2020 Toyota Camry: FULL REVIEW | More UPDATES Should Have Accord WORRIED!

2020 Toyota Camry: FULL REVIEW | More UPDATES Should Have Accord WORRIED!

What’s going on YouTube? So while you may have heard a lot of gloom and doom surrounding sedan sales recently the truth of the matter Is that mid-size sedans remain one of America’s top segments and the Camry is still the best-selling in that class That’s why we’re out at Frankfurt Toyota this beautiful fall morning to check out the newest 2020 xse and see what’s changed for this year Of course if you’re in the market for any new Toyota make sure you stop by this dealership Or visit them virtually via their website, which we provided a link to in the video description. So With that all said, let’s see if the Camry is still ahead of all the newest competition So kicking off this review with the exterior styling it honestly still surprises me just how bold Toyota went with this newest generation as An owner of an older Camry the difference is really night and day especially if you choose one of these sport oriented trims Now Toyota basically divides the exterior styling into luxury or sport themes Both SE and XSE will share this grille design though The XSE is finished in a plainer matte black instead of this metallic on the luxury oriented l le and xle the fascia is Totally different with either matte black or metallic gray bars that go across the entire front end Turning our attention to the headlights Toyota nicely includes LEDs standard across all trims But only the X trims will have this fancier arrangement which makes all the other elements also LED Now moving on to the side there is one element that continues to really stand out vs The rivals and that’s this black contrast roof mirrors and spoiler This is offered as an option on the X se only and it can be paired with this white Silver or blue for a very sporty look of Course around back. The aggression does continue with sport models having an aggressive lower diffuser with either dual or quad exhaust outlets here on the XSE You also notice on this specific one. We have the blacked out badging which is a nice touch Now obviously the le and the xle will look substantially more reserved Besides for the LED tail lights which vary the amount of LEDs by price instead So overall the Camry continues to offer something for every taste and to my eyes this version is very good-looking not just for a Camry, but period Now moving on to some of your other features there are different wheel options for each trim level this xse comes with the largest ones 19-inch contrast alloys and then the SE has similar looking ones just 18 inches instead On the other side of things the xle has 18 inch chrome finished alloys Le has 17 inch alloys and the L has 16 inch steel wheels with covers Next up we have the mirrors which are heated and have standard blind spot monitoring on the X trims However, besides for that BSM exception all the other active safety features are standard across all five trims That includes pre-collision braking with pedestrian detection Lane Keeping Assist Automatic high-beam headlights and adaptive cruise control Those are all features that the majority of rivals still make you pay extra for But anyways that concludes everything on the outside, so now let’s check out this models crazy red interior So coming up to our 2020 Camry we do have the smart entry system here on the XSE as well as the X le and then you can optionally System via the convenience package to the Le or the SE You also have remote start available for a six-month trial period via the Intune application Now getting inside the vehicle itself there is a sensor behind the handle so you just can’t grab it And then when we open it up you’ll see the Most shocking part, you know, I’ve seen Camrys of course before this is its third model year But it is still surprising to see a camera with a red interior Now of course red is not going to be everybody’s cup of tea So on your sport trams XSE and se you also have the options of black or grey And then on your luxury trims, you have black ash or macadamia As far as the actual materials themselves on the L and le you have cloth seats on the SE You have soft Tex faux leather trim seats, and then of course on your 2x trims, it is full real leather Now turning over here if you’re door trim as you can see it is very nicely finished You do have the red leather that goes all through here and you even have red plastic for the speaker grille which is really really unique looking all these areas here are softly padded with leather wrapped or soft touch plastic and You also notice you have four fully automatic windows, which is pretty rare for the class Now as far as your seat It is the 8 way power adjustable 2 way lumbar support that’s gonna be standard on every model except the base L And then like I said, this is real leather, of course, it does feel very nice And as you can see, it’s got a pretty interesting design With different types of perforation as well as this accent So for 2020 you’re not gonna find any changes to the cabin design or materials So you’ll still be looking at a soft-touch Dashboard across the entire upper part and then dropping down here to the middle. You have this faux aluminum trim on your sport trims or Alternatively a wood trim. If you go for the luxury model now, of course, you do have a leather wrap material through here which will be the same color as your seating choice and Then all your other plastics and stuff do fit together extremely well Now on models with the smart entry you’re just going to push the button to start And when you do you’ll notice either a seven inch or this eight inch display fire up The eight inch display will be standard on your