12 Mysterious Events You Won't Believe Were Caught on Tape

12 Mysterious Events You Won't Believe Were Caught on Tape

All of the videos on this list were recorded
by people who claimed to have something amazing and mysterious to share. My hope is that we
can solve some of these events together, but my fear is that no answers exist. 12. This mysterious footage was taken after
a Japanese earthquake in 2011. A man is surveying the damage to a local park when he notices
the roads appear to be breathing. Soon water rushes up from somewhere deep underground.
Some people are saying that this is a natural phenomenon known as liquefaction, which is
where an earthquake causes the soil to become soft and watery. Nobody has ever captured
the cracks opening and closing like that before though, so there’s still not a clear explanation
of what this is. 11. A psychic prophet in Las Vegas claims
that he can summon extraterrestrials at will. He says that he has been doing this for over
25 years. The local news picks a place and time for him to summon a UFO. They are extremely
skeptical and mostly expect this to be a joke, but imagine their surprise when the self-proclaimed
prophet says a quick prayer and causes this to happen . . . A white orb flies up into the air and quickly
disappears. Then it suddenly comes back and changes color. The orange sphere hovers around them and then
disappears from sight. It doesn’t look like any aircraft they have ever seen before. The
news team contacted a nearby air force base and they could not confirm that it was one
of their planes. I’m not sure what to make of this one, but
I will admit that the timing is pretty incredible. I want to know if you think this was a real
UFO summoning or if it was just a coincidence. Also, if you don’t think that this is a
UFO, then I’d like to hear your best guess as to what it could possibly be. 10. Jake Gardiner was walking around the woods
during his lunch break one day in La Crescenta, California when he heard some strange chirping
noises in the trees above. Suddenly the forest grew silent and Jake felt as though something
nearby was observing him, so he took out his cell phone and started recording what he thought
could be his last moments alive. He didn’t see anything, but he couldn’t shake the
feeling of impending doom, so he quickly made his way out of the forest. When he went home,
he was able to make out this strange figure on camera: The mysterious sighting was interesting enough
to make the local news. Wildlife officials admit that this appears to be some sort of
ape-like creature that’s clearly not a part of California’s ecosystem. The only explanation
they have is that someone released an illegal pet into the wild. Let me know if you agree
with their assessment, or if you side with the people who say that it could be some kind
of rare creature or even a genetic experiment. 9. Two college students in Spring City, Pennsylvania
decide to explore an abandoned asylum called the Pennhurst State School and Hospital. They
mostly find old rooms with floors covered in paint chips and other fallen debris, but
a couple of strange things happen. First, tell me if you hear anything weird during
this part: Some people say they can hear a voice say
the word “mommy” or something similar. I personally think that it’s the sound of
an old camera lens zooming in, but I’ll let you decide. Anyway, they keep exploring and eventually
go up a tall flight of winding stairs. Suddenly the video cuts out and just 30 seconds later
somebody is holding the camera in the middle of the woods shortly before the video ends.
Many people have pointed out that this is not be enough time to get back down the steps,
so a big question about this video is what happened during the time lapse. Some people say that this was an art project,
but if so, nobody has stepped forward as the creator, which is usually what happens once
a video has gone viral. None of it adds up. 8. A instructor records himself and his students
for a teacher evaluation. He’s giving a lecture about safety when some strange activities
start to happen . . . By now the class is in mild shock as they
awkwardly line up and leave. According to the description of this video, later on they
would say that they felt a strange static electricity in the air and a tingling sensation
in their faces. After they leave, the possible haunting seems
to continue for quite some time. Finally the camera is knocked to the ground by an unseen
force and the video ends. 7. The International Space Station caught
a glimpse of what appears to be a large space craft. But instead of alerting the media,
NASA “dimmed the feed.” Streetcap1 uploaded the video to YouTube in
March 2017, writing in the caption: “I thought I was seeing things. I had to be quick…The
dimming at the end was sudden and my guess is they [Nasa] turned down the brightness
a little.” The clip in question shows a narrow U F O
staged along the planet’s horizon. Below it, hovers two bright objects that appear
to be reflective. Youtuber, Rob Morgan, notes of the objects
below: “If you pause the video and move the slide bar, I don’t think they are lights
but thrusters. They go from running horizontal to what looks like a hover mode.”
And what is NASA trying to hide? The dimming of the feed makes many question
