πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί Is the far-right shaping the EU's migration policy? | Inside Story

πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί Is the far-right shaping the EU's migration policy? | Inside Story

48 thoughts on “πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί Is the far-right shaping the EU's migration policy? | Inside Story

  1. Vox in Spain is saying they want to have a handle on the door to "House Spain" and not the EU unelected burocrats. Vox wants to give preference to South Americans because they assimilate really well as opposed to the North Africans and Black Africans. And this is only sensible. WHen interviewd and asked are you far-right (extreme right in spanish) they answer: no, we are not extreme right we are the party of extreme necessity…lol

  2. The UN needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE for All the crimes there migrants do in all the countries the UN helps them get TOO.

  3. I'm left center, but on the issue of immigration especially illegal immigration I'm 100% against as the gov is supposed to protect and put THEIR citizens FIRST, as they're supposed to work for them NOT immigrants especially illegal ones. It's not right for the gov to decrease benefits for citizens. If the left truly believes in this then there should be NO shortage of ppl willing to sponsor them. (take financial responsiblity for them) However the truth is it's easy to espouse beliefs and call the far right racist/white supremists/neo nazis, however ppl change their tune completely when they themselves pay for it.

  4. Quit name calling. Obviously YOUR citizens are concerned about immigration thus protecting the country YOU run is you doing your job. Ppl just want things to get solved, they don't want name calling, excuses, and avoidance of the issue which at its core is citizens should come BEFORE immigrants/refugees. Right now the left has made them feel like they don't matter. Until this is fixed the right will continue to rise PERIOD as NO logical arguement will solve a emotional issue as this issue is primarily about them feeling unimportant/threatened etc NOT that they ARE threatened and not important.

  5. 3.1 million subscribers and yet only 7K views on a piece of news like this, with a click bait title as well? Something's rotten in Denmark, or I should say Al Jazeera studios. Your organization is deplorable. In a real free market demand drives offer and you'd be out of business. But since tertiary interests through the corrupt state of Qatar funds you, you still get paid to air.

  6. Germany invited Illegal immigration so Germany should pay for it. Made in Germany, so enjoy it Germany.

  7. In Australia police admit: Sudanese are 44 times more likely to break law. Some immigrant communities have major crime problems and nearly all of them have higher crime rates than Europeans (Japanese, Korean and Chinese are exceptions). Schams El Ghoneimi is not telling the truth, he is either stupid or a lair or a stupid lair.

  8. Frontex is EU's backdoor way of taking sovereign nation's right to control their own borders. NO THANKS. A nation, that does not control it's own borders is NOT SOVEREIGN NOR INDEPENDENT.

  9. Immigration poses an existential treat on Western culture. Immigrate but also , segregate , force integrate , educate and discriminate. Because if not youll be in for a world of hurt.


  11. Far-Right Politicians are being used by Russia to cripply the EU. Putin has no business on messing migrants in Europe, but he just wants to wreck havoc with the EU. Far-Left needs to wake up against this Black Propaganda coming from this disinformation by Putin.

  12. Europeans want to live in a Hobbit-land, they don't want to live in Babylon or Sodoma. Can you really blame them? Its up to USA, Israel and Russia to take care of the refugee crises. It's of their making.

  13. While evaluating the ideal environment and good living conditions based on everyone's safety and personal freedoms, the recognition of members of local and foreign workers as a result of some organizations suspected of being part of each office is the political leaders in the region. Even those who do not work on the street are Somali Red Crescent and a part of the UN that wants to fight Somali families who want to dress.
    To ensure that peace can be a place where everyone can live in peace, these three organizations must ensure that each family member convinces the names in their home country and abroad for three weeks to minimize suspicions in the region; United States and United Kingdom, as well as some parts of Europe and Turkey immigration authorities and immigration CCD branches and make sure that no doubt will be a good solution for peace and stability in nairobi kenya 2; 58pm

  14. What people don’t realize is that there is an economic incentive for countries letting these people in their countries as they usually contribute to society and start and successfully operate small businesses

  15. Congratulations you are all terrorists now πŸ€£πŸ˜… far right means terrorism and hillbillys enjoy. U tramps I just think of how broke and uneducated u people are.

  16. Lol far right means neo nazis, far left means people who are not tramps, ignorant, selfish or been living under a rock for the last 17 years. I swear to god I will never go to soo many countries for holidays because I'm scared of the white racist majority congratulations this is what Hitler dreamed for Europe.

