28 D.C. Fontana  from The Sisterhood of Science Fiction – Dr. Rosanne Welch

28 D.C. Fontana from The Sisterhood of Science Fiction – Dr. Rosanne Welch

I like novels but I also like TV a lot.
I’m a pretty big pop-culture person. So I wanted to look a little bit into the women
who’ve written science fiction on television. We don’t hear a lot about
them. We know this show. Everyone’s heard of it
even if you’ve never seen it. Everyone credits it to Gene Roddenberry, who is
the man who invented it. He’s quite a brilliant man. That’s wonderful but along
the way he hired this lady DC Fontana who went by the name DC because she
didn’t think they’d hire a girl named Dorothy to write a science fiction
television show. So she got the job as DC Fontana
and did it – she’s worked in every iteration of Star Trek including the
games, including the animated series on Saturday. She’s been involved in Star
Trek forever and was involved in the very beginning — Wrote several episodes in
the first original series. Wrote a few early novels that were out. So she was
deeply embedded in that show and embedded in creating powerful female
characters and also on creating the alien — the Vulcan guy, Spock,
giving him a background. She created much of the background of his culture because
culture was important to her. So she’s pretty cool and of course they
loved her so much they made — they put her animated show. They made an animated
version of her

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