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Hello and welcome to another
episode of Exvius Updates, the show that brings you all
the hottest information for your favorite application
FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Global available to you guys on iOS,
Android, as well as Amazon devices. I am your host “Black Cat” Shaly and we’re here with our
always special guest… Hi, I’m Hiroki-of-Pumpkin! I’m the producer of FINAL FANTASY
BRAVE EXVIUS Global Version. Very exciting month that we have ahead of us today and I want to know what we can expect. Yes. So, it’s October. Yes, it is. And that means… Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween! Yay! Yeah, and everywhere… And everywhere we will have some juicy Halloween events ready for FFBE. Yes. I’m very excited ’cause Halloween
is my favorite holiday and I cannot wait to see what
kind of new event we have what kind of new Units we can expect… Super super excited. Yes. Okay, let’s get down to business. Alex, it’s your turn! Hi everyone, I’m Alex and I’m back! Excited for today’s Halloween Spooky~ Yeah, spooky spooky event. Depending on what you’re into- I’m sorry! No, not at all, don’t worry about it. But yeah, as you can tell,
I don’t have my costume yet so I need to I need to get that sorted out. What am I gonna… y’know, do this year? But uh yeah, but anyways… We have a new Halloween event
for FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS. So I just want to talk about
that event really quick. It’s going to be… “Grave Hexvius” Yes, we had a lot of fun
with the name at the office a lot of people pitched in, they were like “Wouldn’t this be cool?”
and it got approved. So we were like, yes!
we’re rolling with it! Yeah, well they– did
you come up with that? But that’s like, It was a team effort! and it’s a really fun event, so Alex, can you give us more details
about what is actually gonna be happening for that?
Yes, of course. So… It’s going to be an
Elemental Battle type event. This time, well, you
know the drill of course you’re gonna complete battles to
obtain event currency, event points of course, using bonus Units will
give you a bonus event currency then you’ll be able to perform event
summons with the event currency you collect and get
materials and other rewards and then you can use these
materials that you got to actually craft event limited equipment. Which is cool, and also by
playing through this event you’ll also get recipes for three new
extremely useful consumable items. Nice. Right? And these items are going to be the restorative shot, which
restores health to an ally pretty self explanatory as well as the energizing shot which will restore MP to an ally and CPR kit, which will revive an ally… through CPR! Yeah, I guess so! Yeah, gotta know CPR and uh, so now just a little bit about the featured event limited
equipment that you can craft through this event. First, we’re going to have the Ashen Cloak. I don’t know if it’s a cloak
made of ashes or just The color of it is like an ashen tone like, grayish-black. Sounds pretty awesome to me. It’s going to be a robe this time which will grant you +18 Attack Magic as well as +10 Defense and Spirit and 10% MP. It’ll also boost light resistance by 20% and resistance to Blind and Disease by 50%. And one of the cool things is that it also enables Ashen Set which
boosts Defense and Spirit by 20% when equipped with Ashen Relic. So you know, you get that
little like, you know Yeah, those equipment set bonuses, exactly. Yeah, and so Ashen Relic, another of the featured event limited
equipment that you can craft… It’s going to be an accessory
with +8 attack and magic +5 defense and spirit and +5% MP. It will also boost light resistance by 15% and resistance to Blind and
Disease by 15% as well. It will also enable Ashen Set,
again, like we just talked about which will boost defense and spirit by
10% when equipped with Ashen Cloak. Yes, so we got the… the cloak, was it? Yeah, the
cloak, the relic, and the hood. So, you get the whole set. Exactly, and so, yeah So you know, lots of these especially this event Most, I think, well, not all of
this event’s special equipment will have you know, all kinds of
synergies with each other so that’s really fun to play with and equipping them as a set will
grant you those bonuses Yes, so make sure that
you’re playing the event and that you get your hands on as much
of this equipment as you possibly can so you can benefit from all