X SE and XLE As far as your gauges here they do continue to be two different setups You’ve got the premium setup which comes on the X trims That’s what we have here with the 7 inch display versus the 4.2 inch display on the other models As far as the actual information and stuff though It is pretty much the same so you can just scroll through all this different types of information here Including for your standard safety systems you can make adjustments right there Now we don’t have it on this particular model, but there is a giant 10.2 inch head-up display offered in the driver assist package Now coming back to the steering wheel we do have electric power assisted steering And you do have a leather wrap steering wheel on the SE and up as far as your buttons These are for your multifunction display phone and audio controls then on this side You have some of your buttons for your safety systems your standard adaptive cruise control as well As far as the steering wheel itself, it is manually tilt and telescoping on all models and heating is unavailable now As far as interior storage The camera does not quite a lot for a vehicle of this size So as you can see, the first component of that is this very large center console, which is pretty deep and felt lined you also have two cupholders and You will notice a tray with your Qi wireless phone charger on there. That is an option if you have the audio package but you can actually slide that back to reveal a much deeper area a great place to kind of hide things and Stow things away. So the use of the junk is not setting here exposed And then I do also have a 12-volt outlet and a USB port here in addition to the two USB ports inside the central console Now as far as your shifter is concerned you just have a regular traditional shifter pull back for drive bump to the left to shift manually, of course on your Sport rims which will be your SE and XSE you do have standard paddle shifters as well And then when you go into reverse You will notice a standard back up camera on every model now You will have to go for the X’s trim to get dynamic guidelines like this model has However, it also has a pretty unique feature. You have the option of a 360 degree bird’s-eye camera, if you go for that drivers assist package that I already mentioned Additionally, we do have an electronic parking brake which engages automatically when you put the vehicle in park you also have a brake hold feature And these are your three drive modes right there Now heading on up to your climate controls there are several different setups here on the camry So your l and le that’s gonna be manual your SC single zone automatic And then the XLE and XSE get this dual zone automatic setup So as you can see, of course both driver and passenger have their own Controls here everything is represented physically here. So it’s very simple to use Nothing too complicated Alright and now that brings us up here to our audio system So every term of the camry is going to come equipped with a six speakers sound system is the standard option However, this model we do have the optional JBL nine speaker sound system. So we’ll go ahead and take a sample of that Sound quality of this system is excellent. Definitely one of the best sound systems I’ve ever heard in a midsize sedan Alright so now we’re up here at our Toyota Entune system Now I’m not going to dig real deep into this since it’s mostly the same, but I will point out the one Very important new addition this year and that’s going to be Android auto being added for 2020 last year, they did add apple carplay. So when you now officially have both systems onboard, which is very nice Especially if you don’t want to pay extra for the dynamic navigation system So you’ll still have access to Apple Maps or Google Maps Whatever one you prefer I’d like to demonstrate this to you, but I’m having some trouble with it connecting I’ve had some trouble with recent Toyota and Lexus models that do have Android auto but it’s Not really wanting to pull up on my phone Any input any of you guys have will be very nice to know because I’ve had this issue in about three Toyota and Lexus models so far But nevertheless getting past that It is the same Entuned 3.0 system that you’ve seen before You do have all your apps right here. You don’t have a home screen as well And everything is very quick and responsive This is the dynamic navigation system, which we’ve optioned onto this model And as you can see, it is really nice and detailed and super responsive But I’m going to leave it there for this Talking about the antoon system because we do have a dedicated tech help video available For those of you who want to learn more about it a link to that video is going to be in the description Now moving on up from there. We do have an auto dimming mirror with three Homelink Universal remotes they’ll be standard on the X trims and optional on your SE and LE Then we have one of the coolest camera features and that is this full panoramic moonroof Which is definitely a very rare feature to see in the midsize sedan category Now as far as when you will get this this is going to be optional on just the xle or the xse the lower trims they can option on a regular size moonroof, but they cannot add the panel in roof like this one has As you can see the front portion does open up just as big as the regular-sized member But overall, I have to say I continue to be very impressed by the cabin of the 2020 Camry it really hits all the important highlights for a midsize sedan and What it continues to really excel at more than most of the competition is just doing the things right But giving you a lot more attitude in the process All right, so that does it for the front areas and now I’ll