ரஜினி-கமல் அரசியல் எதிர்காலம் எப்படி இருக்கும்.? - மூத்த பத்திரிகையாளர் மணி | Senior Journalist Mani

ரஜினி-கமல் அரசியல் எதிர்காலம் எப்படி இருக்கும்.? – மூத்த பத்திரிகையாளர் மணி | Senior Journalist Mani

Michael need me come on Alison canary bit of octal each other's old Ranga he and Omar attack to take their cameras and guru come ringing and any Crimson entanglement or pudiera chin-hua chin-hua commonly people have a walk we believe risen to the in-breath in calico and there's a leak in Yaga non-answer importation Rajinikanth Oracle under Molly put it over we need to say there he came or tomorrow but turkleton space it in the toilet me when the sama Maha Nakhon DiCaprio reso the Popo Donegal America RL and Ron Howard a material parameter candy father a pre-cut every year Cape air in a roll body cup atomically dingle yellow parquet later cater for the common pasture and in Elliot Park Evelyn who is a non in the Marcel catch Arabic evenly on all particularly in rebuttal buckled a vulnerable a and then the MIDI Korea by the logarithm of you are the original infected that Canarsie L and a toll on the only air Marta – lyric on opening our silicone be our when they in the war and a gala tell a colossal error in him acrylic McHale poor rtainly yell from the pizza party a fungally pinned under Dino take LD Tamil Nadu model on Imperial Avenue at a career fair they really enjoy L didn't the monitor will endure it cinema but rumba rumba why well equally cannot whistle iike so he can obviously look you wonder in general is are you Motel amateur hour the communal one barn to Allahabad cholera silicon over and above mere already under in drinking caramel liqueur and originally other than the millinery look you wanna come while we're at the regular Arvidsson dilemma glaze and Ethan Amnon alluded to very groom and the rebellion dragon embark air power mood the particular threw money in America a veterinarian of arendelle already make it boom when accompany said calm serene making a map a so could you come on a mission Michael Needham a Hume kamalahasan on our élémentaire de lavit palatability Callum contributor Michael Needham I am Pierre de la community and the Murray pressure on american donna brazile a in the moral america culinary permaculture ganga atomic led mayhem camera arsenic a battery in little rock deleted a gazelle attack of a little lover they can typically I don't know much volume we have a Celtic program would Epona porno is Maryam college Shula LaBrie or interior docile Ranga McElhaney teammate kamalahasan Kennedy Bevacqua Wichita school Ranga easy and Omari talk to take their cameras and go to communion any craniamon on the moon in the cavatelli mama Tommy roulette they put it over real the buckle denim I am NOT eager camera Hassan a lake at Shima colony by an hourly Co the copper tottenham torch light on the touch rate janitor care Walker little member pair on the under male under the madam Molly walk killed on the unit on face here pallab terry farrell other nerdy putting on celery down to document officio the carrenza they would you know the paper check long con job una pena which is laughing yeah I will demand patient mmm I love the patient fungi they put on a 30 play on the cross-section of people ground up it appears mother now on the tart slated for Tony another and now when they occupied in attack mode Oliver LLL come on a hot summer day undercut Chico the McCauley I'm a little worried about the moniker Sadie of course if they allow me publicity more publicity Tsar saltan on the portal mama Donna bacteria and Reba but in Toluca when the London alone though put the electrical socket a garage cinema and unashamed and katakana I don't the neither purely lyrical Korea one is ahead ungraduated a curry Pokemon the linear polymer Italy with the first rain water alley the second time around sharing 2014 report on Grand Isle Parliament election laparotomy yeah our guru on the a paper towel roll all day pinball on the path in our little party table for Apollo Perdita we'll go / – they're eager valid the moodily part operator software engineer selection development relation brahmana Korea we are a little deeper tip a monitor with over a low calorie ordinary today I'm a pulsar Italian of America yeah a courier service in the Mario and the Pali room non part of re actually a perturbation one then I'll come on a Hasan ago podium I guess or are we there will build on under paces in my lair LLL marry Medusa grab you monetarily number and the number alone the cut crease are would you like a kiss our bin Laden all our number get a mullah great say uncle Ernest of an anomaly accident Iqaluit cool it will appear with a little entity really good even though you could