of the, you know, like passives and stuff that it has to offer and I just hope that it’s a lot of fun
I’m really looking forward to like, what bosses are gonna be
making an appearance this time. Look forward to it, then! All right, and to go along
with our Halloween event we’re going to have our Halloween
Units making an appearance we have two new ones this time around and the first one is going to be Karten. Karten is a 5★ base that
can be evolved to 7★ and he is modeled after
a werewolf, basically. He’s a very cool physical attacker he’s very werewolf-themed you’re gonna be able to see his
long hair and then his claws really cool, cool looking guy! He’s gonna be a true dual-wield Unit so make sure that you’re able
to equip him properly for that. He will be able to double-cast
and also triple-cast He can electrical-cast
in a variety of ways. Once his tool kit is a little bit more
public you guys will be able to see how that happens. He has some attacks that do chain
with Bolting Strike family so if you have an Esther in
your party this is going to be a very beautiful combination of the
rabbit and the werewolf somehow. It’s gonna be interesting to see. The combination we hear about all the time. Yeah how they work together, but, you know on Halloween anything could happen, right? ‘Cause you can be anybody you want
that’s the beauty of Halloween. That’s true! Wow that was really nice! Exactly, that’s why I love it so much! His Trust Master’s gonna be Scarlet Moon which are the clothes that he’s wearing. It’s going to be an attack
of raw 35 and defense 30 and then it has a passive called
Eternal Bloodlust of this attack when equipped with fists
so that’s nice there. But his Super Trust Master is
going to be the Wildfang Heirloom. See, we told you he was wild. Those are his weapons, the
claws that he has equipped And they’re gonna have an attack
of 170 so that’s pretty… pretty good for a set of fists there and it also has a passive
called Wildfang’s Claws which are going to boost
the equipment attack when armed with two one-handed weapons. Again, true dual-wield. So look forward to Karten,
the precursor of the Shadow I am very excited to
have him join our ranks but he is not the only Unit that’s going to be joining
us this Halloween. We have Godrea. Godrea is a 5★ base, again,
you can evolve her to 7★ and she’s a ghost exterminator. A ghost exterminator? Who’re you gonna call? Go-drea~♪ That’s good! That was really good. But back to Godrea here. She specializes in physical attacks and she is also a buffer-up so she is going to act as support for your team as she has very interesting
things in her toolkit to do that. But she’s mainly true dual hand so you wanna make sure that she
only has like the one equipped weapon at all times that is two handed
that way you get the most out of her kit and she has innate double-cast,
she will also have triple-cast in, or, under certain conditions and then she will have a cool
down ability when she’s a 7★ that will allow her to quadruple-cast so she can cast as many as four
times in a row on the same turn so that’s pretty cool there. Godrea’s chaining family
is going to be a bit larger than Karten’s by comparison she’s going to be able
to chain with Chaos Wave Absolute Mirror of Equity, and then others well, which we’ll get the details
to for a little bit later. She can also imbue herself
with three different elements which are Ice, Water, and Dark and then at 7★ she will have, um… I’m not sure if it’s one
cool down ability or various but she will have a cool down ability where she not only can imbue those
elements to herself but also to one ally. So if you’re wanting your
one ally to, you know chain with Dark element attacks because the last few Units that you
pulled are Dark-oriented and you want them to all Chain
together then Godrea is your girl. She’s going to be able to
help you out with that. Now, her Trust Master is
called the Photon Core. It’s going to be an
accessory of raw attack 40. It has a passive called Photon Core, which
boosts equipment attack on a single weapon that’s equipped in both hands, again a true dual-hand Unit here and boosts physical and magic
damage against Fairies and Reapers ’cause of course, we’re
talking about Halloween so you wanna exterminate as many Reapers as possible and Fairies? and Fairies! You know, if the occasion
calls for it, right? Oh, okay. Maybe it’s an evil Fairy, you don’t know.
