23 thoughts on “2 more Broward sheriff's deputies fired over Parkland shooting

  1. Cant just wake up people for unauthorized sleeping any more they have to be trained to go after the armed psychos who do this. Sad so many passed .

  2. they were likely ordered to stand down by Army and now they have been sworn to silence by a national security letter

  3. the US army was involved in this shooting. Students interviewed on the day of the event reported multiple shooters to news interviewers. Youtube has removed all the videos (of course) but other sites still have them. If you want more information and care about the truth then see https://www.bitchute.com/video/ms2qQo3wqefU/

  4. I think their pensions have to be at stake here. The elephant in the room for these guys is their pension. Firing them doesn't really do it.

  5. Don't worry, they will be working for Orange County by next week. Just a couple of gypsy cops. Nothing to look at.

  6. When the police are faced with a dangrous situation they wait on backup…whats different there. They isnt one black school without a metal detector and doors not being locked after class start but i bet it'll change real soon.

  7. So the most accurate school shooting coverage turned out to be Alex Jones and there was a police stand down

  8. They love killing unarmed innocent people but when it comes to killing armed criminals they cower away. Typical US cops.

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