put the sambhoga tasered our guru know when the water come on Monica Kelly parle and I saw you drop our topper today and the some of them millions of Idaho Oregon they go the way the end by the way they will have a bit more equality Ricardo Mongolian Lula you rent dog under the Mundra the telomerase are the rebuild on the Kamal Hassan a cooperative say in the poke on the Roomba I mean actually monotonic other period in Nordstrom under male in the mouth publicity mullah my the para maana relevant or not in Ukraine nobody reasoning on the superstar Rajinikanth our overall survival robbery would I characterize no para comer to Muller but three Calloway sandy Jerry I put there the long sandy can I imagine everyone on the statement tonight commonly people have a walk we believe it isn't that the end break in Kazakh OH&S a week you know Yaga non archery for tradition Rajinikanth over a girl under male coup d'etat we need to say the Eric a mutter more for three column spaces they not assembly elections a present Allah is something cation Rajini undemocratic Chilcote mm reading a mag original TV character cursory a verga our candle oak sources other when the under shuttle on the consistent our carnal and a crime in getting now rare and act upon our december put don't render nekron our darkness a liquid with the wording in truth are silly calendar am Jenna marine the Perigord very damn Airport Otago and the rhetoric they'd not done it the heir apparent Rosso Laurita our in don't dream sonar man SATA monitor delicate on or even Nidal Mattar Elka varam arcane or sauna mmm under the tell our tell you what a silicon canal camera hassanover guru Leia and tere dil vaca paternity Kamali I'll meet him in the curtain solamente una misión our really here in the pyramid a living a premium on door angle it'll solve our group peer pressure on the Rumba Vega Tamela on the in the toy Lymon the sama maka a geek under kakuni already warm up Oh Darla Darla marry Carolyn rod I already material parameter candy powder Karaman drew the Tamil Eelam under the apron getting another Syriana pod America day at the end and solidly angulating peer pressure that's not the definite Kirk on come on lay our co-chair engineer momart our animal events are about yourself or you do como los vomit on drago Padova teresa de alcalá will be no net put your nothing in Rome Erica a city boy well a citizen again kuru clan say V Campbell reasoning anthikad regret the Carthaginian apartheid regime even then a summer Tomorrowland they delegate put that self and the Mughal Taniya govern according she ma Raja he got farther away than earlier there are we from Aloha sonic a terrific a villain but nom nom Thierry Neuville evolution Rajini pan our cell accordion dragon la parte ly for the in the MIDI comedy part aircraft on America commentary that's on Aleppo dragon Amarillo trailer good endure and the poor team and the peer pressure a lien on our level or what Allah or piranha and the Karev is so naughty one day theorem on either the only is the only unintelligible Tecna is running on the Erica Dante something a cackle Opry many critical certainly our konnichiwa Hyundai Biden the chemical gonna kill me huh up re the pine building bracket it is the letter Kikuyu revision and katakana come on Hassan are rightly or wrongly Syria torukamu Laurel war on the column and Oracle are Celica McCreary Priscilla card McHale Rita pora to to need to file suit Labbadia perked up and open our autoloader Matanga from our tumeric will do that I put on the good job when the body cap atomically pure parta in the Mary Michael someone the putter buckle pyramid will parada Korea fraction egg alone the come on Hassan overly mark paired up a signal oh no nobody a superstar Rajinikanth the or everyone day to to could eat to pocket util Capitola be pata mmm and the part Turner Park of Buddha the mall to Manila some home run and a mean a hard on real anger can deepen and then p.m. ownership on the gazelle Romulus embodying a part of McCauley party with Rhonda parody rajinikant a girl Lundy shooting collegue poor RH and maybe Minelli Traverse ADR look at you birthday mingle Gajapathi capital a common part record in Dept etapa run in the Marcel quarrel Iranian Park Obama and the battle on the Syrian opposition are oval even the kya put the curry over buddy Liana I put in Raleigh Mingo and or VVIP Ningaloo superstore embroidery are commenting on superstar Artem article to your car company Cupido prickly or super solid make a list and a gamble a ton Araceli kurudi assembly Allison Thomas Walter nah too too good it to park it should tell by the capital every part original intolerable the Joella body kappa tommy imposter on achiever cell aquarela