We don’t know. Okay, and her Super Trust
Master is a GE-98 Photon Gun It is a gun, as the name says,
it has an attack of 177 and it is two-handed because, again,
Godrea is a true dual-hand Unit here and it has 3 different
passives attached to this gun so let me go through them quickly here. The first one is First Age– Aid Knowledge First Aid Knowledge, sorry which boosts the potency of
healing items used in battle so, you know, if a potion
usually heals you 20 HP with Godrea, if she’s the one using it,
if she has the Photon Gun equipped then it might heal you for 40 or 50, depending on the value there and enable Energizing Shot as well this is going to be a single-target
usage of items for all allies what does this mean exactly? So let’s say that you guys are
running low on MP on all sides I just… it just basically like an ether just one ether, that ether
affects the whole party so the MP for everyone in the
party will go up with that ether And then we have the same kind
of skill in Restorative Shot. Another, you know, the last of
the passives for this Photon Gun for HP, so if you were to use a
potion or a high potion then even though you’re casting it only on one
character it affects the whole party so they also get healed
they also get benefits from that particular item. Sounds good. Yeah, I think that’s all that
I have for you guys today I wish I had a little bit more details but you know, leave some
mystery ’cause it’s Halloween and I cannot wait to see
these Units in action. The animations are absolutely gorgeous cannot wait for you guys to see the Limit Bursts, they’re
gonna be really cool. Look forward to it Okay, cool, and so with these new Units, of
course we will be having another Step Up Summon so that you can get your hands on these juicy little Halloween Units and so the Step Up Summon
for Godrea and Karten is going to be a five step Step Up Summon Step step step! Yup! With the rainbow rate being 5% the featured rainbow rate being 1.5% But you’re also guaranteed a
random rainbow on the third step while also being guaranteed either Godrea or Karten on
the last step of each, so as long as you do the
Step Up Summon, you are guaranteed to get one of them and you can also get
summon coins, of course to exchange for Godrea and Karten’s prism among other items so you will have, you know,
just another chance to get to get them to get even more of those
Units, so that’s pretty cool. But for those of you who
might have missed out on previous Halloween Units we are also going to be having a Step
Up Summon for the old Halloween Units. So this is going to be actually
a four step Step Up Summon and the price is going to be I
think less than what it usually is. Oh, discounts! I love discounts! Yup, a nice discount right there with the rainbow rate again being at 5% and this time, though the
rainbows are guaranteed to be one of the old Halloween Units. Nice! Love that. Love on banner
guaranteed rainbows that’s my jam. And so for those… yeah, for those, 5★ are
actually going to be a Demon Rain, Dracu Lasswell Grim Lord Sakura, Lilith, and Lucius. Right, but of course through this this old Halloween Step Up Summon you’ll
also be able to get some 3-4★ Units such as White Witch Fina,
Pirate Jake, Illusionist Nichol and Black Cat Shaly! Not me! Whoops! I mean Black Cat Lid! Thank you. Though, you know you want… you know! It would be cool to have. Next, we will also be having a
new set of Ability Awakenings. This time for the following Units… We will have Lilith, Lucius, Hyoh, Shatal Ravus, Macmedi, and Ignis. They’ll all be having some of their abilities awakened. Awaken-able, and so in this batch, yes! Divine Ruination chaining family
will indeed be making a comeback. Yeah, look forward to them I hope you guys have been
saving up on your Cryst from story events and other means, because I want… I expect them to be juicy because I’ve never seen… These other characters are
in the Japanese version and they have their own
awaken-able abilities over there but in the global version we
have both Lilith and Lucius so I’m wondering what they’re gonna what they’re gonna add to their
kit, very excited to see it. It’s going to be juicy, it’s gonna
be sweet as that corn candy. Next we also have a new trial
boss making an appearance in the Chamber of the Vengeful. It’s going to be a Demon Matsuri or…
MaTSUri? or… I don’t know what you want to call it, but either way it means “festival”… It does. for those of you who don’t know,
so “Demon Festival” sounds… sounds like a good time if you ask me! Yeah. And it’s going to be an even better time because of all the amazing
rewards you can get which actually will be based
on the number of unique Units that you use to clear the trial quests so the more unique Units,
you know, the more cool rewards you will be
able to get your hands on. Exactly. And on this boss, water attacks
will be extra effective and the boss will just
continuously spawn minions and the boss will actually
absorb fire damage. But, then again dealing fire damage may
actually be a key to victory…! Dot dot dot…! What does that mean? I don’t know, you’ll have to, yeah find out by challenging it yourself! and yeah, a lot of the rewards
will actually contain I mean, the rewards will contain
