22 thoughts on “30 Most Amazing Business Cards

  1. NOT even close to the word creative .. kids can do better than everything you listed .. thumbs down for your inability to discern between amazing and crap

  2. Haha. Wonderful designs. Now, I would like to share these ideas with Printcloud is one of the best companies in Toronto and the USA that provides Printing Services at low cost. Feel free to visit at https://www.printcloud.ca/categories

  3. The greatest business card ever made belongs to Kevin Mitnick. Google it. You won't be disappointed.

  4. hi bos nice tutoreal i love this ,If you are looking for a professional business card, then watch my gigs without delay and judge with me.

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  5. Holy shit most of these are first page google results and you wrote that script and read it like your doing a last minute school essay. Bad editing and sound.

    Do you even want to do youtube properly or did you just think of the ad revenue you could get for no work.

  6. Yo, you should do a video on digital business cards. I recommend the Bleee app. It makes these cards look dated. I also used Snapdat but it’s not as polished

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