💥 Heavy Machinery & Industrial FAILS

💥 Heavy Machinery & Industrial FAILS

43 thoughts on “💥 Heavy Machinery & Industrial FAILS

  1. Modern wind turbines switch off during storms and have an integrated fire extinguishing system. In any case, a burning wind turbine is less of a problem than when a nuclear power plant explodes.

  2. Are windmills environmentally friendly. bdjxokrjejdjdkdj. why the fuck would you ask such a stupid inane baseless unfounded fucken question you have the reasoning of a fucken lizard.

  3. Didn't see a single windmill in the video all i saw was wind generators. Get your facts straight dickhead, these don't mill anything. A little research and common sense, is that to much to ask of someone who wants to post a video that ends up with incorrect information and facts. Give up please.

  4. Just because a windmill got destroyed you ask the question – are they really environmentally friendly" ?? Facepalm.

  5. The slag explosion I guessed. It landed in water creating an instant steam explosion. The windmills had a double failure. The brakes are NOT meant to slow it down or stop it. The brakes are basically parking brakes to hold it when not in operation. The propellers are supposed to feather in high winds like an airplane propeller. The feathering mechanism failed. Also the entire head is supposed to pivot away from the wind in an emergency to prevent over speed in case of a feathering malfunction.

  6. Wind power is the cheapest power source on earth now. Fossil fuels acidify the oceans and stuns the development of corals, shellfish and micro organisms. Soon there will be no life left in the oceans. How you gonna like that. And on top of that, fossil fuels stink. Just start your car in the garage and close the door. I recommend this only for climate change deniers.

  7. Of course windmills are environmentally friendly… Accidents and malfunctions can happen anywhere.. [cough] Chernobyl

  8. Am I the only one wondering why no one stopped the machine sending the steel down the line at 30 mph when one of the rollers failed? ….but instead just stood there filming it?

  9. Train gets cab entirely ripped off and burnt: Seems repairable

    Train takes minimal damage: Ahh shucks it's damaged beyond repair

  10. 3:49: We need more energy
    Windmill: sir the limit exceeded already
    Boss: Do whatever I say!!!
    Windmill: told yaa boss!!

  11. Linda: maybe the windmills will keep the turtles cool.

  12. "What's your opinion?"

    What a stupid fucking question. Whether or not WIND TURBINES (only childish retards like Trump call them windmills) are environmentally safe is a matter of data and analytics for experts, not "opinion" given by knee jerk reactionary Facebook and YouTube commenters with boot sized IQ's.

    This same kind of reactionary, populist, and uneducated bullshit is why Germany killed its nuclear power after fukishima and now relies on exponentially more polluting and dangerous gas while they ramp up their renewables over the next 20 years.

    The internet will be the death of civil society. And I'm only being half facetious.

  13. The first one…fruit roll up for Godzilla! Not gonna say what the white hot steel shooting up into the air looks like!!! 😲

  14. Wind turbines are inefficient and hideous blots on the landscape. They take 50 years to make enough electricity to recoup their multi-million dollar initial cost but before that, they need to be totally rebuilt which just keeps pushing that recoup date forever. Plus they are killing off our Bald eagles by the tens of thousands. Turbines are just a stupid lame idea.

  15. So, they note that no one was seriously injured in the Forge Fruit Roll-Up Disaster or the cargo ship colliding with the wharf, does that mean the other clips had casualties? You hope that those flag trucks are insulated in case of incidents like this but I sure hope I'm wrong and I didn't watch a bunch of guys get killed.

  16. I live in Iowa, we have wind turbines everywhere. And never see or hear of the brakes failing. Of course nothing is foul proof. When they get worn out they are recycled or refurbished. I wouldn't say they are completely environmentally friendly because they kill thousands of birds and bats every year. But I guess its better than pumping out thousands of tons of pollution that effects everyone.

  17. Windmills need oil to lubricate their shafts. They are not environmentally friendly. Plus, they kill many birds each year.

  18. Windmills are for milling , wind turbines are for generating power. Wind turbines are eco friendlier than fossil fuels but some of the components making up the battery that stores the energy are very rare.

  19. Humans: "These new wind turbines will benefit the environment"
    Nature: Destroys wind turbines
    Humans: "Am I a joke to you?"

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