11 dead on Mt Everest in one of the worst seasons on record

11 dead on Mt Everest in one of the worst seasons on record

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  2. Why not camp in Montana for a winter in a tent. That's Everest 101. That way your family gets what's left of your body @ least.

  3. Except for the Sherpas who do this for work, psychopathic type A personalities with the imaginations of amoeba. Hopefully next year they will all pass simultaneously, and save the the world from passing on that genetic info.

  4. I think I know what happened, years ago as a kid I saw a documentary about this old Tibetan man who was living in a cave and hiding from the ghost of the Yeti, see, years before he accidentally caused the death of the Yeti when it jumped across a crevass to get to him but fell into a ravine and died. He told this story to a group of kids and their talking dog, they in turn vowed to help him. It fits all of the facts and is the only thing that makes sense.

  5. Line of rich people who do their Peloton 3x a week with 50+ Instagram followers thinking it's time for climbing Everest.

  6. Every time I see Mount Everest climbers, the song :Top of the world by the Carpenters" comes into my mind.

  7. 😱Mt.everst( सागरमाथा)😱

    हे मानव ❗
    अन्तरिक्ष पुग्यौं ,
    ब्लक-होल बनायौं ,
    टेस्ट्युब मानब बनायौं,
    सक्छौं त नयाँ सागरमाथा बनाउन ❓
    अनि ,
    किन ❓
    मानब तिमीलाई ,
    प्राकृती कै उच्चो चुचुरो सँग
    ईर्स्याले यति सारो छोएको ❓

    खै कस्तो शासकहरु हो ❓
    अाफ्नै कम्पनीले
    सागरमाथा बनाए झैं गरेर
    चढ्न अादेश दिईरहेछ ❗
    लस्करै शिखर चढ्न निस्कने
    खै कस्तो मानब रुपी दानबहरु हो ❓
    पृथ्वी को उच्चाईमा
    यो भन्दा पबित्र स्थान नै छैन,
    रै पनि धर्मको नाम मा
    पशुपती ,राम मन्दिर अयोध्या
    मक्का मदिना,भ्याटिकन सिटी
    जेरुस्लेम लुम्बिनी
    पबित्र भन्दै जपिरहेकोछ❓
    प्राकृतीकै उच्च चुचुरो
    सागरमाथा अपबित्र हो कि❓
    लस्कर मानबहरु ले शु-शु गरिरहेकोछ❗
    जाग सागरमाथा ,
    तिमी माथी
    अप्रकृतिक कल्चरहरु
    दिनानुँ दिन बढ्दै छ
    बिस्तारै तिम्रो चुचुरो माथी
    मान्छे न हो ❗
    तरुनी तन्देरी बिच एक पटक
    सेक्स गरेरै मर्ने मोह जाग्लान ❗
    अझ बच्चा नै जन्माईदिन्छु
    चुचुरोमा भनेर अाउलान ❗
    मानबता लाई सोभा होस
    भनेर बनिएको तिमी,
    यसरी तिम्रो कुमारीत्व
    बालात्कार गरिन्दैछ❗
    तिमी जस्तो पृथ्वी कै पबित्र
    लस्करका लस्कर दानबहरुले
    सु-सु गर्दैछ ❗
    तिनै पबित्र प्राकृतीको छातीमा
    दिशा-पिसाब गरिरहदाँ
    अानन्द मानेर फिचर हेरिरहेकोछ❗
    हरे राम हरे किष्न
    भजन गाँउदै बसिरहेकोछ,
    अल्लाह र येशु,कन्फुसियसको
    बुद्द र शिबको तप गरिरहेको छ❗

    त्यसैले त
    अब तिमी अाफै जागरुक हुनुपर्छ❗
    शिखर चढाई गर्न अाउनेहरु
    हरेक अाँधीहुरी मा बढारीनुपर्छ😠
    चुचुरो चुम्ने फोहरी
    मानबहरु मरिनैपर्छ😠
    अाफ्नै कम्पनीले
    सागरमाथा बनाए झैं गरेर
    चढ्न अादेश दिनेहरुको
    बिनास गरिनैपर्छ😠
    अाक्रोस मा😠
    अाँधीहुरीमा अाउ😠
    हिउँ पहिरो मा अाउ😠
    सागरमाथा तिमी
    शिखर चुम्ने फोहोरी मानबहरु
    नस्ट गर्न बादल वर्षा भएर
    अाउ तिमी 😠
    पबित्र सागरमाथा😇
    अाउ तिमी अाउ😇

  8. I was under the impression one must have completed 6 other 8000m summits before being granted permission to climb Everest?It would cut the numbers and deaths dramatically

  9. Why did the Nepalese government issued so many permits? 🙄🙄🙄 Mount Everest is NOT Disney Land!!! SURELY WITH THE AWARENESS OF GLOBAL WARMINGS AND OTHER ENVIRONMENT ISSUES, IT SHOWED THAT THE NEPALESE GOVERNMENT IS TOO GREEDY AND CORRUPT TO CARE!!! 😱😱😱😱😱. I had to transit via Kathmandu in October 2016 for Bhutan and I WILL NEVER GO ANYWHERE NEAR NEPAL AGAIN!!! Extremely poor infrastructure but the government is making a lot of revenue from tourism and yet the airport was diabolical!!!

  10. nepal goverment wants to profit and visitors want their 10 min of fame / or death…..aint gonna stop.

  11. I here that 200 persons were trying to reach the top and 11 died that now leaves 189 persons to go. I would like to see that many try to reach the depths of Mariana Trench free diving. You may say that's just stupid well so is climbing Mt Everest. I read the comments and it seems many don't have much sympathy for the climbers, nails and wood may or may not change most minds of reaching the top by making their own personal coffins before they go.

  12. Can they get access to their INSTAGRAM accounts from up there? Of course ! why else would they be going ?

  13. I have no empathy for these people and frankly they disgust me. Clearly this is a rich persons hobby. NPR said it cost approximately 7k for permit and 100K for gear. People on welfare have more common sense. Notice haven't heard how many people earning less that poverty level taking on this 'challenge'. Huge waste of money, extraordinarily egocentric. Glad you died doing what you loved and further polluting what once was a pristine environment. They are no hero's in my eyes, just another male ^&^% contest for the rich.

  14. The Darwin Awards finalist, i hope they fell down the mountain like Aunt Bunny fell down the steps!

  15. The Darwin Awards finalist, i hope they fell down the mountain like Aunt Bunny fell down the steps!

  16. I'm convinced that there are many types of people that have an indirect way of wanting to commit suicide and this is their way of expressing it. Who in their right mind would want to climb Mount Everest?

  17. Common sense you are line up like animals going to the market in a row and you know you can't breath right .

  18. All these comments about needing competent climbers is one thing but issuing more permits than is safe is the real problem.

  19. We were concerned about the number of people climbing Everest, so we sent our camera crew up there to take a look around.

  20. There should be a requirement where one would have to do all of the other highest peaks prior to Mt. Everest. I’ve read of people who barely have experience going straight to Everest because they have the money.

  21. I think next year should be dedicated to getting all the bodies, tents, oxygen bottles and tanks and any other trash. People preach when you climb take everything and anyone with you. If someone dies bring em down, if you set up camp take it down. Cause ones like Everest are so tall you don't have the oxygen to get energy to carry anything. The countries are urging people to bring things with em on the way down cause it's become so messy. Even way back when into thin air came out it was bad not this bad, but that movie or time was the beginning to the end I bet soon there will rides up to the top. It's sad to say climbing or outdoors activities have become this big thing. Respect nature and it will respect you.

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