10 Exposed Government Cover Ups

10 Exposed Government Cover Ups

50 thoughts on “10 Exposed Government Cover Ups

  1. Iran-Contra Clinton Crime Syndicate, CIA pushing Crack in South Central LA through Freeway Ricky Ross. You missed a large part of it man.

  2. UFO's, 9/11 inside job, JFK or stick to the proven facts, the USG killed MLK according to a Memphis 1999 court case and the US takes out democracies and install dictators we train Nazi torture techniques, well documented facts no one can deny. There's been plenty of US backed generals, supreme leaders, etc. tried in international and US courts for crimes against humanity. It happens all the time, see the National Security Archives. Northwoods Documents


  3. wtf does "top secret high altitude sensor" suggest? lol it's probably just a mix of words meant to confuse and cover up even more

  4. 2:47 If you look at the second photo you can see the cosmonaut's hand on the guy to his rights shoulder. No photoshop I guess xD

  5. Actually originally the airforce reported that is was ufo that crashed and then changed there story. No offense but you guys are always a little off on your information.


  7. Letting that guy off wasn’t great but one also couldn’t let one man suffer for the whole squads dishonourable actions

  8. You missed slavery, Europeans taking a language away, lynchings, castration, hanging, beating, drowning, raping, changing our nationality from Hebrews to a color called Black, turning Jesus from a so-called black man into a European.

    It's funny how when I see videos like this, Europeans number what they did to our people as their top 10 horrifying defense of American history, or United States biggest cover-up etc

  9. The guy holding the weather balloon is looking at the other people like yeah this isnt what we saw yesterday look.

  10. Don't call the contras rebels please. When you only kill civilians and not even that unless you're paid by the CIA you are a mercenary. At best.

  11. The government can kill anyone who takes any sort of drug, medicine, or supplement by adding fentanyl then calling you a bad person

  12. Another proof of the US war crimes in Vietnam. They comment about other countries yet they did and do worse things. Scums. Glad those psychos lost the Vietnam war. Cheers!

  13. Seriously? Number one – Iran-Contra, with absolutely no mention of Oliver North? The traitor and eventual Fox News hire, worked with known cocaine traffickers to arm brutal terrorists, the Contras, who were committing large scale crimes against humanity, against the Sandinistas. This is a bigger part of Iran-Contra than the missiles-for-hostages piece. I'm a little disappointed, but I'll chalk it up to hasty research. Cocaine played an enormous piece of the Iran-Contra scandal, as our CIA here in the US has long been involved in cocaine trafficking into the US, with the conspiracy going as far as private planes with registered CIA tail numbers crashing with 'tons' of cocaine on board. If you bring up Iran-Contra, it's just silly not to mention Oliver North and the cocaine.

    For the record- as hilarious and well-made as the American Dad song/video about Ollie North is, it's also extremely accurate. I implore everyone to search "American Dad Ollie North" for that video (or click the link I just pulled.) It's fun and informative lol.
    ( https://youtu.be/lFV1uT-ihDo )

  14. My government had us all convinced they were honorable and upstanding. Then we the people started waking up. Now we’re ashamed and embarrassed. Don’t hate our people it’s the rulers.

  15. Totally inaccurate: Nail bombs were found on one of the victims of Bloody Sunday. They were not all unarmed. The British said sorry because their government was infiltrated by leftists who sympathised with the IRA.

  16. How the fuck do we still have a government when we obviously know they only care about themselves and try to trick the public

  17. The My Lai Massacre is despicable. The American govt just seem to aggravate third world countries then use their reactions to justify war.

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    contRule$$ the [email protected] thereby in return feeding their own paranoidia….!!

    They want to compensate their trauma'$$ by power and control using excess of m-one-ey(e) and extravagant possessions….

    They themselves become their own worst [email protected], because their [email protected] turned against damn$$(h)ell-lives (although wr(h)eathe-fooll Feelings are understandble and human….wr(h)eathe itself is in-humane…..for yourself AND others…!! 😍🐻💋

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