a set of the equipment that provide a great boost to attack
and magic when equipped together. So just a little bit about
these actual rewards. You’ll be able to get your
hands on the Kyubi Plushie which will give you +15
attack magic and defense it’ll boost fire resistance by 20% and resistance to confusion by 20%. It’ll enable also Kyubi’s set which boosts again attack and magic by 20% when equipped with a Kyubi Mask. Next, about the Kyubi Mask. It’ll give you +25 attack magic and defense as well as +15% HP and it’ll also boost fire
resistance by a whole 30% and resistance to confusion by 50%. And this time it’ll enable
the Fire Fox set, which boosts attack and magic by 20% again when equipped with the
Kyubi Cloak this time. And so, last but not least the Kyubi Cloak. It’ll grant you +25 attack,
+30 magic and defense as well as +15% HP. It’ll boost fire resistance again by 30% and resistance to confusion again by 50% and it’ll also, again,
enable the Fire Fox set which boosts attack and magic by 40% this time when equipped
with the Kyubi Plushie. So yeah, there’s definitely a lot
of synergy going on here and you you know, it’s definitely a lot better
to use all these items as a set otherwise you’re just missing out. There’s a lot of like, benefits
that come from using the whole set. I think you just have to mix and
match to see what works best for you ’cause maybe you don’t
need all three of them at the same time to accomplish, like the goals that you want to
accomplish in that particular battle but definitely having a, you know more than one of the
corresponding items equipped at the same time will give you the most bang for your buck,
I guess, we could say. But good luck to everyone with the boss. This particular boss is quite difficult I hear
so good luck to you all and I hope you can reap those
fabulous and amazing rewards. All right guys, and now we have a very exciting new
function to introduce to you today. Yes, sure do! It’s time to talk about the new mini game we will have in FFBE. It’s called… Slots de Chocobos! Slots de Chocobos! Yes! Slots de Chocobos! Nice. Slots de Chocobos, always fun to have a new mini game, especially is that French, right? “de Chocobo”? I’m not that fluent in
French, I have to say. But if you think about everything that
has FINAL FANTASY and Chocobos related it’s always “Mambo de Chocobo”
or “something de Chocobo” so “Slots de Chocobos”. There you go. But yeah, so just a
little bit about the game you’ll be able to participate
in this mini game only during certain events. Sometimes it’ll just appear and to play this game you’ll
need one token item and you’ll be able to get tokens actually through events or login bonuses in several ways and again, just like a slot game right? If three images in a row are the same then you get rewards which is pretty cool and different sets of images
will give you a different reward so that’s pretty cool, and actually, even if you don’t get
three in a row on your first try there’s a chance for a
Big Chocobo to appear in which case it’ll give
you a chance actually of winning a reward anyways. And there’s also a chance for
Bahamut to appear as well which gives you an even bigger chance to still win a reward even if you
didn’t get it on your first try. We wanna know what the prizes are. I’m very excited to see what
we can get from these slots. But it’s always fun to have
some kind of mini game in the game because first we had, you know the roulette where you can
spin and get some free items such as Lapis or like, uh energy pods that you can use
in order to run other events or like, so that you don’t
have to refill with Lapis but I want to know what I can win! So I want more information about it. It will be really fun so don’t miss it and be sure to
collect all the special medals! All right, the time has
come to end the show. But I’m very excited because
today was all about Halloween! I can’t wait for these new Units
and these new events to come to FFBE Global! Yeah, this is the fourth time our
FFBE Unit will become Halloween. Yes! And I’m sure that the year,
it will be great too. Yes, I’m definitely looking to get my hands
on some of the older Halloween Units so I can incorporate them into my party and have a ton of fun with them as well! But just a quick reminder, we also… to celebrate Halloween we also will
be having special login bonuses as well as special daily missions and so you’ll be able to get, of
course, some cool rewards through that but you’ll also be able to get medals the token items I previously mentioned and so make sure you use those
to go play the new mini game Slots de Chocobos so you can get some more rewards. Yeah, I cannot wait, there’s
rewards left and right very excited to see what’s
coming for Halloween! I’m excited! So we want to say Happy
Halloween to you guys. I know that not everybody
celebrates Halloween so if you don’t celebrate,
then just Happy Fall to you Happy Autumn. Hopefully it’s getting a little bit cooler
wherever you find yourself in the world ’cause recently it’s still pretty hot here where we are, so… Yeah, I hope you all enjoy
this Halloween with family with friends and, of course FFBE! Yes! Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween! Spooky, woo~

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