2019 World Series Game 7 (Nationals vs. Astros) | #OpeningDayAtHome

2019 World Series Game 7 (Nationals vs. Astros) | #OpeningDayAtHome

Series presented by YouTube. TV on Fox. It’s game seven tonight with the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros playing for the World Championship. Now welcome inside the broadcast booth everybody on Joe block. John Smoltz is going to slide right in here in a second well for the third time in the last four years we get a game seven in the World Series and in baseball there’s the regular season there’s the postseason and then there are game sevens and that’s an entirely different animal if you’ve got a jersey spikes in the glove be ready you may find yourself right in the heart of the matter determining who wins the 2019 World Series here tonight I’m going to welcome in my partner John Smoltz the Hall of Famer and let’s talk about the Washington Nationals. Vegas had them as a huge underdog coming into this World Series and all they’ve done against the Houston Astros is beat Garrett call in Game 1 they beaten Justin Verlander two times and tonight they’ve gotten Max Scherzer on the mound the guy they won and a guy who three days ago couldn’t get dressed because of muscle spasms in his neck. He’s ready to go I can’t wait to see how he pitches. It’s unbelievable what an opportunity to watch another game seven when the Nationals got served and he signed to a seven year contract. All he’s done is pitch an All-Star games got Cy Young’s pitch with a broken nose and now he’s given an opportunity to pitch in the World Series. I’d say he’s out pitched his contract and what he’s trying to do is get the franchise the first World Series. He’s done it all. He’s gonna give you everything he has. Look for the first couple innings to be the barometer on whether or not the arm palms are a little high for him. But then once he gets past that lights out it has been a special run here for the Houston Astros. They’ve won over 100 games for three straight years. They’re the sixth team to do that in the history of Major League Baseball they won it all just two years ago in 2017 and then this past July they made a big deal they sent four prospects out. They got a guy back. His name Zach Rankin. He gets the ball tonight and it’s all on him here at least at the start to try to win this game for Houston. Yeah they went out and got him. They’ve leaned hard on the heavy one and two punch that the Astros have. Now they’re going to need Frankie and his style of messing up timing. He’s not going to throw 95 miles an hour. He doesn’t really even care what this moments like. He’s a different guy. He’s a different pitcher and look for him to be as clean as he can be for AJ. He’s gonna go on to go to the pen. Any sign of trouble. Oh by the way Mr. Cole will be looming for the Astros. Yeah. And for the possible usage of Gary Cole here tonight down to the field we go and say hi to Ken Rosenthal. Thanks Joe. Gary Cole has never pitched in relief as a professional never worked on short rest in the majors much less two days rest. But at some point tonight he is likely to record both of those career first and emerge from the Astros bullpen. Now he won’t go five scoreless innings like Madison Bumgarner did to close out game seven in 2014 but he could pitch two innings most likely starting with a clean ending if Roberto Osuna is needed to escape a jam before the night. We could see Garrett Cole Cy Young Kennedy on the verge of free agency closing out the World Series now for more on the Nationals starting pitcher tonight here’s Tom Brady. Thanks again. On Sunday Max Scherzer could not raise his arm three days later he’s starting Game Seven of the World Series in between. He received a cortisone shot on his neck and slept with a neck brace this morning. He woke up texted manager Dave Martinez good tonight. He has no restrictions in fact he has a longer leash than Houston starter Zach. Frankie Martinez has pulled him from a game mid inning only five times. All year it’s already been an incredible comeback story. But tonight the last chapter shall be written. Joke well it’s been some ride through the month of October. Two words game seven. There’s nothing like it in sports. We can’t wait it is sad. Home is where the heart is yet in this World Series. Home is where the heartbreak is. In an unprecedented twist the home team has been humbled in all six games in a best of seven championship series. That’s never happened in any sport. Brings us here to an improbable one shot winner take all. Nation’s capital for the first time in ninety five years start their ace in the Lone Star State. The Astros dominating in D.C. hammered three times in Houston ever so close to an astonishing second trophy and a spray of champagne. These are fun. Game seven the World Series and the road team has the all time record at 20 and 19 won the last three trade Turner set to go and so is Zach Frankie one thing about Zach Frankie. He won’t have to worry about over amping his velocity. He’s not a guy that’s going to throw ninety five ninety six. It’s going to be his secondary stuff to watch early on and see if his tension rocket hits a third by Turner we’ve talked to him before last night’s game and he said it just feels like we’re hitting a lot of balls right. Astros defenders and that couldn’t hit him any harder. No he couldn’t. And you know how important that is if you’re the Astros because keeping him off the base means the chances of runs being scored go way down. He is everything to the Washington Nationals offense at the top of the order. Here’s that meeting big night last night. He’s got the best average in this Nationals lineup during the World Series at three thirty three went deep. Also was hit by a pitch dropped down a sacrifice bunt to a walk he was all over the place. One say that’s a good sign. That’s that means your nerves are in check that means you are well within a regular season mindset. That’s not easy to do out of the gate. The first inning so important in a postseason game seven. You want to get in so bad with a zero and let your offense get to bat in the first inning. Talk about this during his game three start. He used to live in the mid 90s no longer visits that neighborhood anymore ninety ninety one is where he will top out one to pitch to breaking ball is outside his treehouse tried to frame it too into the one thing the Washington Nationals and Houston for that matter have shown in this series they can handle the fastball and there’s already two really slow curveballs the pitch of the night for Zack Greinke he’s going to be his change up. He has struggled the last month or so with that pitch out in front of the plate. Joining us and a strong play by Robinson cheering us with a smile on a week for his pitcher Frankie to out. Yeah that’s a great play You see they watered down in front of home plate. So that Ball had a little mud on it and the catcher gets out makes it great. That was the change of Zach Frankie the change up and fastball velocity isn’t much difference but it’ll have a little bit more downward action with two and nobody on Here’s Anthony Rendon five RBI night last night in game six the Nationals One two three. The Astros in the bottom of the 1st in Game 7 tonight’s telecast is sponsored by YouTube TV history happens alive. Here’s the Astros lineup typical look George Springer hosed to bay and Michael Brantley at the top four five six is Alex Bregman Uli Gary L. and Jordana Alvarez the D.H. the back end it’s Carlos Corea Robinson Marinos and Josh Reddick in right batting 9 against the right hander Max Scherzer who is 3 and oh this postseason ERP of two point one six he really got it out through five innings in Game 1 to get the win he did he’s going to attack with his fastball but at this first pitch I would not throw a first pitch fastball to George Springer look for him to maybe throw a slider but Max Scherzer has every weapon you need to get every hit her out. We’ll see if he’s comfortable in the first or a little too amped up ninety seven the shot he got in his back. We’ll take care of the inflammation if it was in his Armour’s shoulder or elbow I don’t believe he’d be able to pitch but because it was in a muscle that’s how quickly you can free that up that’s down the count too and go on Springer who jumped on an early delivery last night and hit a double off the wall and scored on a sac fly after a wild pitch sac fly by out to Bay he waits to hit next year comes a two well from Scherzer two and one that’s that slider it’s so hard to pick up the angle he throws he’s got a good change up he’ll even throw a slower breaking ball he’s in attack mode catches the inside corner in the count two to spin the theme of the series four counts tons of might even be the difference maker in tonight’s game who wins the three to count battle Springer’s guys one to center for Robles and that’s out number one the home plate umpire is Jim Wolff at first base it’s Doug Jennings the crew chief who started this world series its second has gone all the way back to second. It’s Gary cedar strong. James Hoy is the third Lance Barksdale is down the left field line and Sam Holbrook is in right. Replay official is Allen Porter back in New York. And zeal to Bay digs his way in. This is the first time road team has won six games in any best of seven series. Major League Baseball history NHL history NBA history that strike one in the last five World Series have been clinched on the road. That includes A.J. Hinch and his Astros at Dodger Stadium in Game Seven Two years ago. One pitch to Al toupee so a good start here for Scherzer in the first inning so far this postseason he’s allowed five runs total seconding a total of 1 run and after that it shut down. Yeah he’s home he’s an emotional guy. Pitches with a lot of energy struts around he walks around he gets the ball he’s creating the tempo putting the hitter at ease or not at ease because he is on attack mode. He is not going to take long to deliver the ball Here’s Bradley ball one outside. When we talk to George Springer before the game about Scherzer he said he’s unlike any other starter and he gets it stands on and he’s the one determining the tempo of how the at bats gonna go 1 0 pitch to an 0 Bradley hitting three thirty three in this world series eight hits twenty four at bats he’s good at batting eye as any hitter in baseball and he’s up on the count here three you know three and one Astros are wearing their orange jerseys jerseys they wore in game seven in their win at Dodger Stadium in 2017 he says baseball players are superstitious 3 1 also is outside in a two hour long. So that was a coincidence. I’m going to say no here comes Bregman last night Alex Bregman hit a homerun in the first inning and then decided to bring his luggage with him. And then Juan Soto said okay. He went deep in the fifth and he said you’re gonna do it. I am too. Bregman was apologetic after the ball game to his manager was apologetic to the media. Juan Soto got a visit from his manager Dave Martinez who said that’s not the way we play as Scherzer drills the inside part of the plate for strike one well the series is filled with all kinds of swings all kinds of emotions big hits big plays tremendous pitching performances and sometimes you can get lost in some of that emotion good pitch by Scherzer as Bregman was jammed a bit is there and first base runner friendly is stranded who’s coming up the twenty one year old one. Soto first up in the second no score after an eight pitch first inning Zack Greinke he goes back to the Hill Soto Kendrick and Cabrera will face an on Soto has popped three home runs to win this park they went deep in Game 1 he went deep last night combined eight hundred thirty feet with those two home runs here at M.A. park that’s down in in the count two and oh well he has gotten the attention of the Astros manager AJ Hinch and the pitching staff he’s handled the fastball we saw those two home runs and they’re going to have to slow it down to him and this young man has been a marked man when he is not going to be the guy