37 thoughts on “2000 Horsepower Drag Race in the Desert | Donut Media

  1. This music from these Supercharged V8 beast is what we're gonna miss when the world turns to Electric Motors.

  2. On the second day of drag racing Donut Media gave to me, 2,000 hrsprs of muscle cars and a drag race on a dry lake bed

  3. If only you guys had the Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk. That would have smashed everything there!

  4. Wow i m loving your videos guys and honestly i am looking for Dodge Durango SRT…. thats my dream ride!!!!!!! gosh that race was amazing

  5. Bro this video made me realize that the truck i am buying is a durango! I had 3 in mind and durango was one of them. Thanks a lot guys!!!

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