go ahead and hand it off to my brother Mason to check out the back Now turning and looking at the rear door trim of the Camry it is nicely appointed So we do have a red leather armrest all the way through here It is leather above that and even the upper portion is soft touch plastic so that does mean the materials do follow through here in the rear which is a nice touch and Down below that we do have an automatic window and some door storage Here in the center you are going to find some features on the higher end models So on the X trim so the XSE and XLE you are going to find these rear vents However, you’re not going to find any charging USB ports or heated rear seats back here Now here we do have the center armrest It does fold down as you can see you have cup holders inside as well as some lighting up top and in the sister grip Now I do also want to take a moment to mention the panoramic moonroof that this camry has That is a really really nice feature. I’m a huge fan of it and not very many offerings in this class have this So if you want this, this is a great feature to opt for on the camry Now as far as the rear legroom is concerned behind row seating position. I have plenty of space I have a probably six to seven inches of rear legroom my feet definitely have room up underneath the seat The technical measurements come in at 38 inches of rear legroom and 38 inches of her Headroom Which does place it a little bit behind the Honda Accord, but as you can see It’s really not going to be too much of an issue for normal-sized people To open up the trunk, all you have to do is I’ll hit the little button under the lid and it will open As you can see it is also dampened So it does open fully up almost like a power truck And once inside you are going to find fifteen point one cubic feet of space On most of the models. However, if you out for the L model that’s going to come in at fourteen point one two big feet of space Now it is worth noting that that’s a little bit less than the main rival Honda Accord However, it’s still plenty of space pretty class competitive and Toyota does finish it very nicely back here so as you can see up underneath of the Floor mat. We do have a carpeted floor And we can lift the floor to see our spare tire. It’s all the way up under here and your tools Now it is also worth noting that we do have 60/40 split-folding seat backs if you pull these little levers Yes, this is a 2020 right there In coming over to the passenger seat it is 8-way power adjustable In size but box as you can see it drops right down and it does go back quite a distance However, it’s not too deep here. It is also not felt lined or eliminated Now up top we do have a Sun Visor with a mirror and light it has also detach and there is an extension Well, anyway guys have sums of all the rear areas of this camry So now let’s go ahead and check out the powertrain and take it on a quick spin All right, so now that brings us here to the powertrains For 2020 we got these same options as last year Which is going to be your traditional two and a half year four-cylinder engine, which most of them will have including this model That’s going to be producing 203 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque for your le SE and xle However here on just the XSE Toyota gives it a little extra just three more horsepower and two more pound-feet of torque well that doesn’t that make a difference, but but They still give you a little extra for choosing the XS II Now, of course on your ex trims you’d also have the option of getting a three and a half liter v6 engine that still makes 301 horsepower and 267 pound feet of torque And that will also be in that in the new TRD model We’re going to be reviewing that in a separate video. So stay tuned for that Furthermore there is a hybrid setup that will also be covered in a separate video Now in this standard configuration of the camera you’re looking at an 8-speed automatic transmission and power will be sent to the front wheels only and Then there are a lot of different combinations of fuel economy. I’m not gonna read off every single one of them So we’ll just look at the combined number. So your L is going to be the most efficient at 34 combined The le and se are 32 combined The xle and X se or 31 combined and then if you choose to get at the v6 engine that’s going to drop you 226 combined all definitely very class competitive numbers. Yep But anyways that does it for the specs now we’ll go ahead and take it on the road and see how it performs Alright so that was our first take off here in the 2020 Camry As you can tell this is the four-cylinder model. Like I said the vast majority of you guys are going to choose this model Maybe more people will get the v6 Now that the TRD model is going to be rolling out since that’s gonna actually bring the entry price of the v6 down But like I said, we’re saving that for another review But here on this four-cylinder power is actually really pretty good 203 and on this particular model 206 horsepower is definitely more than most in the class offer And it certainly does feel plenty pappi for a basic engine Sometimes you guys probably know I actually drive an older Camry and then several my family members on other generations of Camrys, so Then I had plenty of time in the seat of Camry as you could say So as far as how this compares to that any of those previous generations, yeah, I think you’re definitely going to notice the power boost We just accelerated up a hill back there And got to 60 really in no problem at all and we have the air conditioning on you know, so to me that definitely is a notable improvement because I struggle with that myself and my older four-cylinder camera Will they have 178 horsepower