  17. Germany currently receives more migrants per year, EU and non – EU foreigners than the vast US and Australian territories, completely disregarding the missing or limited sources such as housing and teachers, as well as the ethnicity associated with it -cultural changes and influences, regardless of the local population and without their consent. We have 20 million people with a migration background, ZZGL. 10! Millions of EU and non-EU foreigners – growing steadily, ZZGL. Since 2015, until the end of 2018, there have been around 2.5 million migrants, mostly from the African or Arab cultures. Thousands of people are added each month. School classes, especially in elementary schools, already have a migrant background in large cities Foreign language, the native students are more and more among those who need to be integrated, in their own country. Yes, we people with German roots are robbed city by city, school by school of our ethnicity, culture and homeland. Stakeholders from all over the world are acquiring land and real estate as well as companies in Germany like NEVER TO, and the cultures from all over the world are using our cities and our country. If this continues, we will soon not only be foreign in our own country, but more and more without our own. To defy the national law on the Germans' own homeland. And just stop with this nonsense that all this has anything to do with the beginning of something with a "normal" migration. Why is not there to be heard, read or seen here, the rich oil states for hundreds of billions of companies and football clubs buy, but for refugees hardly adequate to provide money and your land? Is Germany responsible for the whole world? No, it is WRONG that the Germans are taking their land more and more, economically and culturally occupied and expropriated. We are already FREMD IN OWN COUNTRY!

  18. The EU should have the same tougher border stance like Australia does. Most of the undocumented asylum seekers weren't from Iraq-Syria but from Afghanistan,Pakistan,Africa. The open arms approach by Angela Merkel has failed resulting in a rise of murder,rape & other crimes. The blood of those European citizens murdered by illegal asylum seekers are on Merkel's hands. Deport all non-Syrian & non-Iraqi asylum seekers who arrived in Europe between 2015-2018 back to their home countries.

  19. These guy's are just as brain dead ,as all the Brussel liberals . It is there in black ,and white ,what migrants do to countries where there are large numbers of them. Don't have to go very far to see what is going on in Sweden,Holland , Belgium France UK ETC . Aren't there enough proof ,that mass migration is bad?????? Get your head out of your arses western people . Markel invited the migrants ,and they want to hand pick the most use full ,and send the rest to other EU countries to support them for the rest of their life,. Now they want to take away boarder control from countries , so they can let in countless migrants .Yes migration slowed down since the Hungarians put up fences. No EU country helped them or helped with the coast. It is not Europas responsibility to solve all the worlds problem . If Europe continues on the same path, it will be the same as those countries where the migrants come from . Who will help then anyone?????? These IDIOT guys are saying that migrants don't represent risk.Hum ???? ,who is committing all the rapes, and murders on the daily bases per say in Germany . Thank god for people like Victor Orban , and some others, if it wasn't for them a lot more people would be countryless ,like the ones mentioned above.

  20. ur countries will be breeding ground of this african and mus..m invaders and ur white women and daug…rs will play a big role

  21. Does anyone else find amazing that you can bring retarded "experts" capable of saying literally everything in exchange for just a handful of shekels?

  22. If Arabs love migrants so much let's encourage more Jew's to migrate to the middle east… oh no they don't like it happening to them.

  23. Sami, it's nice that you at least try to broaden the debate, but in the end this was just 3 people having moral panic over the shifting attitude towards migration. No insight was gained from this, sorry.

  24. A immagration as to Britain a point as policy as transition till a leave of Europe as to a remain as a immagration as on a Europe direction after a referendum as a Britain in a point of Europe as a rule of Britain on a border point.

  25. He is right in calling them slaves, Africans are escaping slavery in arab nations Where slavery is part of islamic culture

  26. There are already 2a6 too many illegal immigrants in Europe. The immigrants coming now are the wrong kind . Third world societies , do not have a place in the first world. Barbaric and primitive cultures, centuries behind the enlighten and successful western European nations do not belong in the west. Europeans need to stop this invasion to preserve the future of the west.

  27. Every country should be able t9 enact and follow their own laws and protect their culture from criminal and barbaric peoples , presently invading Europe. Germany has committed , a fatal error that has destroyed Europe.

  28. Unelected bureaucrats can't determine national policies inside of member countries, when those policies are dangerous, destructive and evil. Having illegal immigrants with dangerous costumes, hateful beliefs, barbaric costumes and xenophobic, and intolerant postures on other religions but their own. Is culturally and politically suicide to western civilizations. People practicing, barbaric cultures and religions are undesirables and poisonous to the most successful societies in the world.

  29. The real problem in the EU is low natality rates, not the political situation in Libya, Syria, Pakistan , Ethiopa, Somalia .. .etc etc etc

  30. EU should kick out far right fascist countries like Poland and Hungary. White supremacy and racism should be fought by EU

  31. Men are not wanting children in western societies, because we no longer have any rights and for all intents and purposes are turned into slaves to the state and mother.

  32. Enough is enough,now as an European i should point out that al jazeera is owned by the emir of Qatar which as we know finances islamic terrorists groups around the world, so when will qatar stop funding islamic fascism?

  33. Europa is waking up. The problem is that the Radical Left and extreme Liberals for a decade underestimating the people of Europa. And that's a big problem for them, because they never learn. Everything that is happening in Europa is on the back of the Leftists Liberals and their ideology and politics. The ONLY one to blame. Every single death of a women and children, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, is on THEM. The question is, when is enough ?! How many dead women and children they want before it is enough, or there is a limit at all ?

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