whether NASA is tampering with the International Space Station’s projected images.
Is it a U F O, some other space anomaly, or a hoax?
Whatever it is, it’s certainly mysterious. 6. This is the same house that made number
two on my list about mysterious things caught on tape in Texas. In that video, I verified
that someone really did have their life taken while exploring the premises. Now, someone
may have actual footage of their ghost. You can see what appears to be a small hand
beckon them from the window. I guess they could have a third person climb to the second
floor to make this video as a prank. Can someone who has been brave enough to go inside of
the house tell me if it’s possible to get up to the second floor? If you can’t access
the second floor, then this video is probably real. Either way, many people claim to have
seen the ghosts of small children in doorways and windows of the abandoned property, so
even if this video is fake, then the house is almost definitely still haunted. 5. This pub in Canterbury, England has a well-preserved
history of paranormal occurrences. Take a look at the video evidence and let me know
if you agree with the local legends. I personally think all of these videos could
have been done using fishing wire, but I would like to know what you think about these three
scenarios. 4. In 2004, a student at the University of
Massachusetts in Amherst named Maura Murray went missing. She had been acting very strangely,
liking crying at work and taking someone’s credit card before she disappeared. She was
eventually seen in New Hampshire stranded at the side of the road. Someone called the
police, but when they arrived, she was gone. This video, called Happy Anniversary, was
originally uploaded by a YouTuber named 112dirtbag. It was put up shortly before the eighth anniversary
of her disappearance. This is haunting enough, but it gets worse.
The YouTuber’s name, 112dirtbag, is believed to be a reference to something Maura’s father
once said. He said that she was probably picked up by some dirt bag on Route 112. The video
was quickly taken down and the original uploader was never found. 3. This video is supposedly one of seven classified
videotapes that were taken from government archives and leaked. Of the seven tapes, only
a few snippets have ever made it to the public, including this interesting portion. A strange grey alien appears to be manipulating
some sort of task while in captivity. According to the description, this video could have
been shot as early as 1942 and as late as 1969. The footage itself looks fairly convincing,
though it could simply be CGI. However, the projector sound effect on the video seems
fake, so my guess is this video isn’t real after all. If this video is real, then exactly what the
alien is intently focusing on, how it came to be captured, and how we were able to communicate
with it (if at all) remains a mystery. 2. Chip chan is the name given to a South
Korean woman who was discovered by the website 4chan. They found her livestream one fateful
day and proceeded to watch every moment of her life for years. What they found was both
curious and startling. For one thing, Chip chan would often pass
out in strange positions for over twelve hours and then do things like barricade her door
closed with whatever she could find. She rarely left the apartment and appeared to be in a
lot of distress at all times. 4chan eventually came across her blog and
found out that she thought she was being stalked by the local police. She even says that they
have implanted a chip into her that allows them to control when she sleeps and how she
feels. Here is a video of Chip chan silently screaming as they supposedly activate her
implant and mess with her mind. There’s no evidence that any of what she
is saying is real, and as of now people either completely believe her story or else think
she has a serious mental disorder. It hasn’t been on in a long time, but maybe somebody
can translate the text on her page and make sense of what she is saying. All in all, nobody has been able to track
her down to talk with her, and her identity is unknown. All we know is that somewhere
in South Korea, a woman was recording herself all of the time as a way of exposing her tormentors
to the world. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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video not only will more people be able to watch it, but a link to your channel will
be added in the description. 1. Morgellon’s Disease is a strange condition
that’s characterized by crawling sensations under the skin, swollen hands and small open
cuts. Scientists largely believe it’s a skin picking
disorder that’s all in the mind, but here’s the thing: there are white threadlike fibers
that appear to grow from under the skin. In one episode of ABC Nightline, a woman claims
that her entire family has Morgellons Disease. They all appear to have the white fibers growing
from under their skin. Scientists took a sample of one of the white fibers under her skin
and compared it to a national FBI database of known hair fibers. Reporters were amazed
to find that there was absolutely no match. We know that it’s not lint and we know that
it’s not hair, but we don’t know what it is, or why
it forms.

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