30 thoughts on “2015 update of the Connells' '74-'75 video clip

  1. my recommendation! from my talent friend QUAD RUP3L his new song Warned Me, thank you for watching https://youtu.be/44006ncvOVk

  2. Iv always loved this song but the video to it is perfect.a timeline to life with smiles.we just pass through time..many stories but we have the choice to bring joy.be safe!

  3. Ein Update in 2040 von dem Video wäre interessant… Dann sieht man auf dem Video nur Leichen auf dem Boden liegen 😂

  4. So the dudes who listened to this in the 90's are now the dudes that , wait, the same dudes that they were listening to 90's stuff as if it was the 70's. You know what I mean.

  5. To me this is one of the best videoclips in history: so simple yet so touching

  6. Beautiful mirror; people of my generation. Wonderful update, but so sad for the famuily who lost a husband and dad!

  7. Yeah time passes like a cloud in the sky. One minute you're a kid and the next, you're old and out of touch with society in a lot of ways. All you have left is memories and if you have kids, you live through them.

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