apple at a park on inner and the body left our honorable opponent even to look election claiming a portrait our abode nominal person if every deep in LA but not only Kamata client records very active other way gnarly key resonant or really catchy are McLaren Ravi to Coulomb none are in the virility magar cell catchy RV park other assembly elections a found along the warmest important Dola re Dola real catchy arsal are selling for vodka cherry pop hot even the our army Kmart our Nepal are our dump URL Narayana Kui Mayport only tomorrow our endodontic their community character you would in the mouth publicity with the part in the water elevator park computed their manga Rajinikanth now Reverend orison leftover wat a pre bottom where the advantage on the Rajini come on Camila Kirkman Road Imperial adalah na na nanana corn yellow rapid kamalahasan every war on the color cylinders allama adama NOPD official I know the new name is Julio girl common epithelium a Rajini catchy arm with assembly election you can imagine when Putin catchy arbitrarily induce Allah birthday underdog original take on the new on some solo Korean le vous salue dream over 3 Rajini gondola or RCL impart to the Rumba tell you of our Aparna bring Ramada or a suitor Crona reaper solid piranha our resolve a peso criminal army Saranga watch Pony to carry allah miyan ganga and the nathalie a proponent power were bargaining memory cinema Bonnie Laden glory died like a puma negative how I do to partner and release our table very low more really a number of career are running a loop trooper poder come quality Lee Rainie pony our toaster committee as a very great me another we should devote to partying alone being on the spot layering a POI Nina sandy could approach me enter the room okay Marley you know me Naruto catch er which of McKeldin poem would it work a Korean the Buddha de Mello soon some cocoa Korean de – or a soft approach or Maria a British climbing it other than during a collab tekapo a for our border collie epic I'll already be there to read upon our city making the an otaku Milano Villopoto kunio Rajinikanth they are chromatic Arthur compare and all our political up for political standard authority upon he'd make our a particular when they make our grammar simple Cola candy bar member socotra a personal that is the worth in the room Rajinikanth Olivia elevate the park board our holiday a pretty bang-up eliminate Delilah I mean our silicon dad Tommy avarice Medusa the Milan anti-government a polymer clay but why put her even but you know deeper how do I would he reveal structure masovia a psychoanalytic la Parker's over money their hamburger I would be algorithm and only allowed it a park at the end already contacted that Canarsie and a toll on Tom Lehrer more titular gonna put on in our silicon view at the eleven in our cellar come get you know pro-muslim ago he palm block Rudra Maria dr silver bosom of the Tanana Turku Carl Reed – I'm gonna let alone the silver early bird at one tension great arena what's her model are able to pull it to carry I wouldn't go in the Terramax or a large market what were some was to murder overhead I would be the model Honda Motor America the model lavender he could have a fight put him there Janna you remodel either Monday or on the golovkin takuna Parrinello killer theory I did Nina one though what am I getting at least Ithaca Rodimus underwater Sawa ok hard immerse model and the our masala tell Avera forces from la política lavender color Kharagpur one other way come on Regina got every large silicone doll come Oliver will die in the war on develop Ramallah historian about the resonant Alcala era CLE in the lagoon the eudicot the movement we drove various signal Erica very political go to point a bouquet monitor Virginia Dada will gather a Pokemon na nanika re-enactor butter masala Gerard la cude Annette part number 88 on the drama and evening or guru statement lava Rajinikanth Isola Gurinder all assembly elections say upon darn on his rule attire a Greek read other than malama or rent efficient Minto birdie perch aircraft an are Celica ribbon and we'd already per kilogram sorry are they were dream on the sole to pull your arm at our Nana in the very Lana wanders over the particular rendered in the Sultana assembly election are known spawn na dhanam everyone read either idea would be put in right now and a sewing india Nausicaa Odinga de or come on Adam Molly got a reindeer come on camel Lord our poor odd event iconic wrap the election on responder para una hora wanna wear RSL catchy election siren Ptolemaic killed America no elections in learn they'll demand your show never show my power bill Jammu Kashmir clamp Athena her under Galante the real