10 Mysterious Events Caught on Video

10 Mysterious Events Caught on Video

hello guys are you ready for some more unexplainable and mysterious things that were going down all around the world let's check the latest videos all together sit back and stay frosty this video was sent by Antoine it features a group of young travelers who were taking a trip to one of several caves in Italy that you can visit as a tourist many of these places are said to house old and unpredictable energy in this case the men of the group decided to check the old halls out for themselves for some reason and they were in luck at first it seems that nobody else was with them but a brief moment later they find an old wall standing in front of a shrine and is not moving once of course the guys will freaked out and decided to make their way out of there as fast as they could was she spirit this video is from Jose and depicts father who was playing with his two kids in the family home his two boys were clearly having fun together and it is not known if the house they were currently located at was infamous for having any unusual encounters happening in the past when they watched the video afterwards they got pretty spooked slacking Sinister a video from roseola she stated that this was recorded when nobody else was home at the time strange activity had been captured in the past though such as falling objects and weird noises and even whispering in the middle of the night this time it got documented on video obviously this clip is a bit older but a little intruder seems to have made it into her house was it something from another world Brian for board in this video who was on his way to a friend's house on a random weekend he spotted something really strange in the distance and decided to record the following events with his cellphone apparently a figure has been seen with a very unusual look that even startled him he was following the person a bit until he could not see him anymore so he drove not further to get another and better look the thing on the camera presents himself and comes closer this young man was following some unusual noises into a tunnel why he would do that it's anybody's guess apparently some say he could have come across the rake what's your opinion it's hard to tell by the looks of it could be the rake but the sounds definitely could match the creature the next recording was filmed by property owner who had an ongoing renovation in one of his new houses he was sure that there was an intruder around since apparently he could hear several banks and even saw a dark figure through one of the windows first on safety he decided to record the whole situation on video as well I also hope he had something to defend himself with since you never know what or who could enter your house nowadays it checks several rooms of the house but finds nothing at some point there are some unusual sounds which are the reason for him to check this specific area but then unfolded could still not be explained to him up until this day shut my pants an invisible force even seems to tamper with his camera after he ran out of the property shame sent me this video of a man who was also documenting several strange things that were taking place in his house it was not the first time that he noticed unusual sounds and objects falling from the table in this kitchen an event like this would free people like us way more out probably which is proof that he must have experienced these things before a lot of footsteps the children spirit of children television all right after this took place you record several other unusual happenings that take place on both floors of the house the next video stem from medium Sally Morgan who was giving an online consultation to one of her clients they were talking about some personal details of a deceased family member all of a sudden a strange shape pops up behind her it looks really eerie to say the least could it be a real spirit maybe a real energy was present at that time this video was recorded amber for water in the following video which features two girls who were recording a personal project at home a couple of moments later we noticed strange occurrences taking place in the background unfortunately we cannot hear what they were saying but the energy causing the disturbance could not have liked it too much

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  1. I have to tell you people, study the Bible. It will tell you that human souls are not allowed to remain upon the earth once a human being dies. You move on right to heaven or hell. No lingering. I could rattle off lots of scriptures. Demons do not wont to live in a real house, they wont you, they follow humans to possess your body. You are safe if you are a Christian that believes and lives what God teaches you to do in His word. Else wise your a had lad or lasses.Burning sage wont run them off but it will set off the smoke detectors lol. I m not preaching at yall, just tell'n what I know.

  2. Just because he doesn't freak out doesn't mean he has encountered that before. He could've been a hard nosed, stubborn skeptic. Just Sayin'!

  3. I wish I could give 5 dollars a month to help your channel. I am disabled and on a fixed income so I have to keep every penny I can.

  4. it's always so wonderful to have advertisements show up blocking out the video not getting to see what's going on…nor the ending of it. Why do ppl do this. certainly causes frustration and not wanting to watch any more of that person's videos. The Panther like entity coming from behind the Psychic was pretty cool

  5. I got jumped by the 'Rake' once.
    I was in the garage reaching for the 'Shovel' and the damn thing fell on my head!

  6. Nice voice-over. Have only seen 2-3 of these before. Good resourcefulness. Am trying to get up the guts to have a go at filming the ghost/s or whatever in my house. Hope I get the same ghost back. I had a full clear apparition stand in front of me about 3ft away. I couldn't make out the face but it was over 6ft tall, & the clothing appeared to be made of light energy. The shoes which if on a living person were the most solid block white as I expect they'd be made of leather in this reality. The clothing was quite strong as it had a light body & the clothing was a 2nd layer of white light energy. The face I couldn't make out. All the lights were on so its unlikely I would be hallucinating – plus if I was hallucinating then I should be doing so regularly. When it came thru it first came down as two plumes if smoke about 10ins long each, in front of the staircase banister. Then I looked away thinking what was that! And when I looked up again it was standing fully formed at the bottom of the stairs. I stared at it for ages taking in all the details & then I told it to leave. It seemed to be waiting for me to talk to it. Most ghosts/spirits or whatever don't seem to hang around like that, usu appearing & then they're gone. If I'd had a camera it would've been the best ghost footage on the net. But then again my ph cam doesn't have high pixelation so I don't know how well it would've come out but it was very very clear from the eye view. When I told it to leave it lifted one leg into the running position & paused as if it was giving me time to change my mind. Then it ran up the hallway towards the front door. I didn't try & ask it anything as I had no expectation for such a sighting. I accidentally conjured it while I was saying affirmations & exercising. Could've been a demon seeing as it was awaiting my instructions. I've seen nasty things in my dreams here & had lots of experiences being touched & some lights. The atheist here exp the ghost/s first. Some if its back magic sent by islamics who know I'm not going to submit to Islamic State, plus the house is a known haunting, so its pretty valid even if I wasn't a good witness.

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  8. The guy at night could be a burn victim,going out at night for a bit of peace so people don't stare at him and these little shits follow him ๐Ÿ˜ 

  9. Sorry, but you being visible all the time and your cheesy reaction faces make this video too cringy for me. I can't watch it.

  10. Yeah Frosty we have a creature when I was growing up in haltom City call the paint lady and she lived in the sewers in haltom City I've never found her ever but I've had friends that found her and she would chase them from the sewers each time is they found her they found her multiple times

  11. Can anyone please tell me what we are supposed to see that is creepy in the video that goes from 2:29–3:21 ??

  12. You cut the last video short. I have seen it, and as the one girl walks towards the door, it suddenly closes in front of her and they both scream and recoil back from it.

  13. Also, turn up the clip volumes, we trynna hear that shit. โ€œLots of footsteps.โ€ Well we canโ€™t tell cause we canโ€™t hear shit

  14. I could make a video of my friend standing in my kitchen and ask him who he is and pretend I don't know him so looks like a ghost

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