that beats you tonight That’s how you got to treat him at 21 years old you would think how could that be. Well he’s been that good and he’s been that dangerous. So he’s commanding that much attention. What’s he doing on 3 a.m. he’s taking strike. It’s a little cool. Believe it or not here in the dome and the weather outside a little bit colder than normal so you may see some pitchers blown on their hands elements being a little bit different 3 1 pitch that’s on a rope and a right and a lead off base hit by one soda now eight for twenty four at the plate with his three home runs and he’s on to start the second this is a graphic that you and our producer Pete and Jessica put together about how even this series has been. I love it. Every category right there these two guys and these two teams have absolutely had their moments where contact has been crucial home runs have been huge and the starters have all had individual moments. Seven games to determine it there’s a ball low to Kendrick when we talk to AJ Hinch about Frankie before the game he said you know what makes him so good and what you see a lot with cranky is he’s able to pitch his way through troubled guys will get on he’ll fall behind hitters he’ll come back and typically puts up 0 8 and 1 after the Astros got him in the regular season but this is game seven. How long is the lease. That’s about the five time Gold Glove Award winning pitcher takes care of that one easily. Well he’s known for getting a lot of ground ball double plays but he’s also known for that athleticism. There is nothing about him right now that looks like this moment a little bit they make it hits. He may not execute but it doesn’t look like the little things that typically this game can do to people is bothering him at this point. And that’s a good sign for the Astros and especially for AJ hits home plate umpire just went out to check the ball it checked out so drink he gets it back in his drink Bill Cabrera’s steps in for a teen in this World Series. Down for ball one game seven mentally for everybody is gonna be fatiguing you’re at the end of the rope in the season everybody’s gas tanks a little empty it’s the one that can literally go pitch to pitch batter the batter and at the end of the day. Attention to detail will be it’ll be it’ll feel like the longest game you’ve ever pitch whether it’s three innings four innings sometimes you’re in the third inning you feel like you’re in the seventh that’s the difference between a game 7 and just a regular start or even a postseason game that doesn’t have an elimination tied to breaking ball on to and. This is the fifth elimination game for this Nationals team They’ve trailed in each one of the previous four and came back to win those games have averaged six runs per game they’ve hit eight home runs in their pitchers hits to a two point one nine yards here’s a 2 1 page tune to assist. Unbelievable. I just I don’t ever remember seeing a team as gritty and their ability to just keep fighting back. Two two nights by Gary L. and his stellar defense continues in this postseason bottom of the second rose in Castro’s back no score. Tonight’s telecast is sponsored by Progressive making it easy to plan to leave your home and car insurance and buy Tide if it’s got to be clean it’s got to be tied and a welcome back to the world series presented by YouTube TV on Fox newly Gabrielle first up at a two hour two run double again Scherzer in the first inning of Game 1 and takes it inside the ball one when you pitch in on the road and these kind of games you could see the crowds in everything they’re standing there hoping that a rally happens you want to keep the crowd to a dull roar because it’s going to be loud with every pitch with every moment that goes their home the home team you have to make sure you do your job to make it a double war and if you’re Zach Brinker you want the roar of your crowd to not take you off your game just poured in there at ninety six from Scherzer former eleventh overall pick by Arizona on a Mizzou and two thousand six to one that’s well hit in the left get the Curry and the Astros strike first in Game 7 you’re Don Alvarez goes after the first pitch and fouls it strike one. Unfortunately that’s not the dull roar that was a slider that was more lateral movement than sharp movement and Uriel just deposited his first half of this World Series at center right Bay set for let’s go back to the home run by early. Fastball was strike down and then that slider just stayed right in the middle and it’s a classic Gabriela kind of keep the bat in the zone as long as possible and then lift the ball in the air or he’s in a good postseason with the bat with the glove. One on one strike one on Korea before the game Kurt Suzuki was in the lineup the catcher for the Nationals he caught the majority of Max Scherzer was innings this year but he suffered a strained hip flexor earlier in this World Series. He’s available but they took him out of the lineup. So John Gomez is back behind the plate again tonight. That’s inside one ball one strike. The numbers with Suzuki two point 0 9 VRA when he does the catching with Gomez four point 0 9 regular season postseason included and at the knees strike two on Korea that’s what Max has been really good with his fastball and that’s why if he can get his change up go on with the height of that fastball and then he throws the change up the hitters are going to have no chance but that changeup needs to be worked in he’s gotta get the feel for that. Either that or some more breaking balls instead of the slider or the breaking balls change of speed typically if you’re a high fastball pitcher let’s say like Cole and Verlander you’re going to bring in more curve balls because that works with the height of that pitch if you’re getting low for seam fastballs at the bottom of the zone and you want to be able to break the ball at that height or throw your changeup off at height another one to base Alvarez will stop and it’s too on when nobody else Homer back to back singles and the Astros had a cook in here in the second well this is just good hitting the fastball gets on the outer part of the plate and it looks like the throws have committed to hitting the fastball off of Max Scherzer and doing the little things we’ve seen the little things creep back into this series from both sides last night the base hit the other way by Rendon after an infield hit by Turner and the sacrifice bunt their career not trying to hit the ball off the train he just shot it through the wide open right side and hands it to Robinson Marino’s who chose bunt and Bonds hit in the air for out number one and the big out for the Nationals I was knows can’t get the ball down and you’ll be disappointed with that because he had an opportunity to put runners in scoring position with second and third with Redick Torino with two home runs in this World Series trying to get a bunt down pops it up here’s Redick two for twelve one RBI in this series against the Nationals has not done much hitting this postseason just five four thirty four one forty seven average and this is where you can make that all disappear if your job Josh Reddick a hit or two in the right spot no one’s going to worry about what you were able to do it’s what you did in a Game 7 scenario the runners advanced to second and third but two out given the sign when that ball could have gone in any direction off that bag but it hit the top of the bag and stayed straight and got jammed and he hits the ball down the line watch it hit the bag right there and relief from Zimmerman and now Springer flying to center his first time eight four twenty four in this World Series he’s the MVP of this round two years ago George Springer the first player in history to have at least five extra base hits in five walks and multiple World Series looking for RBI is here in a base hit. Here comes a 2 0 pitch himself inside out to be on deck it’s 3 a.m. The Astros had an unbelievable record in the regular season when they scored first seventy one wins and in the postseason they’ve had nine nine and three when they were able to get on the right at Soto for the Yo couldn’t hit it any harder in a sinking line drive one soda was there to make the catch right off the top of the grass Curry out led off with a home run to left Astros have left three in the game and leave. Game 7 by Hulett Gabrielle Homer to lead off the second Astros had runners at first and second nobody out after that did not score anymore. Good job by Scherzer too limited to a one run inning and here’s Zimmermann taking strike one from Zach Frankie this game has been tough on starting pitchers in game seven. None have pitched more than four and two thirds innings. Over the past six guys that have been able to start this game. So see if anyone breaks that mold Dave Martinez. He would love to get his horse through five and then he’s got some weapons the lineup. And of course A.J. He’s got a couple weapons himself. That’s outside. Two and one the Astros are the first home team to score first in a world series game seven since the 2001 Diamondbacks against the Yankees. That had a happy ending for the home team that night here’s a 2 1 pitch breaking ball is set off the end of the bat one down this world series has shown the postseason is anything but predictable and this year more than six hundred thousand fans tried to predict how October would unfold in the MLB postseason bracket challenge presented by MGM Resorts as we play game seven less than four hundred entries remain intact with two hundred fifty thousand dollars on the line. Is that possible. Four hundred still be in play this has never happened like this. Amazingly some smart people are going to strike. Yeah we’ve seen history. It’s never happened before. No team has won each of the first six games. And yet they’re still perfect brackets out there with one out. Gomez is in the hole nothing until and center and with the bases empty. Up comes Victor Robles. Now a quick word from MasterCard bringing in the action. Yep it’s fast when I haven’t gotten my MasterCard priceless. Now back to the game. Robles three four twenty one in this world series one RBI last night struck out three times was 0 4 for hitting and the number 9 spot flies one in the center for Springer back on the Carrie Springer was there and another eight pitch shooting took Frankie who so far is turning in a jam part of the order coming up for the Astros up by 1 help those affected by the wildfires in California visit Red Cross dot org slash and they’ll be or text S.A. wildfires to 9 0 9 9 9 to make a donation today how did you win this game 7 the third and Scherzer hits the inside corner was strike one to wholesale to bat Michael Bradley and Alex Bregman will follow Zach Frankie surfed right through the first nine hitters with very little difficulty gave up the lead hit in the second DeSoto got a double play ball off the bat of Kendrick Frankie’s face the minimum through threes thrown only 28 pitches Scherzer hits the inside corner again and the count one and two to have them out of pitches that Greg throws not going to be the gauge for AJ it’s going to be the traffic on the bases and so he’s been pretty stress free through three innings which is incredible. Scherzer has had to work really hard in his two innings of work to be just spoil that pitch 24 hits this postseason four out Tuesday. We talked about it last night the all time record in one postseason for total hits twenty six Pablo Sandoval in 2014 of the Giants 5 foot 6 168 well off the plate and he’s on to stay within number twenty five. This postseason was talking about yesterday. He expands the zone and you can get some strikeouts against this guy with runners on but then he’ll do stuff like this reach a ball that the pitcher goes there’s no way he should be able to reach but he has the ability to find the baseball and do stuff like that. There are times he’ll have some weak ground outs on first pitches but here’s the thing we forget we talk about the journey of the Nationals and how they faced all these elimination games