number 30 and there could er selca trickle ourself on amela political activities through the continuous process the elections for oompah orchid she election the topo guard a layover catch engine at a gendered area and the catch is a rogue Alamo carpeau Corrigan Anika Porto can I add a new girl mockery Dom you didn't mean real personal like a gap or a linear line brother mo kio nowaday assembly elections unknowns from the parinama river nor VIP so Tigre where or RCL a lot of parades are that cinema to rates are the three of premature aging anomaly purity parmigiana Cairo maharaja antardhana gotta seal or SAT pestering Alara Kalama come on in based on original debased answer you know you know good nor can we do sir muck culprit cynically Patti Adam pace of Korea are the boom era CL argument in the romantic Amla got some broody sir – Yara Kooning in any way I pre in the question of Parana res judicata or even the war on the kalamaja wrestling – no career around a number Lampeter in the gold agraja yell non-character sir however when they in the war and a gala tell a colorful array name acrylic McHale poor art and I'll yell from the pizza now Rudy upon Gary pinned under Dino take really our our cell a park raccoon the curricula and raga part of atomic are obtaining a so trigger you know as only available was at the end on a triple Ignat other cool means a free delayering he character luring a party after the coup they're everywhere paramilitary 23.1 the tail being a cooperative are given the pathetically serie will the Verma the job will body cap atomically to could eat to practice whatever the Jeff Willes body capital eluded Nakia do por la Darin extra Monica you know who monitor division Paula let's check on a kind of arendelle will the correctly Donna has an olive on the body pure love and brotherhood Assam onion a cup for you I put it over here tape a dinner all body capita McAllen Dingle here boy part of La Roquette approach the common path are ending Elliot Park Evelyn who is a non in know Marcel catch are Machiavelli Arnold Parker in rebuttal buckled a vulnerable a in the lagoon the MIDI Correa by the logarithm of you other undirected I will never run those strategic a blunder ponder on Dom you know get on with it now murder Isola assembly a Lexington on the motherboard on what again in the Zulu grab upper thing I will have won the election dialect Puri my election one da watan our self-government aleksey leonov are Amata after adjudant areeda i put it on the manila numbers Batman and I lay down our pacing here are very intimate and Allah will pay seated are a mere two Calibri nichols illumine assembly elections can on the mother Malkin bhutan and very green and roberto is solely Gravitron civil some of the Tillman Gary apart over our select over authority and rule over a track another participant our civil simogo today more Satyam sees the kinetic run and were in the entry I put a pot over assembly election one bagon evolved under the muck CalPERS legal assembly election about teapot they overlap and the continuous process for immunity we tied our go up a ninja won the election Paducah alluring la mulecada battle / silicon in a poor Oliver Lea yell ro podía abrir una are now in lr1 the quadrature medical personnel cocktail airing in Ferrara negative layering in parada muhammad khaleel Pratunam on the tear the Larry with Dalton there are silky army paid Hindu Sulu idiot birthday we ro are SEL pod a VA that coming up our David air cargo Erica dimensional partner at the end of a trip Aruna Nikita really overly arrogant over del mondo mondo mondo catchy RBT comma 1 kilometer seller solely granny in a car's inferior little wooden part a little bit of money sir could he kill me Regina carousel turida Terry Lea's an en de qué el viene una y el perro de telepathy Cacambo D and they le perma credit upon array are they Mary Poppins puppies on both the petite Cambodia not even a Colorado Maryland put your caliber empanada Clara in the molecule we killed Kalam you put it I will tell every believer Mary celibate our guru with monomer culprit cynical tearing the doll or a CLP Sagrada ara see Ella mummy and cattle prod are Iranian in RCL turida or if you pandas a neon opening Panama or by Nico poor hardening in any curricula or a CLT Rio de la cárcel Theriot Cody Neal a little body pure body lumpy parasail Theriot however rudia a personality members of the Illuma say already available already a political personality or individual personality again pertaining a particular role in the other peer can be terrific or er silic in ananda other key again even a Yantra career a bouquet or RSL catch it Tolliver raga our al Mughal Camus demon role and an empirical theory in the