10 MUST-SEE SPACE EVENTS That'II Happen In Your Lifetime

10 MUST-SEE SPACE EVENTS That'II Happen In Your Lifetime

ten astronomical events that will happen in your lifetime hello everyone welcome to our channel in today's video smart is the new sexy we'll be talking about the calendar of the most recent and upcoming cosmic events that most of us can witness in our lifetime are you curious to know when the planets align keep watching to find out March 2018 the planet parade early risers in late February and into early March were able to watch a planetary alignment dominate the southeastern sky at dawn as Saturn Mars and Jupiter seemed to hover near each other in the sky through most of March Jupiter Mars Saturn and Pluto took up the southern sky before sunrise the arrangement had been visible for a few weeks you could see Jupiter Mars and Saturn with the naked eye but probably needed at least binoculars to see Pluto March 2021 James Webb Space Telescope launched NASA has finally announced the date of the launch of the most technologically advanced telescope in the world the price tag of such a complicated mission as about 8.8 billion dollars which exceeds the eight billion dollar cap placed by Congress in 2011 the James Webb Space Telescope promises a new view of the infrared universe granting astronomers access to the dawn of star and galaxy formation as well as the ability to probe the atmospheres of nearby exoplanets meanwhile testing an integration of the spacecraft element continued once this phase is complete around October the telescope and science instruments will be integrated on the spacecraft 2022 an explosive creation of a new star visible by the naked eye a group of scientists based at Calvin College Michigan have made the bold one-in-a-million prediction for 2022 they believe that we will be able to witness the birth of a new red nova or boom star sometime in 2022 following the collision of the binary star KIC nine eight three two two two seven the two suns orbit each other every 11 hours or so however their orbit has been observed speeding up in a dick table weight leading to a dance of death with a predictable and explosive conclusion the new star would be the brightest in the night sky for a period of about six months before slowly dimming over the next two to three years August 2027 spectacular solar eclipse well today it's hard to surprise anyone with such rare astronomical events like a solar eclipse solar eclipses occur when the moon passes between the Sun and Earth and its body fully blocks the sign a total eclipse of the Sun that will occur on Monday the second of August 2027 will plunge the sign into darkness for six minutes and 23 seconds at maximum creating an amazing spectacle for observers in a very broad path it would be one of the longest solar eclipses documented by humanity April 2029 asteroid will fast very close to Earth are you digging your underground bunker already maybe you should because in almost 10 years an asteroid called 99 942 Apophis will come perilously close to Earth according to the recent data it will pass our planet by a mere 22,000 miles in astronomical terms it's just a width of a hair Apophis is about the size of a football field giving it enough mass to cause widespread devastation should it ever collide with earth however there's only a 2.4 percent chance that it would strike the earth in 2029 November 20 34 Leonid meteor shower the Leonids are one of the best meteor showers sky watchers can catch the source of the meteor shower is comet tempel-tuttle which is falling apart as it makes periodic runs around the sign and it's ices melt from the heat as earth runs into the vast number of particles it leaves behind meteors streak through the atmosphere every November observers can expect peaks of 10 to 15 an hour however this won't happen again until 2034 September 24 t planetary alignment the 2040 grouping will include Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn and the crescent moon clustered well to the east of the sign the planets will stage a spectacular show at 7:30 p.m. in the evening mark your calendar now many people believe that when planets are aligned their gravity and tidal forces are magnified leading to extraordinary effects here on earth this seems reasonable December 20 52 super moon by the end of January 2018 we've just passed a series of three full super moons the next super moons of 2018 will be the new moons of June July and August the closest super moon of the 21st century will occur on December 6th 2050 before we call them super moons we an astronomy called these moons perigean full moons or perigee and New Moon's perigee just means near-earth super moons do look brighter than ordinary full moons July 20 61 Hailey's comet Halley's Comet is without a doubt the most famous comet there is by using Sir Isaac Newton's gravitational theories to chart the paths of two dozen comments Callie hit on a provocative new theory three comets seen in 1531 1607 and 1682 were actually the same object Kelly argued that the comet orbited the Sun and whizzed by the earth roughly once every 76 years and he predicted that it would reappear sometime in late 1758 or early 1759 and it did since then scientists have studied the comment on each return so far no space agency has announced plans for a mission to find out more about the comment in the future but there's still plenty of time the famed comet is not scheduled to make its next visit to the inner solar system until July 20 60 120 62 1 million people on Mars and perhaps the most eagerly anticipated aerospace announcement of 2017 SpaceX founder Elon Musk has revealed his grand plan for establishing a human settlement on Mars the first Mars flight could take place in late 2022 which would mean a large city could be built on Mars as early as twenty sixty two I think that Mars is going to be a great place to go musk says it will be the planet of opportunity bonus November 20 65 Venus will occult Jupiter planetary transits and occultations occur when a planet passes in front of another object as seen by an observer mutual occultations or transits of planets are extremely rare the most recent event occurred on January 3rd 1818 and the next will occur on November 22nd 2065 both involve the same two planets Venus and Jupiter do you want to know more about other events that will soon occur in the universe share your ideas in the comments if you're curious subscribe to our channel to keep up with what's going on in the world and beyond

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  1. I'll be 72 in 2062, Hope Elon is still alive when that time comes. Want to have a vacation on mars or live and die there? haha.

  2. No timezones eh? Meteor destroys earth 15march and the Japanese will be destroyed a day before. Or after, depends on the point of view

  3. This means when I am 60 our civilization will spread on mars. Today is the time it is to late but to soon to discover😑

  4. What if you don’t see them because you die in a car crash because you are mentally unstable and drink 5 servings of alcohol and get flung off a bridge. That would not be epic

  5. "Size of a football field" proceeds to show a video of a moon sized object hitting the earth.
    "10-15 an hour" proceeds to show a picture with 100 lines on the sky at the same time.

    This video is horrible, also the 99942 apophis doesn't have 2% chance of hitting the earth, but ≈ 1 in 150.000 which is 0,000006% chance and has effectively been ruled out.

  6. 2100 random person: and here we find the oldest banana that never rot, buy now! 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000$

  7. Interesting. But will we live to see it? Will we even live to see 2020?? Will we even live to see November (2019)?? Since a 1,400 ft asteroid will approach the Earth closely in October and a more than 4,000 ft asteroid will approach the Earth closely in December!

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