and coming back and everything they did. The Houston Astros have not had an easy route. It looked like that against the Rays up two games to none. They were pushed to the tilt in Game 5 a great series against the Yankees pushed to the till in game six extra innings almost went to game seven. And now here they are. Game seven against the Nationals. So great of a years they’ve had and is dominating because a year they’ve had they too have had to win some really really clutch games to get to this point. Different sort of rally cap look for Josh Reddick whatever works in a game seven that’s in the left field. The batter will be Bregman on his social media that earlier this afternoon he lost his grandfather his mom’s father passed away and dedicating tonight’s game and what he does to his grandpa one on one out Bregman fly to write his first time with AJ Hinch wanted to make sure didn’t happen after carrying the bat down to first emotion of last night and being apologetic for that it would carry over into tonight’s game good stop by Gomez Bregman has been doing is owning the middle third of the plate so the part closest to him any ball that has gotten in that area for the most part he has hit hard. Whether it be the grand slam or the home run last night we’ve been getting him out of way and then beginning him out and deep counts where he’s staying a little patient looking for his pitch. Just missed outside to a. Maybe you’re checking out the world series for the first time in this game seven Bregman. We’ve talked about this postseason was the best hitter in the league on the first of August on All baseball and average on base percentage slugging percentage. Yes extra base hits RBI is at 50 to who’s been critical of his hitting and play in this postseason 15 of 62. Springer was swinging on 3 and 0 a line down to being with one stolen base one caught stealing in this world series a match and we’ve seen a little bit of everything stolen bases reason he’s paying attention because it’s a good running count not a stolen base camp but a running count knowing that Bregman will protect the strike zone and not expand it not going straight to at 96 insurers got that injection on Sunday when he couldn’t answer the bell couldn’t get himself dressed his arm here yesterday before the game and then last night was getting ready to come into the ballgame working hard in the bullpen goes on for low two on one out bring in Gary L. who has a double and a homer off Scherzer in this world series stack cast iron powered by us that was his outstanding down and gone again in over 100 miles an hour you see the distance it traveled good left field for a lot of hitters right handed hitters can get in trouble trying to hook the ball because the shorter distance to left field that’s the home run ball from the second he led off in number two with that blast in the left ball one nearly the third Cuban born player with a home run in a world series game seven Tony Perez in nineteen seventy five for the Reds Burke camp and Harris and seventy three with open backing out of playing ball on a strike. Well he has a unique skill set does he and the fact that he had about 60 at bats here at one point the postseason where he didn’t strike out he’s super tough to strike out. He can use every bit of the field even though he was having some rough luck hitting the ball there earlier this postseason and finished off a stretch of 64 straight postseason at bats player in this Astro lineup the rookie and 22 year old Jordan Alvarez who hit twenty seven home runs during the regular season and will likely be the American League Rookie of the year game one for Max Scherzer. He was all over the place. It was literally a fight to try to keep the game within reach and he did it somehow. He had traffic on the base as he was pulling his fastball spiking his changeup in the ground. He’s had much better stuff here Max is at his best he can throw that fastball anywhere in the strike zone have late in life and beat the hitter. And then of course spin the ball and chain Speed’s fallback. He doesn’t have to be location conscious most of the time that fastball he threw cut a lot of hitters will tell you that they get ready to hit a fastball and that’s cutting action. He’s not holding back. In other words came right after Alvarez and Gordon found it straight back open too. So the first time in the history of game sevens we have two Cy Young pitchers going at it. The disparity between the fastballs are quite obvious but both of them will grunt to get it done and be winning the Cy Young with Kansas City you know nine Scherzer a three time Cy Young Award winner twice with Washington his 0 and you said it during our open. It bears repeating one of the few guys who seems to have outperformed his huge long term contract that he signed before the 2015 season. And I can remember players coming out when he turned down that deal in Detroit going What is he thinking a one to turn to what he was thinking is it worked out for a guy that couldn’t pitch or finish games and pitch enough innings when he went to the National League and that seven year deal he’s won Cy Young’s he’s pitched innings he’s finished games and he has been the face of the Washington Nationals and really kind of their heartbeat to to fly ball to center role players is back on the track to win meaning and we’re through three Astros left five and lead by one Astros lead one to nothing on the grill homerun our player resumé sponsored by indeed and you touched on this earlier trade Turner goes so go the Nationals in the eleven wins this postseason he’s hit three 13 scored 10 runs and their five losses this postseason has scored a run in his hit under one hundred he lined up to third his first time up takes a strike. Well I wouldn’t normally say this in any other game but this will be the most important inning that Frankie pitches because chances are he’s not going to face Turner again. So he’s already gone through the lineup once he’s had three clean innings he gets Turner out he feels better about what we just told you about he’s just kept him off balance so far in game number three. Frankie had sixty five pitches after three innings tonight twenty eight. And he’s faced the minimum first starter to face the minimum through three innings in a world series game seven since Curt Schilling in 2001 for Arizona against the Yankees two pitches in the dirt at last pitch he threw is one of the nastiest change ups he’s thrown in a long time and you just hope if you’re Zack that that feeling in that connectivity comes back. He’s such a good athlete he has that little pause in his delivery and being able to repeat that over and over again. A lot of people could do that unless you truly are pretty good athlete. Well he’s learned to do when he’s lost his fastball his little cut action to his fastball every once in a while to seamer and he works both sides of the plate when he misses in the middle. It’s not good for him. Other guys can get away with it. He will not at this point in his career see you don’t have to play a lot of shifts when you’ve got a guy that can take care of the middle of the field. This one he could have made the play but he catcher gets it. This is the easy one but the easy part was fielding at the hard part was throwing it down to really get the double play. And then this one a nice little. Make sure you knock it down throw it out but watch how this ball and how quickly he’s able to get to it because he finishes in such great position. He really truly is an added Fielder after he lets go of the ball breaking ball misses to eat and mentioned it earlier five time gold glove award winner and a guy who’s creative clearly on the mound. He’s got great touch and feel with his pitches. He usually reserved the word crafty for left handers. He’s turned into a clay right hander too out. So this was a regular season game. Somebody in the dugout and watched him would go hey guys we need to pick out somebody else. Put him back to Granny Lynn again Good finish. Good reaction. No stress man. You couldn’t ask for a better start for Zach. Frankie AJ hints in his decision making the confidence of his crowd misses at ninety one to Rendon to round it out to third as first time out because he thinks differently he’ll hyper focus on things that go awry or that things he thinks should be different he’s different. He does think a lot differently than most people and makes him truly unique. We were talking about my why that might actually this game might work in its advantage because he won’t put any extra just the way he answers questions in the post pre and post. You know you don’t do that in a regular season. They don’t interview before the game. It’s not in the talking much. And that man right there has done a nice job in this organization kind of drag him into those press conferences. That’s part of a duty during the postseason that’s lower that counts 3 and 0 here and some of his answers to questions may give you a little look into what he’s all about. If he won after this 3 0 pitch to Rendon you know what he’s thinking thinking about going deep with a count in his favor the question any nerves or kind of emotions right now starting the big game tomorrow. Zack Frankie a little excited about it but we’ll see. Wish it was in the National League Park which means translation. I want to hear that’s fouled away and no answers are really any longer than that. Ever fantasize about pitching in a game 7 World Series. Probably. I can’t remember doing that at the moment. For the 36 year old Zach Frankie he’s faced the minimum 3 four and he and the Astros lead one to nothing. Gabrielle has gone deep and then shut down pitching by Zach grandkids taking care of Washington so far but a long way to go. Tonight strike one on Korea underway in the bottom of the fourth bottom three in a lineup for Houston against Max Scherzer and any questions about how the thirty five year old would get along here after the cortisone injection and the muscle spasms and his back upper back and neck have been answered throwing hard throwing well better than he did in Game 1 strike. A ray of bounce the base in through the right side his first time up and more conventional defensive alignment on the infield and during that at bat when Alvarez was on at first with nobody out wanting to same spot tune to where there’s a Scherzer has the ability for this moment to go as long as he needs to because he trains for this moment. It’s one of those guys throwback guy that still runs a lot talked about his motor and how he generates so much on the mound. Now there’s a major difference between these two besides their stuff. It’s how they finish insurers who’s gonna give you everything he’s got. Not like Goose Gossage but he’s going to give you legs arms and then when he finishes his head’s gonna drop straight down and he won’t be able to see as quickly as Greinke he does. So the ball up the middle be a little tougher for a guy like Max Scherzer when he fully goes through his delivery. It was going to. Here comes another two to pitch Kiran to the right side. Cabrera a nice play tomorrow night. Thursday night football and a match up of the forty niners undefeated against the Arizona Cardinals with the number one overall pick Kyler Murray. They just had a three game winning streak snapped all starts at seven thirty Eastern for thirty Pacific on Fox NFL Network and streaming on Prime Video. I knew somebody was going to that game where you do no Aikman. Oh that’s right. True. Right. He’s watching tonight. He’ll be there. Christina pink. Erin Andrews and our whole crew for Thursday night football should be a good one. Come on Troy pick up golf again. I know you want to come on Torino striking but his first time popped it up and now he’s in the hole nothing and two there’s a home run by Gary Allen the second then hits by Alvarez in Korea Marino’s came up and tried to move him to second and third with a bunt popped it up and caught by John Gomez for round number one and Scherzer avoided any more scoring a strikeout and the first of the night