instead of right hundred and then another big difference is going to be your transmission I’ve got a six-speed automatic and this is an 8-speed automatic in this new model And I have to say that they’re in good job with this transmission as well The shifting has been very smooth. We do have paddle shifters as well for this XSE as well as the SE model You know and just kind of cruising along here One of the things that I am impressed by is that even though we are in the sport xse model We’re definitely not really sacrificing ride quality It still rides like a Camry you can tell that this is the Camry and the Camry has always been a very comfy vehicle And this car is still very much focused on, you know being comfortable for everyone in your family. And it does that very well here Well, the single biggest improvement of this generation of camry has got to be the whole like dynamics of the vehicle switching to the new TNGA platform And really just they’ve really buttoned down the driving dynamics previous generations of the camry or we’re not Sporty in any way shape or form, you know, but this feels pretty button-down the steering it is still light But it’s very accurate and precise and it just feels pretty good to toss around. Definitely a big change from other cameras that I’ve driven Now one thing I do want to kind of note is that this engine is Probably louder we were talking about this. It is probably louder than other generations the Camry seems I don’t know It just seems like it comes in to the cabin a little bit more than previous generations And that’s definitely like a four-cylinder type of deal if you want that level of refinement You’re probably going to want to go for the v6 Even if you don’t need the extra power because you are going to probably get a lot more Refinement when it comes to the engine and in terms of the noise coming into the cabin, that’s right This just has a pretty tossable nature to it You know can’t breathe when they switch to this generation you kind of went from One of the least Enthusiastic type of vehicles to now I mean, it’s still three years later. I Still find it almost hard to grasp. I’m driving a Camry with black out badges of red in tear here Sporty handling sporty driving dynamics and then even coming up shortly I’ll have one that’s got like a giant spoiler on the back Yeah, I mean pretty crazy stuff is going on with the Camry But I really like the direction Toyota’s headed with this model. And I think this is this is what people want is to have Because this car it does all the traditional things that can trees have always done well But this car has attitude and that’s what I like about it So talking about the pricing for this 2020 Camry the basic L model comes in at twenty four thousand two hundred and ninety five dollars the Le twenty four thousand eight hundred and forty the SC twenty six thousand and forty dollars and Then as you go up to the ex trim the xle is twenty nine thousand three hundred and twenty five dollars The and this model the XSE is twenty nine thousand eight hundred and seventy five Now it is worth noting that that is for the four-cylinder models and all prices will rise around five hundred dollars for 2020 Now in addition to that twenty nine thousand dollar price tag, we do have several options We have the navigation package for one thousand eight hundred and ten dollars The special color for four hundred and twenty-five the panoramic moonroof for one thousand and sixty dollars the two-tone midnight black roof for five hundred the blackout package for two seventy three illuminated door sills for $2.99 and all Weather Floor Liners for two sixty and Then finally when they add in the destination charge of nine hundred and fifty five dollars This particular model has equipped comes in a thirty five thousand four hundred and fifty six which is definitely Pretty expensive for a midsize sedan, but it isn’t in line with stuff like the Honda Accord And it is worth noting that if you want to get a higher end model it this car can actually go over forty thousand So you’re going to be looking at pretty steep price point but you are getting a lot for that price Well guys we’ve enjoyed watching this in-depth look at the 2020 toyota camry xse, please Let those like and subscribe button if you haven’t already and we’ll catch you next time as we same for more of the latest automotive delicacies!

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  7. Honda has nothing to worry about. Both vehicles are neck and neck. All Honda needs to do is release a Type R Accord but don't lock it to just a manual transmission.

  8. Great job as always Drew and Mason! When comparing Camry and Accord from my experiences/research, I like that Camry has non-turbo V6 option. Hands down that V6 is a powerful reliable Toyota engine. Shame that Honda took away their 3.5L V6 for this 10th generation Accord model. I am looking forward to your up coming TRD Camry review. ๐Ÿ˜„ When it comes to looks…I do prefer Honda Accord Sport or Touring 2.0T 10 speed mix of sport, space and refinement over all Camry's exteriors and interiors. The digital dash portion of the Accord is very user friendly and customizable. I have not aquired the taste of the Toyota Entune infotainment VS Honda infotainment; Entune icons just look very generic to me. Android Auto does not work properly on Camry at this time? ๐Ÿ˜ŸI hope it just needs software updates for Toyota's sake since problem also affects some Lexus models. But over all the Camry upper trims and Accord 2.0T models are very solid reliable vehicles worth every penny with each one having eye catching differences that make them stand out among most in this class! ๐Ÿ˜€

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