London a solar neighborhood Terry I'm a pestle I had a celebrity relay panel other cover art recoreded ribbon again Buddha's na epicycle a very credit hour when they allowed him a parade appeared muna here cocoon Yamato personally Patri already put in the limpid a very muddy another your credits right about the purium oliver chelate either one the opportunity no realities – a toboggan Hill nothing hamper our ability our silt area more lap charity me wandering the poor already damaged it I now so to say coupon Romana million toward it and I select area Oliver lad RCL Terran jae-min Yolanda Turley rainy poor Eddie alone an urban take a movie idea monetary union eleven doriga I'd rather than solely grid ready on the carousel period advance Oliver Li our carousel video Arnold I work at a radar Ceylon awaited opera Curia the and the individual human personality Clea other won't any monies are loving him I would've loved eel sickle look yet that I would one day he doing the repair Cunha RCL Agha our cat edit our silly motto movie human body psychologically our carousel period ever ran solo Martin our carousel Theriot our Pisa Korea are sellin booty Harkin our selves a dark alley say replanting a so nigga dad one day yella to come for our my opinon a driver are sill one purpose on both but he passed me original a caliber Nura clan are they oversee the Rd Arsenal Morgan bleep addict are working lady got up to near poor El Paso for yes Jerry you know one day you're gonna rassle yarrow DRS you know you're busy together Harwood are Solyndra yeah even basically are silly when they're here can he add he got at the roulade he had a Varga Tallulah other layer sale ever pay Cigna Gerry other than they were to put tired the protective microRNA Colorado put him acrylic or a peso Korea aerosol art amor Garcetti aviary carousel Tyrion Anna Darcy LEM prevent a war sir are in our silicon our cilantro some agave Ilhabela in Rwanda Orion is nonlinear in Dominica no I'm here can I pay sit on the kamalakanta para mean green during mama yet my pace it come right any kind of problem in computer aided assembly constituency Lane reckoning and in rivet repair even dimensional terminal RT who Ryan the crime that the pattern in the quarry Dubai window same sort of the conservative estimates say but the coordinates Co careering you on this but to Cordoba logo has some believe is Jake at the table rather than the tragedy can't officiate in so not not Daniel imported on our own in Kootenai Leonard a pre and roll under sellable we are not to put Mallory in to put to vote in a low and agro the other day in the product a la me our CFO Yerger up in the panic tests LMC a potion or London the tiny monetary London the candidates now apparent annacarl in Iran so locally upon a car Gilbert optimal kajillion Paula Oppel ARLA I'll let entangled with the Guru or eternal Angus ilokano motto in Madrid repo location where traitor Korea would wait pal election misil open line you're gonna react Simona Halep oh no no sólo para a pistol opening Medina Jacob Riis Rodya Larkin Theriot vanilla solo figure who era Jake retching apart up on another moon what agree upon JQ marina outcome rajinikant vertebrae wait for a girl and a delicious or open or la Ponte Motta Jake was relevant at owner upper Maggie Luka under Adam Sheldon Economou Meridian apolog indeed even when there are none area would sit immunity to do Barrera upon an area which is no City good Tana the Mata Casa Laguna yet maybe a Kachina Lorna Alan the other day I don't Andromeda we no matter to me Ecuadorian I sort of put it in candy pop he interprets Anakim a what a poor lager a car no demand boon he interprets Nick man or financial angle water or any female on me and the work on Ottoman rule other Tommy Mottola in the earlier when the elections room but costly are gonna come on Tamil Nadu magic pan Imperial earlier a career Delhi India Lorraine tomorrow me Larry film but through but rumba why velika Valley Kanako sallykaus silicon on pursuit Oh yellow devil Commissioner Loeb lingual and the Gopala Samuel and some patil in decoration and a yell are on a PC kana a pre-recorded either Terry Ammal Tom Barnard till their Delhi relate Parnham don t know Monica to do a little you are tilted a little money poodle for not Turkey Meegan Meegan OPM on upon gunday and buddy Aria garlicky Rajinikanth toggle luger mariyadhai hear any lever denim on Cory bleep or low career korvac America could a parental involvement cooler to a little Abajo a little pan and put it over in daniela the panel to panel to politically at america's animal room maria de varela a pre-enrolled Linda Kelly and the fauna mean wind or a Pokemon you created equal via neurogenic a great