for Scherzer two out here in the fourth. Good sign for Max to see what he already has done compared to Game 1. He had to work so hard he did have the seven strikeouts game up those two runs in the first inning. For Max Scherzer and most guys and people will ask why and why does some of the best pitchers in the game struggle early and then they get locked in later. Well most of those are going to be hard throwers and guys we’re trying to establish their fastball and they have a lot of energy and they usually hone in on that energy and that fastball particularly after the first or second inning. But for Max Scherzer and the reason why he strikes out so many guys it’s that pitch right there and his slider. And when the two are working together and have a hard time his manager Dave Martinez saying before the game it’s when guys get on base. That’s when he really bears down concentrates as he did back in the second also stranded two in the third in the Astros have left five runners on tonight as the counts 2 and 0 here on Redick strike one. Dave Martinez has been under instructions to stay calm in the dugout after he underwent a cardiac catheterization middle of September. He was hot last night got ejected got checked out of the game as Redick is on with two go to the well dig deep make pressure pitches the better chance they’re going to have to knock him out of the game earlier course he’s had that extended rest but for two days you couldn’t know what he was feeling like his couldn’t feel and move very well in step Springer over to a lined out to left on a 3 0 pitch. Runners at second and third two and the second Springer is one guy who doesn’t pay any attention to the data that’s provided to these hitters with regard to count and trends. Pitches that certain pitchers throw on certain counts. He just wants to see it and hit it. He sees that one down and in ball one is unique getting to talk to him and I just asked him you know what what percentage of times do you go to the plate looking for a pitch. Sitting on a pitch based on what the pitcher was trying to do to you. From one bat to the next he goes I really don’t do that at all. I can’t afford to do that it’s not my style doesn’t work for me play with guys who are pretty good guess hitters and then there were certain guys when they were looking for a pitch no matter where that pitch was when they saw it. They swung which is not necessarily a good thing. If you’re looking for a slider you need just look for the slider over the plate. Was already cut loose once on three you know in this game. Third Walker issued by Scherzer who thought he had thrown strike one and said it was ball for two on two out. And here comes the Zale to bat pretty good pitch 3 0 just a little bit low Astros are all 4 5 in this game with runners in scoring position they’ve got one at second that’s Redick runner at first that’s Springer and Hazel to be at the plate again aggressive on the first pitch Max knows it everyone knows it. Those are the ones Joe that he pulls. That’s the change up and when it starts over the middle of play he doesn’t pull it hitters will come out of their shoes when he pulls it the hitter can recognize that that ball is away and he is not coming back and it’ll end up being the ball and at the knees at ninety six and a one one count to be one of the shorter guys in the league but one of the best high ball hitters in the league and that’s where you have to keep the ball to him. He’s looking middle of the belt and even sometimes higher the way he can get on top and just smoke a high fastball. Another good block by Gomez John Gomez was part of the Cleveland Indians roster when they went to seven games and came up just short against the Cubs three years ago. And the center role laces there and the Astros now 0 4 6 with runners in scoring position of left 7 threw four innings in Game Seven still a one man up in game and back after this from me local Fox station tonight’s aerial coverage is brought to you by State Farm game seven on the World Series play ball as MLB is initiative to inspire all forms of baseball and softball participation making play opportunities available and fun for everyone to find a youth organization near you go to play ball dot org and follow at play ball on Twitter Facebook and Instagram one Sodo at the plate as the only hit tonight for Washington and he takes a strike from Zach Frankie Soto than Kendrick than Cabrera. Came in at sixty six miles per hour straight to and that’s something Soto hasn’t seen much of now. He’ll get spread out checking his own computer trying to figure out what Zach’s going to do to him with two strikes another great change up Rendon struck out two and the top of the fourth. Soto strikes out to start the top of the Fifth. Here’s how he Kendrick the D.A. to annul the count. 2 1 1 Zack doesn’t throw many pitches straight and that’s why he can still pitch in this league for a few more years because he can hit both sides of the plate. He has great variety of speeds between the slowest pitch and off balance and not ready for that pitch in eighty nine two and to see the hitters. It seems like ninety five because he slows you down with sliders and curve balls and change ups and then he speeds it up and it only is eighty nine miles an hour. But to the hitter he doesn’t know that he’s looking slow slow slow reacting he has signed for another couple of years which gives the Astros some protection with the expected departure of Gary Cole who was about to test the free agent waters at the age of twenty nine in cash in big Garret Cole is available to work tonight on two days rest out of the bullpen free to pitch and the first walk handed out tonight by cranky not in the zone where he wanted it and a good take by Holly Kendrick I mean this is just just an inch right there a little bit down so one on one out for his dribble Cabrera grounded out his first time on a nice play by Gabriela said that plenty this postseason they’ve been throwing Cabrera a ton off speed pitches lot of curve balls at outside Tom give us more on drinky and maybe this home plate umpire have that Curveball you mentioned nobody this year threw more pitches under 70 miles an hour than Zach cranky. What’s interesting is playing for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2011 he had a running bet with Randy Wolff on who can throw the slowest curveball. Randy Wolff won the bet fifty nine miles an hour. That’s his brother Jim Wolf behind the plate tonight. Now Jim Wolf is there tonight because he graded out number one this season on balls and strike calls. That includes the job he did in the league division series. And tonight I got to say he’s a terrific job because we haven’t talked about the umpire too much and balls and strikes tonight. We had to wait for game seven one one pitch is outside two and one was worth the wait. This postseason this entire season rolls forward to one game to decide who wins it all. The Astros playing in their one hundred eighty eight game the Nationals playing in their one hundred seventy ninth game to one pitch of Frankie hops he was going after that bunt before Cabrera wear it around it looked like wonder if Torino was right. I was yelling 2 2 2. He gets to it great. He was just going to make sure he gets the out. He knows what he’s got to protect when the shift is on well now Zimmermann can tie it with a hit bounce back to cranky his first time up that goes down as a sacrifice. Or his dribble Cabrera Greinke he gets this out it’ll be the first time he completes five in a while made for start this postseason. That’s a strike and then his four starts this postseason grandkids average four and two thirds innings within the R.A. and five point three Oh but that note five assists tonight most by a pitcher and a world series since your buddy Greg Maddux and game 2 of ninety six he’s questioning the because of the way the ball was caught he just saw the last end of the ball of the glove just slide by his back. Now in Zimmerman’s mind the plate just got four feet wide because he saw the glove and the inside part of the play off and now he saw one off and the outside part of the play and he’s in the hole and two the pitch number fifty eight the Astros made a deal on the thirty first of July gave four players to Arizona and it took the owner Jim Crane saying We’ll make the money work throw in the fourth player we need Frankie and here he is. Game seven for the Astros tonight’s telecast is sponsored by Downey wrinkled guard wrinkles send the wrong message help prevent them with new Downey wrinkle guard chilly evening in Houston Texas rainy all day supposed to be even worse tomorrow weatherwise and we welcome you back to the world series presented by YouTube TV on Fox as Max Scherzer rolls into inning number five down by one Uli Gabriele home run in the second Michael Bradley takes a ball outside Bradley has walked and fly to left to an oh really hasn’t gotten that change up going you see Paul just getting the loose that one was that was his first throw at about eighty seven to another count all right Zach Bay sat through the shift he kinda sees big picture and he said that dramatic move is when I send Garrett call out to the bullpen and during that last break with Max Scherzer warming up Garrett Cole made that long slow walk out to the pan. And now he’s getting loose. He’s never appeared out of the bullpen in the big leagues in the minors. He did it once at UCLA and the Astros non core of sorts. What he did with his seven innings back in game five in D.C. allowing one run on three hits and that victory and their strike one game one of this world series Garrett Cole suffered the loss that win two games ago put Houston up three games to two he thought far enough and that’s all he can do. For Mr. Bragman but he sure loves the ball and so Max established that pitch in their we’ll see if he goes away talked about having that three games to two series lead coming home for the Astros six teams in world series history have won game seven after a Game 6 loss at home last time it was done by the 97 Marlins over Cleveland at three to eleven in a win rally and first nobody out in the 02 would take five break I just think of these two fan bases did you imagine Houston leaving here down 0 2 and the fan base going oh my gosh and then they go home and the fan base they’re leaving down three games to two thinking their chances had just been lost and here we are. Game 6 Game 7 in a neutral situation. Somebody had strike three and Scherzer blows it by him and strikeout number two for the veteran right hander here in Game 7 Max Scherzer if you’re gonna try and hit him here’s the angle you’re going to see at the fastball it’s gonna be a lower three quarter he’s gonna have his hands on top fingers on top of the ball with the fastball slider and the curve ball. And when these three pitchers come in you’re going to see them all do a little bit different in the speed their variation is going to be what makes him so tough fastball ninety six miles an hour sometimes and beyond. And then you see the slider at eighty seven and the curve ball at 80 outside Korea takes a ball the late life is what makes Mac special and he has been pitching the last month probably or two battling the previous injury. He had an upper back area and just fighting through games is not the late life for seeing kind of rising fastball one ball one strike Ken Rosenthal. I know you talk to Max and people with the Nationals about what he’s been through rehab wise over the last three days right. Joe It wasn’t just the cortisone shot that got him back on the mound last night talking to reporters. Scherzer mentioned Keith Pine who is part of the Nationals medical team. He’s a chiropractor an expert on biomechanics osteopathic techniques. They basically did two treatments today starting Monday. Forty five minutes each worked on soft tissue for stabilization strengthening the neck opening joints base freeing the muscles. And these sessions which continued today they helped Scherzer get to this point. It was really a combination of things shot the