40 thoughts on “25 Most DISTURBING Government Secrets Ever Revealed

  1. You people are very fucked up pathetic and stupid for using animals as weapons and spies and all sorts of bullshit killing them for your curiosity and entertainment basically that was some very disturbing bullshit to hear why not use yourselves instead these animals deserve their lives too they matter as well as their feelings do animals are way smarter than people some people are just stupid pathetic and fucked up wastes

  2. #26 – body of man who was about to leak info on what our tax money is really spent on was found drawn and quartered

  3. Nixon/Johnson is an Urban myth. There has never been any real proof. Do I doubt Nixon was capable of such an act–NO. If there was I'd be at the head of the line to dig up nixon's body and dump it in a toxic waste dump.
    A lot of this is merely Urban legend.

  4. Yeah….we are supposed to believe "declassification"

    the best trick the devil ever pulled off was convincing man he did not exist.

  5. does anyone know the video where mike says your name? "sup robert"….and how the fuck did he do that?

  6. The U.S. infected Guatemalans with STDs and Puerto Ricans with cancer. But the United States is your friend, you understand.

  7. #8 – I believe the Roswell UFO crash was real .. The Mogul Project didn't come out until the late 40s/early 50's .. way after the crash.

  8. I'm sorry but I'm done with this channel u people are so misinformed and truthful don't know the facts..if ur gonna get all ur info and stats from popular media based sites or from sciece reasearch that is conducted by the government's or politically funded labs and reasearch facilities. Like that horse shit claim of no aliens in area 51….r u fuckin serious…really that's what you claim to be fact. I can right know give u a handful of sites and places that will actually disclose the real truth and cover-ups of our government especially with aliens. Fun fact, fiber optic cable, LED Diodes, Velcro and a couple of high tech maluable alloy metals came from the Roswell crash and how about looking up the battle of Los Angeles in 1948 ok that's jst a couple of things that anybody with an ounce of curiosity and a drsirebfor real truth can find it and see the actual document s backing up these facts so u should deftnly stop with spitting ingonorant uneducated misinformed sheep information for the masses to keep everybody in the clouds. Next ur gonna tell me that God shit out a human being into thin air and them majically did it again for a women and that's were mankind originated from. SMH I hate sheep

  9. I feel horribly sorry for laughing at the poor kitty at number 24 that was ran over but just how fucking ironic is that?! Poor kitty but omg

  10. you should mention that the captain of the ship that faked the attacks that started the Vietnam war in your number 2 was none other than Jim Morisons father!!

  11. 3 mile island nuclear disaster in Pennsylvania is no longer spoken about… every 30 years the Government presses the delete button wiping out all information.

  12. Lab 257 (Plum Island ) is where Lyme disease was weaponized and where it was released from by the USA military – Lab 257 is 8 miles from Lyme Connecticut

  13. Damn! This guy is cool but he should watch out his weight, it could literally kill him or shorten his life. But i hope him the best

  14. The problem with Thor was the weight of the projectile. In order to do any damage, the projectile must have significant weight and mass to survive the free fall back to earth.

  15. Lyme disease is caused by the government releaseing it in ticks. If I ever get it I'm sueing the government for " not having there dog on a leash" so to say.

  16. Also, Iceworm was never a secret. It was highly documented on The Big Picture series that was an Army Broadcast available on civilian channels.

  17. It is not at all surprising that the U.S: has killed so many animals they do the same sending our good troops to illegal wars. I was drated at 18 to Vietnam the first one Trump of course did not go his KKK loving daddy got him out.

  18. #1 who didn't know that before Snowden? When I was in high school in the 70's nobody talked about the wee(d)kend plans on the phone for fear the gov't was listening. They were bugging phones for a long time before the digital age and everybody knew it. Reading your email and monitoring searches is just the natural progression. Why no Iran Contra?

  19. You guy believed the "Project Mogul" & U2 cover stories? I'm guessing you didn't research anywhere beyond your first 5 Google hits.

  20. Area 51. Yes, there are Alien there, Just ask Trump. Build that wall, it will stop nothing but Trumps Fat mouth.

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