communicator Kelly than Ron de Panama be lucky Indian dope oh you're dead and up up three and the bonhomie anger the very good at the enroll uppity and upon a place LLC in the Berber red Osamu kusarigama kanga how are you can either park on Anakin's heavy under perp Ningaloo poco lo Korea drip our pattern that little mutt record children draw at a negative the matter attaining a quorum mmm a paternity Parker Cobra neo the Terminator is still a mother is cinema Carole colossal model of India will vary the meal a hill in the Kelvin on again own not eat Talmud Timmy an art they aren't able to law obtained and the dominant regime are winning assorted Erin and Michaela BK crap in the body of us are Moody and Amin our clan or the traitor e20 to your face o lv o my almighty love and eternal guardian away what an AR a seal parameter Ranga de grado de la Mitchell Avenue nigra Indiana kamudu pure pure come on Colin Alma I thought it could be a Maurice are the McKellen Iman evaluate the cinema car elevator poor girl aracely Khandala villian that table romantic Arnel cinema ha will end up over a way to container on a silicon this cinema in somebody takasi you generally very sellable England rivet to collude Rekha RS a lien on Tory vein I think politically not even into ruin doll other than of Italian cinema who Marcy alone Tamra not till pin Upendra possible in the earlier and the money later imprint upon a deadly and I'll either internally origin literally a mooladhara isn't really a team already symbol Amelia you know the naughty model of Leaning a parting Anna other one to draw a cat to reduce the Ravikumar and become or not I would personally not again a little trickery Lehrer colinear Cinemark Curie was married rod MGR native table even the lawmen the Andrea calacatta till would Cooper tamil kanaka porker Peter saw her Peter Somu boutonniere knotty Catelli the tumbler get emitted a putter cargo boom sua Maria de kado me get Pirlo the perch Angela Merkel never retreat or eat and olya and aracely Cap'n person are l-drago yet come in Bavaria drama Darcy enemy number one the in the penumbra are savvy I do some of the vehicle at the copper is now a public maraca again and now o M G ro Pilar nigger don't do Milliken Darcy like a linear or even Bagga T mocha and Raqqah Chinna ponnu Darby cragger picolet the vanilla Vanderbeek ramayana are still the magneto Parramatta their de la rasilla I've been thickest Amidala Baku veneer see another pair Delhi micron uppity one modality mu could round up meter arabic April is it now I bet dealer not able to read in the Moodle put it there that Peregrine Appleton I investor in the patella team Kapoor a connected I'm both levity mocha their the Laporte eat the powder and you see shakily upon model and the Pagani Perla worth dresses rajendran a tigress essa I'm the Sita model ami MGR at the time portal MJ Anderson are none on the cinema on Medicare and other mole Andrade akattak upon yeah today and I can die our salute to rather than drop another of the data in bacterial Amelia welcome Mario Perez so sorry credit under Mariotti SSR cond at the san joaquin mg a highly blow we shouldn't occur by memory I don't think I'm on deposit there the Lil M they are our real potty degraph I think the sentiment rama marker mandela sucked a mile away and the trio lai-him dr i will pay triple tree amelia volume will say why you regret i do it i am dr emili about your degree audit on brilliant I will tell EP Makati got a routine bill calamara an undergrad calendar Archie Koty Gras a polka linger I am geography Mukarram part rocket booster Lorinda pure-pep on one day here you turned 11 the mdro or below the Tanya vanilla of the catchy Arabic are you here with tell Archie pre crap here you ATL are cheap recap Nala you know John McCallum collar on a bomb are CLA injected Callaghan reproduce 11th America was New Zealand are a silly old opening play Jay Altima or well done during a party now I already too late in bertrand de la notte team called e para pasar ahora MLM coup de Gras T Mugabe pestered moon soo tripping on pogo more evil am Jersey relative mathira outlet in Bertrand L could be purpose el al arabiya is LF a very Gras in the medieval tick-tock Delaware but the core group morale guru Ukraina are still training money other than pure him but NALEO Raja Sabha MP agave enough McGraw not gone to learn more and auricular and then put it all at the end materially mg armor in the parody gelatin but Randall Avon valium but Theory line Don McCallum arias already wearing her to the Leyland event in bateria debris or anita liver agra in Boonton buddha lava reroute their cigarette joining him or city shake rang up or joining him are not in contact with ron jeremy a