treatment. Here’s Max pitching in the fifth inning of game seven. And thanks one ball two strikes on Gary L. And the reason that’s so important the max you can see the effort he gives when he throws a baseball and he exerts in that neck snaps down when he lets go of the ball and actually goes away from home plate. And then of course he looks back as fast as he can to see what happens at the end and continues the only run of the game so far is the home run by the man at first now Uli Gabrielle back in the second 40 replay sponsored by T-Mobile a great moment father and son out there and left. Nice catch. Gabrielle just beat that relay to first and that allows Jordan Alvarez a chance to hit homers in support of Gary Cole in Game 5 at Nationals Park and takes a ball one more interesting to see what Mr. Alvarez does with a whole season next year of course getting called up late dominating second half of baseball and struggled up until the World Series a little bit especially in the ALCS. But then as he gotten going here sat out a couple games because of the National League and then with Derek Cole on the mound strikeout pitcher not much needed from the defense from Alvarez. He was able to break out of came up in mid-June hit twenty seven big league home runs one in this World Series and takes inside three you know with Carlos Correia waiting on Dak I’d say he’s swinging on three and yes yes he should and he did not get the fastball 3 1 and now a quick word from Roman health. Get started with your free online visit and get Roman dot com slash TV. Roman bowed partner of Major League Baseball his career as Scherzer walked 3 in Game 1 he’s walked for tonight his pitch count at ninety three Nationals have Patrick Corbin in their bullpen they have any ball Sanchez in their bullpen and they trust to late inning relievers in their pan Daniel Hudson and Sean Doolittle two on here for the Astros up by one strike hits the inside corner more than likely Dave Martinez would love to have Corbin started ending and not come in the middle inning so be interesting to see how he navigates if he needs to get Max out during the middle of an inning. That’s what Martinez the manager Dave was talking about with regard to Scherzer the opponents one for twenty seven with runners in scoring position that’s when Max really bears down and he’s on to on Carlos I haven’t seen many of the slower breaking balls out of Max ideally you want this to be your decision pitch you really don’t want to go to three to send the runners with two outs Max is thinking what pitch he can get right here to get action a swing and a miss a ground out been so good at home three four twenty seven runners in scoring position in this World Series parade zone 2 Now the 2 2 the best third baseman is in the game one of the best mates so many great plays this one just off the Alvarez went first to third and just got in under the tag they are going to get a review they want to see if he popped off the base at any point I just don’t think Rendon kept the tag on long enough but challenge any time it came seven you can’t go home with. This replay review is powered by Mike tell the ball is clearly fair and that’s not what they’re looking at. They’re looking at this part of it but she pops up right there and that might be the difference between the first leg and the second. I can’t really tell. He pops up now that slip that SEC section of his foot coming up off the bag. The timing of his knee getting back will be the question if they can get something I’ll tell you. It’s awfully close. Well you can’t see at least with that replay where the top of the right foot is which is under his body is it up against the bag by that point. So now he’s out you can. Yep yep. You can piece it together there and if they want to go that route and say that he came off it’ll be to nothing but the ending will be over. Yeah that is a great look. If they can get that one look and they get a lot of angles to be able to look at and slow it down you know this is something that’s a byproduct of replay it’s an unintended consequence. Right. And now you’ve had to change the way you view slides tags and the ability to play it through and hold the tag they teach. Now with the infielders don’t swipe tag hold it because TV could see everything and they’re going to stick with the car. Not having enough evidence to rule Alvarez out. But definitely worth a look. And the engine continues for Robinson Serena’s one minute 52 second delay to look at that no change in the call first and third two out Marino’s takes a ball and the arguments probably for another time or place. But they still contend they’re going to have to do something where they tell the fans that are in attendance at the ballgame what they’re looking at yeah we’ve got fans in front of us turning around asking us first and third to one ball one strike. Insurers are now tries to keep it a two run game. Big hit by Korea does not have many hits this series or this postseason. He’s made him count when he is connected to hits tonight in game seven and now nine RBI eyes. This postseason on deck is a lefty Redick out in the bullpen the lefty Corbin good fastball from Scherzer straight to what’s just amazing in these games when it’s tight and then that one run gets added It feels so huge for the team that has the lead and then at this point in the game you you realize any added runs just seems like an eternity. Winning the regular season both offensive far greater deficits and we’ve already talked about what the Nationals have done in this postseason alone. Just outside two and two they could have taken all the seats away in the stadium. I don’t think any of the fans would have cared if it’s 10 the whole time. It’s impressive. Here comes a two to a swing and a miss the strikeout. Ends the inning but a big two out RBI by Carlos Correia to double the lead in Game 7 after 5 it’s to nothing. Astros here in Houston. About the Budweiser game summary as we move into the sixth inning. You’ll agree with the solo homerun in the second Carlos Correa just doubled the lead of the two on RBI single in the fifth and Zach grandkids working on a one hitter. But any sign of real trouble in that bullpen will spring back to life for Houston that Garrett called getting loose earlier Astros have stranded nine runners on nationals have left one Doms goes after the first pitch tonight’s telecast is sponsored by T-Mobile its newest signal is more powerful more reliable and goes farther than ever and it’s built five ready and by Geico happy guy going. Halloween is tomorrow time for a last minute costume for number twenty nine in your program one in your heart. One small picture. Here’s robbery straight one well. The Nationals may just exactly play to their playbook. They were down late in a lot of these games so they still got a lot more innings to come back. We have it in the assholes would like to get a little more cushion. These guys Washington down 3 to 1 in the bottom of the eighth and the wild card game facing Josh Heydar and Soto delivered a base hit to right and error the bases cleared they won 4 3 that was to get to the division series against the Dodgers. There’s another strike and they were down two games to one to L.A. down three to one in the top of the eighth inning in game five in Los Angeles and head back to back home runs by Rendon and Soto to tie the game and won it on the grand slam by Kendrick in the 10 but they weren’t facing this version of Zack Frankie any of those games no they weren’t. And there’s been a lot of soft contact which tells you his late movement and his pitch selection has been outstanding. You see those slow curve balls and then you see something that looks straight but it really isn’t. He’s had some Czech swing hits and a lot of ground balls and really right now he’s been in total control of every aspect and a strike to Trey Turner I cannot remember any fastball so far tonight that has been center cut. It’s either been in the right hand corner of the box the left hand corner of the box Nice job hits that long line second pitcher the night for the Nationals a left hander Patrick Corbin he got the start in game four took the loss went six a lot four runs on seven hits takes over for Scherzer and Jake Morris Nick is off the bench to bat for Josh Redick Yeah AJ is going gonna put in his best defensive outfield option and take his chances holding this lead hoping that they maybe get a few misses two and on the Resnick is three for nine this postseason two four six in this world series Corbin has appeared out of the bullpen as a starter now back out in the bullpen strike one he signed a nice big deal with the Nationals and he has been used in a lot of situations in this postseason not that easy for a young man and he’s might have done it a couple of times early but he has that electric slider that disappearing slider he wants to work on the inside part of the plate to a right hander fastballs Gotta throw strikes with him I think the lack of length from starters in a game 7. Surprised you John. This is the first World Series game seven in which both starters win at least five since that 0 1 World Series. Roger Clemens and Curt Schilling center left field and the Resnick starts the sixth with a base in our progressive game flow Gabrielle with a homerun in the second and the pitching major Scherzer and Frankie’s Greinke He’s allowed one hit his field is field in his position like the five time Gold Glove Award winner that he is and he has been in total charge since the start one on nobody out for George Springer George Springer told us he loves to let it fly Tesla will loose the hair he will take some aggressive swings and the powers through the roof for this young man as he has kind of changed with a lead off hitter is in our game today at forty three home runs including the post season four in October after thirty nine out of that leadoff spot and with two strikes he would have a hard time against Corbin laying off the slider if the sliders right. You know this is one of the most unheard of sliders in the game when he’s throwing his fastball anywhere close for strikes in that area and then he throws that down back foot slider to right handed hitters was probably surprised he didn’t swing at this pitch it was on the plate for a long time fifth time out of the bullpen this postseason for Patrick Corbin Resnik is at first with one out as Springer strikes out in that pitch in the dirt trying to hold up he didn’t even have to appeal one on one up and that’s what I’m saying with two strikes when you get two strikes against former and you’re gonna have to be awfully good because he is gonna bury that pitch in there and it is so difficult because he throws so hard as a left hander you tell yourself to not miss the fastball you end up missing the slider to bang to they might hit one it bounces and more Resnick slides into Cabrera both broke in game number seven goes into ending number seven with the heart of the order coming up back after this from your local Fox station in Washington D.C. has one World Series title that was in 1924 Calvin Coolidge was president. Washington senators won their only championship team led by the great Walter Johnson. Same year first Winter Olympics took place in France first round the world flight took place ticket to a World Series game at Griffith Stadium cost five dollars fifty cents. Washington player received a winning share just under six thousand dollars this franchise it’s known as the Washington Nationals started in Montreal as an expansion team in 1969. Fifty first year of existence had been in D.C. since 2005 and they’re trailing here to Zack Frankie in the seventh inning of Game 7 by 2 Two quick strikes on animation. Jake Morris Nick takes over and center that moves Springer to write his action for the Astros in their bullpen. If Frankie needs help and it’s wil Harris as a longtime teammate of Greg Maddux it was the ability of Greg Maddux to read hitters that made him so great. And you see some of that same ability with Zach rank. Absolutely and when he gets in certain