states economy in the '90s was only driven by the expansion to Eastern Europe. Pretty much misused the opportunity, almost no cohesion shown in 30 years.
    The worst example is the united Germany. This is why AfD is gaining popularity.

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