grin without it don't look you won't drill Gerald are you Motel Amex are about the communal worn by the golem over Colorado silicon inaudible meeting the day and Island Ricky come on like you were under a peerage any key every soul even have an assembly election Allah Aman whatever word up buddy whatever the Ambedkar Dean Ambrose cinema I was living a direct jumper at the pogrom day now a pre bunda worry about worry are getting mañana in the real India where Lara NT Rama Rama Rama Hare Rama theater motherly love a mother a Matrona other get in a car I am but now longer they circle on the car touches on pure energy tap tap a Turkish Leyland John package chicken a evander in the commune stubble of iike a very catchy jingle net appear in the Congress government angiogram von daniken on the world of William McCulloch would be a very poor daddy commodity other wonder I got tap beneath the massive Trevor when they catch erm see the Missoula mother llama drama zoll upon a lemon dragon America the memory is I festeroo Licata ear deep for charity improved Megan Allan Poe criminal doe calacatta tell car interior no motor memory memory loved it under a curry on the UPS Union Public Service Commission under an intern at the karate Gallagher in the Kelly a trauma trauma category party a little apart a llama yeah Oh straight LaMotta cinema Graham want to match your honor at the in hand the cinema car under the party under the cinema carolina model is anima TV room cinema car la la giralda a tremendous would be a compliment a loose a movie a cup or so mood Ayako Adele in the print every louder grabbed a monitor her Gitana samudaya monitor could not even William a cinema VM with robbery Camilla recommend purity of the culinary MGR and nah Johnny gamma gels they learn me complaining a patina other torture Gotama D Parker under the bridge apocatip if I the macro model angle in Tanana McKinley in the calendar reveal a gel Tommy Lee put a players on they're gonna Mary appeared easily when the murder podium Tom Berg aerosol MGR calendar ended polar collinear jail turned to the polar thread to reorder someone to put Yaga calendar a camel and Rajini entry dude were sailing tomorrow put your bank earlier and I can no more the Mara the not only I put it on the you to lure salam-o-alaikum progeny Cambria a universal Agha Tom wheeler Garcia resonant Araceli come on doll where you are in Rambouillet one day para comprar Mariana Satya coral coming in a catonian a Moodle or hace ordinary bear Messer ran deeper come on our model Rossi and appear c'mon a model or a same but the narrator man by the mackerel done what is ailing economy Ricky Jenica no more than the McLaren the even really aluminium a moodle arrival of a soul of a million brain accustomed to get ready again you see tiny money the Harlem yellow HECM item daily party apparatus smaller cut she Tommy put other when they make it come alive in Amara Villa Kevin Dineen hablo salut mama are they able to monitor the gorillas Moodle work on over in the pure canary one an array where mana urea but in a river of the chronometer but Amin Aronov and Robert Kelly Ripa pieces in 11c cinema Carolyn day Varla Varla will fungally pen and Robin gave me a message again let me go charge guru can run a Priory in an apartment building karna Galeras elevated animal white blue Maria WIPO Goethe to homo lopatina actress poonam we are gonna be a tester Darwin on a free parking will never get over me when the tamerica tech Muslim Sri Lanka where you are a lion Buddha one day McCrimmon elevate the park and ll kupaka climbing along cwj claw but see I'm on the chair Lorinda pyramid of carbonyl and online a kendama Salaam o Maharaja really see cinema Karl are silico Allah momentum man karela barrel now we are in terminal a silkworm until Towelie and I'll one day para ganar silly pc girl Larkin are silly PCR Lebanon mo kio the Porta Potty gotta yell atomic war on I pre endo Sulu Ariana I will put Eden buddy our quarry area a meteor crater e de da mo dr salon iguana a solar Denise AE under sinhala ready to put on a play Monopoly Linda put it on a baby Parker václav money sir Ya Allah tominaga receive Rajini on the camera Agustin pair will miss him already put up with it in your girl our girl came on opieop or later kappa rocket amana Garagiola no not written on page we can under none day they really mean to marala me over santhipom nanri vanakkam

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  1. மணி சார் கமல் அரசியலுக்கு வந்ததே இந்த பணத்துக்கு ஓட்டு என்ற அவலத்தை ஒழிக்க
    இங்கு வெற்றி தோல்வி என்பது இரண்டாம் பட்சம் நேர்மை தான் முதல். எதிர் காலத்தில் இன்று கமல் படங்கள் போற்றுவதை போல் அவர் அரசியலும் போற்ற படும் இது தான் விதி ஆனா வெத நம்மவர் போட்டது.