counts he has the ability to slow the hitter down when the hitters try to be anxious to get out in front and get hits. Much like Greg Maddux abilities to throw the ball where he wants to that’s what Zack Greinke he’s done tonight. He just has been that good and when he’s locked in like this on both sides of the plate he has been super tough tonight eight no four to lay down in a way tune to only one hit tonight. The Nationals came by Soto leading off the second he was raised in a double play hit in two by Kendrick Zach. Frankie now tries to make his way through this Nationals lineup for the third time tonight. Yeah I really thought that the way this game was gonna play out that Zack Greinke he would really only need to go through the lineup twice. But you got to give AJ hints so much credit in his first World Series Game 7. He managed in a way where you have a script and a game plan but you never know how it’s going to play out. And he did things that were unorthodox that won for him and much like tonight he’s allowing his eyes to see something that’s working and he’s sticking with his guy. Just think about what he did in L.A. use Charlie Morton to use the starters out of relief. A great seven game series against the Dodgers and we got another one here makes him two to one. There’s that man for the Washington Nationals no heartbeat or slow heartbeat he’s got a heartbeat. It’s just slow and nothing’s too big for him. Went to Mama high school went to Rice a free agent to be and he’s got one tonight. And this is a one run game in the seventh and now Sodo South Side. Ball one for Rendon. His third homerun of this postseason second in his many nights in this world series. I think that ability to slow down against Soto is why he’s ranking is still out there. Absolutely. There was the change up that was center. It was one pitch in the middle of the plate and it got hit out. Here’s a 1 1 2 so stay away we saw Garrett Cole getting loose earlier now it’s wil Harris was used to pitching out of the bullpen getting loose Paul still in the pen but jacket on seeded to one zone takes all three is cranky doesn’t get the pitch and it’s three and one that was a strike Frankie the youngest player in world series history with three or more home runs in a world series so takes a walk second walk and here comes a day Hinch DHL Kendrick coming up and this place will let Frankie know how much they appreciate what he did here tonight. Anthony Rendon with one out hour into the seats and left to make it a two to one ballgame. And then a walk to Soto and now will Harris deals with Kendrick strike one. Harris gave up the home run last night and gave a little breathing room for the Nationals a shot by Rendon after that long delay played first base. The review all that went into it. And it was the first run scored against Wil Harris in the eleven games he’s worked this postseason. He struck out eleven walk one opponent’s hitting one seventy six against him. That’s down the right field line into the corner. Chris they just keep coming back. And Kendrick the MVP of the NLCS after that game five 10 15 grand slam in the division series then the MVP in the NLCS comes up with just his sixth hit of this world series and he hits the foul pole in right. Unbelievable. We talked about it and it is amazing to keep seeing this team do it. Us Kendrick had that grand slam was the MVP of the previous series. Now Harris gives up another hit. Cabrera is on with only one out let’s go back to the home run fastball that cut down and he just kind of swings at it a good swing but it’s late and it’s it’s slicing slices right in to that screen and Howie Kendrick a thirty six year old has just put the Nationals on top. A runner at first one out AJ Hinch is going back to his bullpen a stunning turn of events here in Houston in the seven will Harris alone on the dugout bench last night in Game 6. It was a one run game with the long delay. Paris got out and gave the two run home run to Rendon Rendon homers in this inning which and for Zack Greinke even after a long will Harris came in and Kendrick took him out to write in the reaction at the bullpen in Washington D.C. is that celebration the Nationals taking their first lead of game seven as Roberto Osuna takes over Cole was warming earlier that was in the six Frankie well for the seven get the initial man eaten on a ground ball to short than the home run by Rendon the walk Cole is seeded it’s a 3 2 game with the Nationals on top and you know the question’s gonna be Why did Gary Cole sit down and why wasn’t he the first out of the pen instead of wil Harris. Yeah you can’t get a guy who started his whole career ready for a short stint relief and enter a game without giving him proper notice to start a clean inning that’s what they’re hoping they could get Garrett Cole to do you put a reliever in to get out of the middle of the inning as in this case and then Cole would have pitched the eighth Well unfortunately that strip is going to be on hold based on what the Nationals do offensively it’s been a three run seventh there’s a strike so the closer is into the ballgame Roberto Osuna and AJ hints told us before the game if you see Osuna before the ninth inning that means I’m thinking about Cole to close the game but now because this thing turned so fast with the home run by Kendrick the Astros are behind in the count three and one now a walk to Zimmerman and that’s the fifth straight man to reach against cranky Harris and now Osuna Nationals want to keep chaos going. The Astros are finding a way to slow this little momentum train that has turned Washington’s way the crowd feeling crowd sensing something that they are hoping they can at least get out of the inning. Down 1 2 on John spouse right side Howie Kendrick just hit the fourth lead changing homerun take a team from behind to out in front in a world series game 7 Yogi Berra Al Smith really star Jill Howie Kendrick Gomez with two on and only one out. From an old suit of pitch up and in a ninety seven ball on the bottom of this seventh it’ll be the heart of the order for the Astros with Brantley Bregman and Gary L. Ross could be everything that you can ever want for a game seven has been played crisply but some huge moments already sticking to their script. They fall behind don’t panic come back. In this case tonight in the 7 have a chance for more Osuna deals 2 and 2 roadblocks on deck Corbin’s in the ball game for the Nationals and don’t see anybody getting loose from Washington and their pen right now. And bullpen question marks as well. Here’s a two to. Here comes a two to pitch that is on the infield and handled by our two back to out and the batter will be roadless one out home run by Rendon. A walk Frankie taken out will Harris brought in and Howie Kendrick write down the right field line off the pole to make it three to Washington Victor Robles three four twenty three this world series one RBI should end the ending. Springer says game seven into the seventh inning stretch Kendrick videos age he’s thirty six. Yes a hero in the division series maybe a game 7 hero nationals on top. Time to stretch in Houston tonight’s aerial coverage is brought to you by state farm bottom up the seventh inning of Game 7 3 2 now. Washington on top with a three run seventh inning on the strength of two home runs Rendon and Kendrick Corbin back to work. Brantley first step Corbyn gave up the lead hit last inning after Scherzer won five strikeouts Springer and got a double play ball off the bat of to back Daniel Hudson the right hander gets loose good pitch inside corner 2 and 1 Well Max once again he kept them close maybe wasn’t perfect but only gave up the two runs and their team responded again. The Astros were the best home record during the regular season 1 60 ballgames. Here at home they clinched the ALCS here at home and not been able to win in the world series that’s in the left center field and will grace has it. One down to start the Seven Five and one prior to this world series. Here at home in the postseason after leading baseball with their 60 home wins Alex Bregman about to dig in good pitch from Corbin strike one great pitch start in the middle. Play ended up down off the plate. Bregman looking and hoping that something is in the middle of the plate that he can hit is a mistake. Off Corbett straight to ninety four from Corbin near one of a six year deal with the Nationals. The 30 year old left hander had the most strikeouts in baseball this year with that slider at last inning starter but just a routine ground ball to short then chaos the Nationals led three runs after that and it happened in a hurry to pitch is just up and away at 96 to the next level. For Corbett is going to be in his career if he can get to the other side of the plate with his fastball. He’s so good inside look through considered glove side. He’s old Nat part. He can get a little better on the other side. One to pitch unmissable moment is sponsored by YouTube TV. Try it free. Terms of life national so far this postseason 9 and 0 in games started by Scherzer and Strasburg constantly moving around is Max Scherzer and Julie Gary L stands in two out seventh inning three to nationals one outside talked about all kinds of unique things in this series and I’m just reminded that these two teams share the same spring training complex which is unique and they meet in the world series one of them is gonna have the world series champions next year at spring training and the other one is going to have to see it every day there a 1 1 pitch Gary l checked his swing ball to 2 and 2 newly Gary L hits one in the center. Mike drop does drop time on his own with two down was getting loose four in last night’s ball game Jordan Alvarez will walk to the plate here with the tying run at first two out in the seventh in game seven. This will be Patrick Corbett’s last hitter for the most part all men hard on the phone checking with the bullpen. Hudson’s been up for a while now. The challenge for Alvarez is he may not get many fastballs. It’s not missing the one he gets and not swinging at the slider. That’s off the plate easier said than done. When you’re facing a left hander with a slider that Corbin has there it is. Greg one that one wasn’t a good sign. The swing at the first one means you’re not seeing it out of the hand these are two huge innings at Patrick Corbin could turn in here in game seven. After Scherzer went five. That was the would you see it up. That’s the one you got to hit when you see it down and that’s the one you got to let go Corbin off the mound grabs it throws it. Got it. Inning is over Astros have left 10 runners on triple by 1 after 7 in game 7. That’s the National Symphony Orchestra at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. French horns playing baby shark rally song for these nationals a team that all season long has been up against it. After that nineteen and thirty one start trailing in that wildcard game and they just keep coming back and they’re up by one eighth inning and the count nothing and two on a lead off man Trey Turner Well we thought we’d see a lot of these games in this series and there’s been a couple that could have shaped out this way but then the offenses in particular innings took over and broke Games open but this one has the feel that could be a classic finish. Classic story being told of either the Nationals and I would consider one of the greatest World Series wins ever if they’re able to finding a way to flex its best muscles and win two of the last three. But when you think about what Washington has gone through to get to this point it’s unbelievable. Here’s a 2 2. That’s down Turner 0 for 3 tonight the big bats are guaranteed more trips to the plate before the end of this one Josh hater Tom Bertuzzi being on the mound for Milwaukee and that wildcard game. It’s quite a list of some great pitchers that the Nationals have had to come back against. Absolutely. Joe you think about five elimination games and trailing in all five. These are the pitchers when they face the deficit and facing the end of their season. Josh