10 Must Have Bug Out Items- Update Your Bug Out Bag

10 Must Have Bug Out Items- Update Your Bug Out Bag

10 must have Bug Out Bag emergency gear supplies items update your Bug Out Bag hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper in the last week we had a 5.0 earthquake and then we had huge winds that threatened to knock out
the power it made me sit up and think where is my Bug-Out Bag and is it really
up to date so I wanted to review with you quickly the ten essential items you
need in your Bug Out Bag so that if you have an emergency you can grab and go how to update your Bug Out Bag emergency kit 72 hour kit get home bag
do you have some food and water do you have some warm clothing how about something like a sleeping bag a Life Bivy bivy bag or a tent in case you needed to provide a shelter
for yourself do you have a flashlight with some fresh batteries how about your
first-aid kit are you taking prescription medications a few extras of
those medicines with your Bug Out Bag emergency gear 72 hour kit must have bug out items then you need a copy of all of your identification your most important papers you would need to have if you couldn’t go back to your home you also need a
written copy of your contact list your most important people you would need to
call we rely too much on our cell phones pushing a button and it remembers phone numbers for us but in an emergency you might need to get out a piece of paper and tell
someone can you call this number for me you need to have your contact information phone numbers of your
family members maybe your boss maybe your doctor’s office your child’s school
or daycare center figure out who you would need to call in an emergency and
those are the numbers that need to be on your emergency contact list then you need to have some cash stash some cash everybody can figure out how to put a few dollars
aside in a real emergency if you were forced to leave your home having a stash
of cash could be the difference between making your life comfortable or
miserable make sure you stock up on small bills ones fives and tens you don’t want to find a
situation where say the ATM isn’t working or the cash registers aren’t working and
you want to buy a bottle of water the clerk might say sure I’ll trade you
for the $20 bill but I can’t make change wouldn’t you rather be able to peel off a
few ones and get something you need go through your Bug Out Bag update your emergency gear 72 hour kit make sure
it’s up-to-date you know where it is and then put it somewhere where you could
grab and go if you needed to evacuate leave in a hurry a good habit to get into is keeping your car’s
gas tank at least half full if you make a habit of filling up when the needle
starts to drop then you aren’t going to find yourself in an emergency where you
don’t have gas in the car and you can’t get away you don’t want to be the last
one in a long line trying to get the last bit of gas and if the power goes
out a lot of times no gas can be pumped they just don’t have the capability to
provide that so don’t compound an emergency by lackadaisical planning make an emergency plan if you need to leave your home evacuate Bug Out
figure out what you would need where you would go and how you would get there do
it now while things are good and easy so that when an emergency comes along you can just put your plan into action get busy take care of business and find
out that you’re going to do the best you can with whatever comes your way learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel youtube prepper prepping channel

13 thoughts on “10 Must Have Bug Out Items- Update Your Bug Out Bag

  1. Another great video AG. Words of wisdom for all. And as the season grows colder a travel bag, kept within reach of the driver's seat with a few cold weather items is a must. Perhaps you could do video on a cold weather every day "Back Seat Bag" that would ride in your car? If anyone knows cold weather I would guess it was you. Love the videos. From your #1 NY fan. K

  2. I am glad you made a video on this subject as it reminds me that I have to remove batteries from the flashlight which is in my backpack, and need to look for a way to remove batteries from two flashlights which I have not been able to remove so far.

  3. Thank you for your video.
    There's no bugging out around here. We're bugging in. As far as I know anyway. Barring all catastrophe, AGGHHH!!!!
    You have reminded me to get the winter stuff for the car. Can't go wrong with extra blankets, hand warmers, a couple of bars and some water. Tape the hand warmer to the frozen water bottle and wrap in the blanket if needed. AGGHHH!!!!!
    Have a great one.


  5. Hi,
    I drive a big 4 door 4×4 pickup. In winter the back seat floor board looks like a mini department store.
    I keep bug out bags in my truck year round, I Have one for my three Chihuahuas, one with emergency dry food, drink packets, coffee & hot chocolate packets for us, one for RX medicine & over the counter meds and hygiene products, hand warmers, duct tape and such,, one for my husband and one for myself.
    Our bags contain 2 regular T shirts, 2 long sleeve shirts, 2 pair of jeans, a weeks underwear. and socks. I carry extra shoes , winter boots, hat, gloves, coats and 6 rain ponchos. There are 4 small tarps. Rolls of Walmart type shopping bags. They will keep a persons shoes dry.
    I also have a soft sided heavy insulated cooler that contains bottled water, shelf stable milk, jar of peanut butter and cans of chicken and tuna salad. I have never had anything freeze in this cooler even in 36 degrees below zero..
    Each of the bug bags have 2 stainless steel water bottles, There is also one quart size stainless steel water bottle that can be hung over a fire to boil water in. There are two 2 cup size stainless steel bowls to use as cups or for hot food. I also have a 12 volt coffee maker that plugs into the charging port and a 4 cup coffee pot for over a fire..
    The way my truck doors open We can use the bathroom without anyone seeing us just by using large binder clips to attach one of the tarps across the doors..
    Since we have been stuck in a couple blizzards with 6 foot deep snow, our emergency bags have been very useful.
    A list of food item to keep in your bug out bags that could help those that don't know..
    small cans of chicken and tuna salad and package of crackers.
    small packages of jerky & or beef sticks
    small packages of freeze dried fruits and bags of nuts.
    small packages of cookies, cheese & peanut butter crackers and cheese crackers.
    Cans of Vienna Sausages.
    Dry milk or shelf stable milk.
    coffee, tea, drink mix, hot chocolate, sugar, creamer, sweetener packets. They don't take up much space.
    even dry soup mixes and cup of noodles. These dried products are better than cans of food. Unless you have made a container for food items that can be loaded in your car in a evacuation.
    packages of freeze dried meats and cheeses.
    We store freeze dried sausage crumbles, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, white chicken and beef., They are great as snacks right out of the can.And great in bug out bags.
    These are just a few things I keep in my truck. Since I have a large tool box in the back of my truck there are many items there for survivor or evacuations. Every time I am out I top off my gas tank on the way home. That way I always have a full tank of gas.
    Thanks for sharing with us out here.

  6. Is that Sammy at 0:31 minutes, rockin' that fresh outdoor gear and all set for adventure? πŸ˜‚
    Thanks for this reminder, AG. This morning, I woke up to cold temps requiring heat for the first time I've been in this apartment. Nasty surprise when opening up the vents to check out some issues. And until the heating gets sorted out, I just want to give a shout out for indoor/outdoor propane heaters!!! Even small emergencies like this are made smoother with preps. (Though, it would have been even better if I checked out the heating BEFORE there was a need. ☹️ (Give Sammy a hug!)

  7. Thank you for the reminder and tips. It's time to go through the bag and rotate old items for fresh, add some cash, meds, a written contact list and something better than basic space blankets (although I always keep a real blanket with my bag.) Great advice!

  8. I had a power outage here yesterday, it was easy to just swap over to my off-grid gear because I knew where everything was.

    Good to remind yourself every so often of what you have.

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