2019 G20 summit Osaka: What agreements were reached? | DW News

2019 G20 summit Osaka: What agreements were reached? | DW News

the leaders of the world's two largest economies Trump and XI the US and China together those two countries represent 40 percent of global economic output a trade war has been on for a year which has sent shockwaves through the world's economy now the leaders have agreed to restart trade talks as Trump promises not to impose new tariffs on Chinese goods those talks came on the heels of a breakthrough for the European Union and the Latin American block known as Mercosur the EU signed a trade deal with Argentina Brazil Paraguay and Uruguay to slash billions in tariffs this is a historical moment these negotiations have been two decades in the making the summit in Osaka has focused on international trade tensions but for some there the climate crisis was at the top of the agenda the grip have signed an agreement on climate change similar to the one signed at last year's summit in Argentina again with the u.s. refusing to join the effort United Nations secretary-general Antonio Guterres said the warming climates can no longer be ignored I believe in science and the best available science that we have today was defined by the IPCC reports making clear that we should limit the growth of temperature to the end of the century to 1.5 degrees and defining a roadmap to reach that objective and that requires a meaningful increase in ambition only the US which produces 15 percent of the world's greenhouse gases actively opposes progress on that front well at Donald Trump's final press conference at the g20 he praised his relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping and was also upbeat about the ongoing trade spat between the US and China we had a great meeting and we will be continuing to negotiate and I promised that for at least the time being we're not going to be lifting tariffs on China we won't be adding an additional you know tremendous amount of we have I guess 350 billion dollars left which could be taxed it could be tariffs and we're not doing that where we're going to work with China on where we left off to see if we could make a deal old DWS max Hoffman is covering the g20 summit and he joins us now from Osaka hello to max so the US president described his talks with oisin ping China's president as excellent but did they even manage to settle any of their differences on trade they settled one issue that was probably going to send a sigh of relief through a world markets which is they're going to hold off slapping their mutual goods with further tariffs something that Donald Trump the US president threatened to do as I think as early as late as last week wanting to put tariffs on 300 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods and that would have really made a difference on world trade so this seems to be off the table for now which is the important word here because I remember mariana after the when Osiris g20 summit last year we were exactly at this point and then things started going downhill from there so it really really matters what kind of trade agreement they will reach if they reach a trade agreement within the next weeks because that's much more complicated than sitting down together here at the g20 summit shaking hands and saying everything is excellent when you still have so many problems and details to solve well max another major development at the g20 was the announcement by the EU they've reached a draft agreement of what's the biggest trade pact in the –use history with the Americas or group of a Latin American countries with the significance of the timing of the announcement of this draft trade deal yeah that was you know you couldn't you couldn't make this up really because at the one hand you have leaders struggling with bilateral rule agree it's like China in the US and on the other hand you have the EU shining on the world trade stage going up there and saying it took us 20 years but still we made it and it shows that there is still room for this kind of compromise for the multilateral framework and it's unimaginable that this is just a coincidence this was on purpose to send the message the EU is open for business and our model is actually working if you look at it and the model of that Donald Trump in the US and all the other countries that are not in favor of the multilateral framework of hashing out these kind of compromises and deals are on the wrong track Maxon despite various differences among the g20 they still managed to renew a commitment to tackle climate change while at least without Donald Trump and they also were able to agree on a final communique so do both of these things then qualify as a success in your opinion well the climate issue might have been even more complicated than the trade issue because as we understand the United States demanded at the beginning that the whole topic of climate change be scrapped from the final communique but there was strong opposition against that and then there was fear that other countries like Brazil might not want to sign that part of the communique because in Brazil you now have junior bosun ro who's often called the Trump of the tropics and he said he was a big fan of Trump sawr there seemed to be some danger there but in the end they managed to keep the 19 together so 19 countries except for the United States to sign that paragraph of the communique and that does qualify as a success even though you don't have the second biggest polluter in the world when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions the United States in that and of course that that's not good for the planet as a whole but if you look at the g20 and what what could be expected from this meeting it's a success and I think you know generically speaking the same qualifies for trade there was some compromise they had to take out for example the protectionism part in the past where they said protectionism is bad due to influence of the United States but they still managed to have some common ground there and and a communique itself something that many doubted beforehand so yes keeping the status quo in these difficult times qualifies as success well max along with trade and climate change there was another topic that was discussed that's German Chancellor Angela Merkel's health there has been a great deal of concern after she was seen having an episode of shaking two times she did talk about that at a press conference let's have a quick listen I can tell you that firstly I understand your question but I have nothing special to tell you except that I am well and convinced that just as this reaction came about it will also go away again alright so the German Chancellor a bit cryptic there max what do you make of her statement well I was there at the press conference and you could tell that you know she doesn't like that kind of questions nobody really does but by signalling that she understood the question she acknowledges that there there was a problem she's quite open about that but she won't say if she knows why disappeared and why this disappeared again all I can say from seeing her twice during these two days is that she appeared to be as she always is very calm very collected we did not see any shaking of any kind and I'm not a doctor so I don't really know what this means for us what's important is is she doing her job here can we can we give a judgement on that and yes she definitely did do what is expected of a German Chancellor at the g20 summit in Osaka all right DWS max Hoffman reporting for us from Osaka we thank you very much

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  1. STOP making everything in China!
    They are polluting. .. Slap sanctions on them. And bring manufacturing Back. .. PERIOD

  2. Just because America does not sign international agreements on climate change does not mean it is actively opposing progress on that front. Anything the EU leader is involved with should give you cause to be independent- not to mention all the dictators: Russia, China… trust them at your own peril.

  3. Doturd Spurs Looks thug in America but see Putin and shrinks, see The Arab camel prince and bow to him right away

  4. now usa try to kiss china for their mistake on huawei so that usa can invade iran without china intruption ..

  5. did anyone notice that Peter Navarro wasn't there at the meeting Ivanka instead replaced him? China doesn't like Navarro.

  6. Climate change yes but mini ice age its a cycle because of the sun . 2032.95 pick of cold climate if not max cold weather til 2046.

  7. I Love Donald Trump. He is fair and Just, America you better embrace this man,remember when he said' Would not be great if we get alone with every country" that is what he is doing. For Turkish question only fair will work, Nato ally and second largest military in Nato. most strategic land on Earth, Trump is not going to give it away.besides 116 F35 sales as Turks are partners in the program, not only customers 979 peaces of F35 is made in Turkey.Bravo Trump this guy is genius, not your ordinary politician that speak both side of their mouth and crooks, Trump is Honest and straight forward Statesman

  8. Why I always want to laugh when trump start speaking , like some one will speak some thing funny and make me laugh haha

  9. We all been brainwashed with climate changed our children being told to believe false climate change as new vehicles electric batteries alone make as much co2 as running a petrol vehicle for over 6 years and solar panels manufacture takes tonnes of c02 not worth the effort. Everyone against Trump but his got a point no one looks into the future, that lithium batteries in vehicles and cobalt running out in the worlds resources. And that slave children in Africa are mining these items so vehicle manufacturers gain mega profits. And who is going to recycle all the lead and batteries as these mount up like mobile phone batteries in waist filled areas no that will make tonnes more C02.

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    The disgraceful look on Mrs.Mays face. .she should remember She is supposed to be Our Representative in the world….A Sour Faced Cow…Glad you been dumped by your Government…and people…

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