Hayter you mentioned National League relief pitcher the year Rich Hill and then Clayton Kershaw Justin Verlander and Zach Frankie three Cy Young Award winners one out. Here’s the right one from Osuna who took over last inning. Well that man right there pitched his heart out and pitched almost a perfect game. One out change up. The only mistake he made tonight. That’s it. One ball on strike. The questions the Astros don’t come back you know will be about Garrett call and that’s worth going into again. Cole is up again for the Astros Serrano’s count 1 and 2 on a call who had not worked out of the bullpen since and UCLA didn’t do it in the minors hasn’t done in the majors was up but Frankie was rolling and he ran into trouble in the seventh inning. A.J. Hinch went to a typical reliever will Harris instead of bringing Gary Cole in at that point he wasn’t even throwing and so will Harris didn’t get it done. He’s been so good this postseason for the Astros a big reason why they’re here. But Kendrick got him on the home run down the right field line and the Nationals have the lead and they haven’t had to deal with Gary Cole yet as their pitches down and in the full count. Yeah he hit a pretty good pitch too. You’ve got to get Ken Kendrick all the props there because he hit a pitch that was cutting away from him away and sliced it just inside that. That age is just a number of the oldest team in baseball. Rendon coming up T-Mobile takes fans further future baseball and now will take a look at the best of the 40 replays sponsored by T-Mobile Rendon connected cranky last inning and then after the pitching change Kendrick connected off will Harris hit on the fencing to the left of the right field foul pole for their first lead of the night. Kendrick can do that because he stays up the middle. He’s not trying to pull everything he’s trying to pull that pitcher’s no way you can hit a Rendon is jammed and he fouls it back. Strike one. Elimination games this postseason. Anthony Rendon in the seventh inning or later walk Homer double double Homer double homerun tonight. Come on are we sure about that. That’s um that’s unreal. The free agent to be in the stolen base by Eaton is his first of the postseason. He steals this on the pitcher highlight kick. The reason that’s a good stolen base they’re not going to walk Rendon to pitch to Soto get basically to practice it at another here’s a 1 1 pitch. It’s upstairs 2 and 1 that’s a strike. Count 2 and 2. KEN ROSENTHAL I know you want to weigh in on the pitching move right. Joe the curious move to me was not putting a suitor in for Kendrick and going with Bill Harris will Harris. That was his 12th appearance this postseason here at the homerun to Rendon last night. On the off day AJ Haynes said he deserved a day off more than anyone in America. He is definitely running on fumes and yet he was the choice and not a sooner in that spot. Here’s a two to Hi Fly ball and laugh Brantley to his left and with two out the batter will be one Soto stack cast a is powered by he W.S. and this got the Nationals going with one out last inning Rendon grew up an Astros fan and trying to break Astros fans hearts here tonight in Game 7 as it left just under one hundred four miles per hour and traveled three hundred seventy four feet meeting on the mound with Soto up first base open Kendrick right now the hero waiting on deck authentic on field caps tees jerseys hoodies and more get all your Astros and Nationals World Series gear and celebrate with your team at the official source MLB shop dot com here’s Soto Soto’s walk was the end of the night for grandkids and the start of something big for the Nationals pitching change will Harris got the call Kendrick took him out base it into right around third base and score Soto delivers again and it’s four to nationals here in the Bat Twenty one year old kid has been unbelievable this postseason it’s like he can’t get them out this world series now trying to go away and it went in in a pace open with Kendrick on deck they talked about their game plan but another to outrun when the Nationals came rolling into this world series after the first two games and scored a high percentage of runs with two outs it cooled off at home well it’s pick back up something about being on the road has loosened up this ball and gotten their big hits helping and one McCown one on to out Soto starts and stops that ball pops out of the glove up Marinos one ball one strikes or walk to a meet and then a two out RBI hit to right by Soto and the lead is now to the Nationals went on top last inning and now they lead by two that’s foul. Straight to talked about two outs and RBI is 15 of the 28 runs at the Nationals have scored on the road in this world series have come with two out again. It’s been amazing. That’s how Boston and everything went right last year for Boston I think they had about 40 to 43 percent of it runs the score over to get that kind of production with two outs would be tough to beat. Bless all those Roberto Osuna brings it Hendrick fouls it off. So the interesting decision now that Dave Martinez has Daniel Hudson’s been in the bullpen just kind of hanging out Corbin made up a couple innings a two run lead now 1 2. That’s Gary Allen down the line digging for third as Soto and its first and third with two out and a chance for more. Here in the as Kendrick is on base for the third time tonight and here comes AJ Hinch and that’s gonna be it for Osuna Osuna. Got the final two outs in the seventh gets two outs in the eighth Scherzer is all smiles in the Nationals dugout and you know they’re smiling back at Nationals Park in D.C. The lead is to pitching change at the top of the eighth in game seven with runners at the corners two outs a run in and a two run lead for Washington. The move is made to the right hander Ryan Pressley who’s been better his last two appearances worked a perfect inning here last night. His dribble Cabrera takes the ball up he’s got the power curve ball and a good fastball as well and as I mentioned earlier they’ve been trying to get Cabrera out with the curve ball and he beat one of those curve balls for a base hit against the shift 1 0 pitch that’s in the air and the left and right at Bradley to end the inning but the Nationals get a run on two hits in the inning they’ve left five bottom of the game bottom of the order coming up Nationals up to tonight’s aerial coverage is brought to you by state farm the city of Houston Texas wondering if the Astros can get to runs before the Nationals get six outs. We start the eighth inning Korea takes a strike and Patrick Corbin is back out there Dave Martinez Paul Menard like the way he’s throwing so they stick with him for a day or two for three. One ball one strike with the Astros definitely have to get somebody on base he can’t keep going up there everyone trying to hit a homerun but I can tell you right now you’ve got to make it as tough as they can on Dave Martinez by create some traffic on the basis that traffic. Problem is that traffic has stalled on the basis tan left for the Astros here in Game 7 The Nationals have left five all Washington scoring in the seventh and eighth leading by two. Here’s a one two to corral that’s the pitch right there he just becomes so much tougher when he’d have to cover both sides of the plate a fastball away is gonna be a huge weapon for him because his slider is so good if he ever gets that pitch and he continues to throw that slider another two to strike three called The Inside second strikeout for Corbin and he gets benefit of a call big time on a fastball inside two strikes is no way can handle that Penske crowd and a good opportunity for Brian had every reason to quarrel with that call but he’s out to start the bottom of the eighth and the batter is to Reno’s Astros are guaranteed to get at least Springer Al Tuva and Bradley to the play anybody should reach between now and then Bregman as well back in the second after a lead off home run by Gary all the Astros got hits from Alvarez Korea second and third 2 out of 3 0 pitch and that sinking line drive hit by George Springer was caught by one Soto and left before it hit the grass big play bad break for Springer as he hit it hard the game stayed one to nothing to do nothing after five and it’s been the national scoring four runs since then. While one down to my Resnick so John was starters out in the bullpen and a lot of attention to Garrett Cole sitting out there for the Houston Astros it’s Patrick Corbin the starter during the season. He’s been busy out of the pen five times this postseason trying to get nine outs. Yeah he’s been unbelievable he’s had a couple of rocky outings in the postseason trying to get used to this kind of dual role and to get nine outs in this circumstance in the seventh game of the World Series. That’s a strike and it’s tuned to the right hander Joe Smith who’s getting loose for Houston in there Ben 2 2 delivery is down a full count with Springer who has seven World Series home runs under his belt waiting on the I mean we’re we’re basically on the brink of something the rest of my lifetime we’ll never see again I mean just never going to see all pro teams ever again. I mean it doesn’t even scratch the surface of trying to figure out how that can happen. That’s what the Nationals are getting ready to do. The 100 15th World Series strikeout ends. And how about Patrick Corbin ninth inning rolls in Nationals will bat leading by two. Welcome back to the world series presented by YouTube TV. On Fox the ball pen in Washington D.C. celebrating and the bullpen tonight for the Washington Nationals has featured one guy Patrick Corbin is Joe Smith takes silver and deals a strike to Ryan Zimmermann ninth inning underway for two nationals here in Game 7 series. It might just be a series of the unexpected is up the middle for a base in and Zimmerman is on to start the night to bring in young Gomez. I mean the Nationals were coming in and facing a ton of horsepower the Astros you’re talking about call girl Lander had to face him twice. And to their credit they held their own. They knocked off the two hottest pitchers. Frankie was fantastic hung in there big hit after big hit they got the lead and were able to jump on top without having to deal with Gary Cole here for the third time in the series. Coming off that win in game five so they did the damage. Yeah kept cold. Beyond that right field fence they did the damage in the smallest window they could do it. Think about it. It is really the only window of opportunity that twice that home run against Frankie was so big it wasn’t that it cut the deficit by one. It just made the opportunity for them to score in that inning before they got to pole because once great he went out there they weren’t bringing any let’s go through that again so cranky is rolling with a one hit her head is shut out going into the seventh pitching the game of his life. He gets a lead off man at a meeting in the seventh inning then gives up the home run to Rendon who’s just come up big time after time for these nationals and then the walk. Cole’s not up at that point he had been up the inning prior just right one. And like you said him to bring in Garrett Cole wanted to bring him in to start an inning in order to do that in the seventh. He would have had to take out Zack Greinke he was pitching one hit shutout. Exactly and Cole was just kind of getting loose to get his arm ready for when a potential inning would have been coming around. Robles is in the shallow center Matt Resnick won’t get there down to second is a runner. Gomez two on one at that point too. But you just said Greinke he was cruising and getting women out. It wasn’t even like getting in and out of trouble. And so you’re buying that inning and up until the seventh. There was no reason ground out to short he’s he’s cruising back to the top of the order here in the ninth inning for tray Turner heartless on the night 0 4 for dealing with the right hander taking strike one it simply put the hardest game in the world to manage there is just no script that you can go by that