10 Minutes With Teddy And Tina (Ep 107) "Does Your Belief Govern Your Life?" Part 3

10 Minutes With Teddy And Tina (Ep 107) "Does Your Belief Govern Your Life?" Part 3

hey what's up everybody welcome to ten minutes with Teddy and Tina a discussion of life love family and safety yep this week we are continuing our four part series on beliefs this is part three yeah and the topic of discussion today is does your belief govern your life hmm give it some thought does what you believe govern your life are your actions and reactions based on what you believe Yeah right let's let's let's start off by defining some things here dictionary.com defines belief as I had it up and I lost it here it is dictionary.com defines belief as your conviction your faith your position your profession your thinking Teddy always says you'll believe is your philosophy um my definition of your life would be the sum of who you are what you do and everything that contributes to that but dictionary.com defines life as the course of existence or sum of experiences and actions that constitute a person's existing you know the Bible says in proverbs 23:7 as a man thinketh in his heart so is he that word heart is your mind yeah that's your soul what are you thinking you know we hear people say you are what you eat know you are what you think you're talking right what are you thinking every thought every action let me say stars with the thought you have to think at first before you can actually do it what do you thinking and you know I think a lot of times people are thinking whatever is in the forefront of your mind but whatever it is that you think is in bed you've got things that's that surface and then you've got things that's below the surface however you think however you feel whatever your convictions whatever your profession whatever your philosophy is it is dictating what you're doing even if you don't have to give it thought if you think the things ain't gonna work out for you you're gonna be scared you're gonna be what if you think that everything is that God love me but I'm not sure whatever you think actually is governing your life so my question to this is kind of more for Christians than it is for anybody because if we call ourselves Christians does the Christ that we define our names from does his character his attributes does his commands govern I like let me ask you this what are you getting your thoughts from where are you getting them from because some of us get our thoughts and our thinking and our philosophy from different books we get them from the news we get it from social media we get it from reading the newspaper we get it from what's going on in the government some of us are governed by what we are seeing by what we are hearing on what we are reading as a believer what are you listening to what are you reading to get your philosophy sometimes you're getting it from your neighborhood you're getting it from your mother and your father somebody at your church your guardian we get our belief systems a lot of times from those things that are affecting us around us but if you are a Christian then some of your thoughts should be based on the some of that Bible the Bible tells us in John 1 and 1 in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God so we understand that the Bible is God he's got on paper the word with God and then it goes down to John 1:14 it says and the word became flesh and dwelt among us even as the only begotten Son of God I kind of messed those words up a little bit but that's basically what it's saying the word became flesh and dwelt among us even as the son of God so basically Jesus is the word if you say I am a Christian you're saying I follow Jesus if you're saying I follow Jesus you're saying I follow work with the word which means your greatest influence what's controlling your thoughts what's contributing greatly to what you do how you do it when you do it whatever is going on in your life is the Word of God so does your belief govern your life does Jesus does the word you know let me ask you this because you remember back a couple years ago I think was a couple years ago right that saying that we always talking talking about apples whatever I would know what I did maybe I just thought about it and heard about it a couple years ago but anyway that's where the bracelets and stuff came out there what WWJD what would Jesus do man that really hit me hard because I never really stopped to ask myself that question what would Jesus do what does the word say what would the word do is that how I'm governing my life like I stopped in my tracks and say you know we use do that would you say that when you go over there would you do that when you go there would he call her would he look at that Hillary read that when he watched that movie you know I mean like literally acts yourself that's how you can hold your own self accountable if you just say what would Jesus do listen and so first of all I want to start off with I want to repent father God I asked you to forgive me for not always doing what Jesus would do because that actually applies to everything when you are responding to your children when you're just responding to your employers when you're responding to your employee when you're responding to your colleagues when you are responding to your neighbor I got a little worsen neighbor – but what would Jesus do with Jesus give some understanding would Jesus be like you know what they fell it off and I'm gonna go tell him to act like that what would Jesus do when Jesus let somebody have it with Jesus go get revenge I'm just saying what do you forget what he forget what it would he love the unlovely would he would he would he give to someone and actually do something for someone that actually doesn't deserve it would it be selfish or selfless now we know that everything that was in the positive that is the character of Christ as defined by the Bible or that is what Jesus did as defined by the Bible Jesus didn't make a move until he went until he uh until he uh went pray to his father we see all in the life of Jesus he his disciples couldn't have even hold up like Jesus you plants France who know so they don't fall asleep oh Jesus was always somewhere praying to his father that's what he did because that's who he was that was not his lifestyle that was his life belief is not your lifestyle it's your life governing unit let me sick that was at the point because ultimately we have these different religions and we have even like like let's talk about games let's talk about our gangs and our communities man these dudes believe and they said they believe in the hood they believe in what they banging for these religions believe what what what they're studying and they they go so hard right on they're like you and try to make you believe it I mean literally it is their life sometimes Christianity and Christians can be a lifestyle let me tell you the bad thing about a lifestyle lifestyle changes with the culture yep well style continues to change you know we was wearing baggy jeans a couple years ago nobody wearing skinny jeans if I didn't I do do swim types and like I don't get you guys so of course what the last 15 and it changes so we have to have something that we believe that does not change we need to believe in someone that does not change and it needs to govern our life not our ever-changing lifestyle so again does what you believe govern your life what do you believe it some people I don't really know what I believe even if you don't know what you believe you believe something even if you're not really sure that whatever that is however you act or react you find out how you believe what you believe based on go check out your past go look at your social medias up check out your pictures you can find out what you believe or what you don't believe based on how you act how you react how you look where you go what you do because as the Bible says so as a man thinketh so is he whatever is in your mind that is what you're going to do so does what you believe as a Christian does it govern your life do you do what Jesus did do you read the Bible so that your thoughts can all be governed by that because the Word of God is Jesus we'll check this out just like my wife said that Jesus is the word and the word became flesh let me tell you in the Old Testament Joshua 1:8 that's curser I love it so much it says this book of the law shall not depart from you mouths you should meditate on it day and night so that you could do what it says to do then you will make your way prosperous then you will have good success well how long so if the book of the law governs your life then you don't have what good success if you believe and meditate on the book in the law yo the book of the law your life is going to be what prosperous come on hey let me just say this I believe in marriage I believe in us I believe in this and I want to repent to my wife right now and tell you that I believe in you I believe in us and I'm going to be closer to you more than I ever have I've been neglecting you and I believe in the principle of marriage that we are one so I'm going back to my oneness with you and I'm going to go towards you and not pull away from you because I believe in us well blessed be the name of the Lord and I'll believe in that and I believe in Jesus I believe in submission to my husband I believe in being kind to other people I believe in forgiveness I believe that the character of Christ the philosophy has priced the actions of Christ I believe that that should govern us because what you believe does govern your life and if what you believe has not been governed in your life and you say that you're Christian you need to go back and do some studying do some praying doing some repentance repentance because again your belief is governing your life you're the answer to that question is yes so now we have to make sure that what we believe is all based on the Christ the Savior God above God the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost so that can govern our life any man well bless the people is well may the blessings of the Lord that make rich and add no sorrow forever be yours and we will see you in

