19 thoughts on “2013 07 Anchoring Shear Madness

  1. Wow that’s a Complicated snubber system.
    Also the rope loop true the bottom bow ring will fray true.. it’s indeed a Crazy way of doing.

  2. Kathy, my wife and I have watched many of your videos and have spent many evenings enjoying your travels through YouTube. Thanks for taking the time to record, edit, process, and place on YouTube for enjoyment of everyone. We are planning on getting another boat in the near future and have picked up many tips from you although we have been voting for decades now. You can always learn something from someone else. Once again thank you for many hours of enjoyment

  3. Nice boat, but you ought to take someone aboard with knowledge about anchoring and snubbing the chain, clearly you aren't aware of the right way and you put your crew in danger; note how the deckhand ties off on the cleat, totally clueless!

  4. Can you explain the reason for running your snubber line through the eye down at the water line. It seems like that eye is not as structurally secure as your tie-down topside. Don't know much about boats, that is why I am asking. Great videos that you have produced. I enjoy watching them. Thanks for going through the effort of making them.

  5. I was wondering if those two hatches on the port and starboard of the bow deck lead down to the fo'c'sle?

  6. Hi Kathy Clark-
    Several hours ago I stumbled across your video here on YouTube of "Fueling Up From a Tanker". Then, I didn't stop following the links to the rest of your posts until I'd watched them all. I liked every one.
    THANK YOU so very much for every bit of joy you've given me today. I do feel somewhat guilty at receiving 'free berthing' on the 'passage' segments however. 🙂

  7. I don't understand all these mentally retarted people in this page who critize the owners of the boat. I'm sure that no matter if they are rich by their efforts or by inheritance or gift of God, still they would be criticized. Why can't you loosers rejoice in seeing a family having a good time and traveling the world? What's wrong with their generosity to put the videos in youtube so we all sane people can rejoice and travel with them watching the videos? I have been watchiing their videos on and off for a long time, same as others here in youtube, and they are great, they bring happines to my heart to see them able to do that, and they fulfill your day with smiles. I also, back in 1981-1982, spent a year sailing in the Caribbean about my 65' ketch "El Rey del Mar". Why that name? From a Toshiro Mifune pirate film I saw when I was a kid, I had a dream of one day sailing "to the south seas". It took me almost 30 years, but I did it. Now I'm 62 and life is over, but these videos such as this one here bring all of us, young, old, sailor or non-sailor something back from our past, something that we al sherish and hang on to silently.

    So people if these videos bring unhappiness to your life, if you think that they must be rich because they have a boat, please move on and get a life. You know I'm not rich, I've worked all my life and right now I work almost 16 hours a day. So a boat does not mean you are rich.

    Let's all live in harmony and in sequence with nature and let's enjoy what we can while we can. Life is not long and we can't waste times that could precious later on. Thank you so much Ms. Clark for these gems! Keep them coming.

  8. Wow Glen! I would love to have the money they have and experience owning a yacht of there caliber. However, unlike you, I'm happy for their success and their ability to enjoy life from what they have earned! as far as anchoring, I have a 2002 270 Rinker Fiesta V (probably their dinghy) 🙂 and I too am very safety oriented when anchoring! I would rather be safe than sorry. On another note, Kathy, I love your videos and live vicariously through your family. Safe travels!

  9. i dont know if your intention is to teach or not something here …. but i am sure i LEARN A LOT from what i see today ……..   

  10. Curious why you don't free-fall your anchor. Thats the whole point of having the type of braking system you have.

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