seems to ever work all the time and will Harris is the guy that AJ had selected he told us yes he was worn down we have gotten huge outs all postseason and he was one of if not the most valuable guy he had in his bullpen in October that is foul line straight to trade turnover work is bad now. Katie is getting loose on the other side. The decision upcoming for Davey Martinez Corbin has flown through three innings as a poem and go to Hudson with the top of the order coming up where does he leave him in I don’t know. Usually when a guy’s laughing It means the stress is off right there. His duties have been relieved. I don’t know it’s been it’s been a slow heartbeat literally for Dave Martinez until yesterday when he was on the field kind of losing his mind and can understand why but his team has rallied around him. Tonight it’s just taking two pitchers to get through. Here’s another foul by Turner. The only thing I will say that becomes a little bit of a disadvantage for Daniel Hudson. He has been in that position and the anxiety grows and you stand there waiting to take your turn. Not that easy. Here’s another one to Ted Turner. You have to believe Hudson thought his turn was coming last inning with three right handed batters coming up in the bottom of the eighth but the Nationals added to their lead. Made it a two run game and so Corbin went back out. Those are the three guys coming up in the ninth inning for Houston the top of the order So Hudson more than likely faces the right handed hitters and then you got Brantley and you got do little or you gotta do level for Alvarez if it gets that far. Trey Turner could take a lot of the stress away if he can deliver here with two on and one out in the ninth. Did not swing and the bases are loaded on two hits and walk here comes AJ Hench and now Joe Smith who’s been so good this postseason is relieved and her Keady is coming in with Adam Eaton coming up you haven’t had a chance to catch Friday night’s smackdown on Fox yet now’s your chance to see what all the buzz is about it’s the live primetime spectacle that has millions of viewers on their feet every Friday night. The new era of Friday Night Smackdown is only on FOX. Well if the Astros are going to have any chance at all they have to get out of the setting and what a position to pardon. This young man who delivered big time in Washington bases loaded one out that’s a stingy hitter tough to double up say or Keady in that game for start beat Patrick Corbin when five allowed no runs on two hits in an 8 to 1 win out of the bullpen and ball one inside as Ethan was more than willing to let that ball hit him. But it’s just like human nature it’s like sit by the screen at home plate you’re always going to flinch when it hits the screen and you’re always going to get out of the way and wonder why you didn’t just stick a leg up. Bases loaded one out or Keady out of the bullpen that is one one scores. That’s Gomez they hold. Well less now send him as Mary’s Resnick kicks in center he has delivered super tough spot for her. No room for naked smell. Right there Adam Bateman has had a huge World Series. Came in with a top average in his Nationals lineup at 333 as Rendon takes the ball up in the way it goes down as a single to RB eyes on Mary’s neck and center on Turner to get the third were holding Rob lace until Mary’s Nick had trouble with the ball and center and sent him to the plate Randall on fouls had the ball on straight six to and a chance for more only one out the Nationals in this series have done big damage from the Seventh on Adam even with a walk a steal and a run scored last inning as two RBI is here in the ninth ball to down in a way two and one and the stories are written about this game seven if the Astros don’t come back part of the narrative will be to nothing lead Garrick Cole available the lead evaporated in a blink and Garret Cole never got into the ballgame that means he could very well have thrown his final pitch as a Houston Astros Yeah and unfortunately for AJ hints guys that were really good out of the pen in these situations weren’t that’s you’re right that’s what will dominate the narrative probably it’s a four run game. Runners at the corners only won out in a 3 1 pitch Powell backed by Rendon the Hot Stove League will be cranking soon and Gary Cole will be a free agent. Where will he land Anthony Rendon evidently has that contract that’s been offered and rejected and Stephen Strasburg who could very well be the MVP of this World Series has three days at the end of this series to opt out of the final four years and one hundred million dollars of his contract Rendon pops it up two down that’ll bring in Soto the senators one at all in nineteen twenty four. Earl McNeely hit a 12th thinning walk off double in game seven to beat the Giants and Walter Johnson the big train pitched for scoreless innings in relief. It was his only relief appearance all year after winning twenty three games in the regular season. He had started and lost games one in five in the series a guy who had four hundred seventeen wins in his 21 year career with the senators and if Corbin goes back out there it would be a four inning effort. Tonight in Game 7 not saying he will. Who knows he has a chance to certainly his that misses inside the Soto ball one and we go back to the way that Rizzo held held true to this team day. Martinez said when we get healthy we’re going to be better. They built their team around starting pitching that’s the starting pitching that was able to get them this point. They’re the oldest team in baseball. That’s saying a lot because there’s so much youth in the game. Soto flies one to center former Resnick and the ending is all the more damage is done after three in the seventh one in the eighth to here in the ninth top of the order and the last chance for the Astros bottom of the ninth inning game 7 Nationals leading by four a weekend in almost every night. Everybody starts bottom of the ninth inning of game seven and Daniel Hudson takes silver Corbin three brilliant innings no runs two hits three strikeouts Springer takes his stroke at ninety six What a job. Corbin in line for the victory Hudson picked up from Toronto Washington his third franchise he’s been with this season and he helped settle down their bullpen. That’s a mile high on the infield for Cabrera after the game we’ll have the awarding and the commissioner’s trophy along with the announcement of the Willie Mays World Series most valuable player award presented by Chevrolet. If this is not Houston’s night you think about how they started this decade 2011 through 2013. Three hundred twenty four losses over those three years and won over one hundred games the last three years world champions. Two years ago just the sixth team in Major League Baseball history to win over one hundred three straight years but here they are with two outs to go down by four in the ninth inning to the nationals this resilient team that just refused to quit. A strike makes it 0 and to on L to back. You know there’s been bigger underdogs to win the World Series but I really can’t imagine there’s been a better journey with where this team was. I’m trying to think of just scenarios and other sports that would like losing or hitting the long buzzer beaters a strikeout for the second out of the Nationals or one out away because taking in the context of who they were facing when they scored the runs it’s not that just the teams rally but it’s who they beat and the very first guy they beat was probably the hardest guy to beat in hater with the Milwaukee Brewers It’s been thirty four thousand seven hundred eighteen days since October 27th 1924 when the Washington Senators want it all here’s Michael Brantley while one inside the fans in DC are great baseball fans not just now but they have been for a long time known as a second division team for years to senators teams left that saw a strike. The city went thirty three seasons without baseball then the Expos became the Nationals in 2005. They struggled after moving to D.C. and then the first round in the playoff heartbreak over and over again. And here they are with Bradley taking inside four ball to trying to win their fourth road game of this World Series that one is down the line in the corner is and now the Astros down to their final strike. Franchise it when 50 seasons without a World Series starting in 1969 and Montreal and this World Series and win their first championship in franchise history. Inside a full count Scherzer Corbin Hudson and now with three two pitch to play an organization owned by the Lerner family Mike Rizzo the general manager Dave Martinez the field manager here they are one strike away one out away. Three to the Washington Nationals are world champions for the first time in franchise history. Sixty two is the final. Patrick Corbin earned the win taking over from Max Scherzer will Harris suffers the loss. In D.C. has its second championship. The Nationals have their first amazing and a team where young players grew up and became stars. The veterans have kept the ship going a great mix of young and old and the oldest team in baseball is the last one standing. As they win in Game 7 here in Houston the celebration is on down to Ken Rosenthal thanks to he just left whoever Kenny had just took off. We’ve got plenty of time to get interviews from down on the field five innings for Scherzer three for Corbin one perfect frame for Daniel Hudson just to finish with those fans in D.C. The senators from 61 to 71 finished as they say in the second division all 11 seasons. The phrase was Washington first in war first in peace last in the American League Baseball came back in 2005 and the celebration is on as a championship is headed back to our nation’s capital secured here in Houston by this never say die in Nationals team. It really is. It’s hard for me to think of again a team that had to overcome as much as they did. Nineteen and thirty one manager goes through some health scares and a day yesterday where a lot of them were concerned of how fired up he was. You could see him in the dugout as calm and as relieved and the team that this truly was a team has captured that city all right. Ken back to you. Thanks Joe. We’re here with Max. Max you’re a three time Cy Young winner and now you’re a World Series champion after all you went through physically the last few days. What does this mean to you. It just means I’m part of the greatest team in 2019. These guys they battled didn’t matter. It was saying the fight that was our model. It was the next guy up river. Everybody gave it their all. Whoever it was always going to produce and we took it all and we won. We won the whole thing. You went five innings get base runners every inning right. How did you get through it just allowing to run. Just stay tough. They’re a great team great offense. They’re great me. Just showed me. Stay with John. Trust your instincts and just just compete land on line. Whatever you got to do. I was Greg in a heck of a job tonight of working quick and it was just gas but hey yeah give it urban guy. How did you feel physically. Was it a risk to pick. No no. I was physically good because I’m work. The adjustment got better doesn’t work. So I feel good. What is it about this team that’s what makes it so special. One two twenty five. Everybody is the only way I can describe it your energy the camaraderie the belief in one another it doesn’t matter. Everybody just believes in each other graduation day. Enjoy it. Joe back to you. All right. Thanks Kenny so a guy that couldn’t get dressed on Sunday morning the day of game five get that cortisone shot gets ready for game seven tonight and he went five strong from Zimmerman their first ever draft pick back in 2005 to the young ones Soto who came of age in this World Series and went from twenty to twenty one a big part of the Nationals win here tonight and in this World Series the Chevrolet Most Valuable Player award. When we come back to Houston after this. The Nationals are world champions.

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