48 thoughts on “10 Minutes With Teddy And Tina (Ep 107) "Does Your Belief Govern Your Life?" Part 3

  1. Oh I believe in God and I believe that God gave you two this platform for many to believe. You two are a blessing, continue being steadfast in the Faith.

  2. Hey Ted and Tina this part 3 message has gotten my attention to become intentional on who controlling me and what i give attention to. Thank u so much for the web series it truly blessed me Thanks Bro and Sis!

  3. i hope one day u do a live sessions topic where we the people can ask questions in y'all can answer them

  4. thank god 4 the word yesss u guys amazing u have been blessing with your sessions i get a revelation everytime i listen 2 the both of u god bless u both

  5. Thank you both this is truly a blessing to me! Love it and may God continue bless you and your family.
    Love the breakdown of lifestyle.

  6. I absolutely love this message…it was a reminder to me that I need to stay in my word so that my life can be governed by it. I love what you all are doing, wish I was getting a video once a week at least.

  7. God bless you guys, Sis. Tina I must must commend you for being a true WOMAN OF GOD. I have always loved Mary Mary music but you gave me no other choice but to RESPECT you. Reason being, despite what you have endured in your marriage you chose to forgive your husband, you chose to reconcile with GOD and your husband and make things work FOR THE BETTER, I am so so so proud of you for maintaining GODLY CHARACTER, BEING A VIRTUOUS WOMAN and most importantly A GODLY WOMAN. Many would have chosen to be on their second, third, fourth marriage, because of this course of action you have broken every generational curse of divorce and infidelity or any form of marital separation because you chose to obey GOD, This is beautiful to see as a young person, God will Richly Richly bless you. GOD IS INDEED A RESTORER AND A HEALER NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT. God bless you and your husband and I wish you both the very best.

  8. I pray for more love, oneness in your union just as you two believe in it. And yes, i pray that may the message herein touch a soul and bring conviction to the realisation that the essence of a glorious, prosperous and successful life hangs on the teachings, instructions, guidance, and grace of Christ. Amen

  9. Please do this every week instead of two weeks, this is much needed. God said in Daniel that in the last days knowledge shall increase because the days are evil, we need revelation knowledge of the Word of God like never before to survive.

  10. Blessed. I need to go and check my beliefs. I always get food for thought from you both. God bless your ministry and marriage.


  12. Love this channel but this should be televised. You all need to be on satellite radio and every media outlet. Awesome!

  13. thanks I really needed this because this encourages my faith because I'm kind of scared to dream again I've been burned a few times God it's giving me something to do that's kind of bigger than me so thank so I needed

  14. I enjoy these episodes! I'd like to see Teddy take more of a lead role in this though. It's kinda like if Teddy has a thought he has to interrupt Tina to talk about that thought. Y'all have a lot of good info that can have a lot of impact on believing couples. Grace&Peace

  15. Powerful! My husband and I watch every 2 weeks and when I tell you that 10 minutes is not enough sometimes!! Thanks for Blessing young couples

  16. this is what the devil was afraid of.this is what he was trying to stop. the power the anointing of two coming together. husband and wife led by the Holy Spirit and doing God's work you are blowing up Satan's kingdom right now and I am loving it!!!!!!!!!😙

  17. Another topic I think should be included is your preaching videos is how to believe and have faith in God that he will bring back such an innocent person that you deeply loved and cared for who you were getting to know so much as a friend that you love and will continue to love forever. Basically, how do you have faith, trust, and believe in God to bring back a person that you truly loved back into your life who left so unexpected and how do you trust in God to bring them back into your life if you feel you may never see them again in life and you truly love and care for not only that person but for their family so much as well? Please do a video on this topic. Thank you.

  18. I want you guys to do a video every week and you guys are so good together when it comes to preaching in you life, love, family, and faith videos. Do it every week !!!!

  19. Please continue these teachings. They are truly blessing me. I look forward to you guys every two weeks.

  20. Teddy & Tina come on now. Y'all so fresh with these 10 min teachings. Y'all talking right & I appreciate y'all for it. Keep being transparent & kicking that biblical knowledge for it. I love y'all for it!! 😘🙏🏾😇

  21. I absolutely love you all and what God has done in your marriage! Well after what Mr. Campbell said what else could Mrs. Campbell say but Blessed be the name of the Lord!!! Yessss!! Amen!

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