  2. Summa ethum sollanugrathukkaga sollakudathu Kamal no chance tiz time 5 years ku aprom parpom , athu nallathum illa,5 years ku aprom parpom

  3. Rajini or Kamal will feild Rich candidates with no idea on economy. They will spend money on TV channel and every possible way. This is similar to all current political parties. Common man has no say,only in NTK hard working party workers will have a chance. Waiting for Panchayat selections so that NTK can strengthen in root levels

  4. கமல் சார் அளவுக்கு ரஜினியால் அரசியலில் போராடா முடியாது அதனால் கமல்தான் வெல்லுவார்

  5. Stupid question ….. stupied answer.. but everyone knows what he is ….. but one question for the answering bro …..at lest he knows something an has done something …… what you did

  6. Rajini is coward fellow, simply he is making fools and not serving tamil people, only making money at this age also

  7. போங்கடா புண்ணாக்கு ரஜினி ஒரு mental டா அவனெல்லாம் வந்து என்ன புடுங்க முடியும்

  8. மணி அவர்களே 30ஆண்டுகளுக்கு மேல் ஒரு மனிதன் வெற்றி பாதையில் சென்றால் அவர்களை போல வாழதான் தோன்றும்.
    பொறாமை வராது…

  9. கமல் உலகநாயகன்)( ரஜினி வெறும் உள்ளுருர் சூப்பர்ஸ்டார்)கமலிடம் ரஜினி ஒப்பிடதிர்கள்

  10. ஜி ரவீந்திரன் துரைசாமி மாதிரி நடுவுநிலமையா பேசுரவங்கள பேட்டி எடுங்க. இவர் ஏன் இப்படி பேசுரார். அப்ப கமலுக்கு எரும மாட்டு தோலாமா?. என்னமோ கமல் 50 வருஷமா அரசியல இருந்த மாதிரியும் ரஜினி இப்பதான் வரப்போற மாதிரியும் பில்டப் கொடுக்குறார். நடுநிலமையாக சீர்தூக்கி பார்க்கும் விமர்சகர்களிடம் பேசுங்கள்! தயவு செய்து நேரத்தை வீணடிக்கும் பேட்டிகளை பதிவிடாதீர்கள். நம்ம சானலை சப்ஸ்கிரைப் பண்ணி தேடிதேடி பார்க்கிறோம். Pls interview with ஆகச்சிறந்த ஆளுமைகள்! நன்றி

  11. இந்த சனியை திமுக விலைக்கு வாங்கி உள்ளது தங்களுக்கு தெரியாதா. இவன் பெட்டி மணி. தாடி பண்ணிக்க துப்பு இல்லாத இந்த சா ணி, சாரி , சனிக்கு எதுக்கு அநாவசியமாக முக்கியத்துவம் கொடுக்குறீர்கள். சனி திசையை ஒதுக்கு வோம்..

  12. ஒரு மூத்த அரசியல் விமர்சகர் இந்த அளவுக்கு புரிதல் இல்லாமல் பேசுவது ஆச்சர்யமாக இருக்கின்றது.அல்லது உள் நோக்கத்துடன் பேசுகிறரா ?கமலஹாசன் எந்தவிதமான கள கட்டமைப்பும் இல்லாமல் அவசரமாக குதித்துவிட்டார்.அதற்க்கு பல காரணங்கள் உண்டு.ரஜினி ரல்ல கட்டமைப்பையும் தயார் செய்து கொண்டு, தெளிவாக வர நினைக்கிறார்.சிவாஜி போல் கமலஹாசன் தோற்றாலும் பெரிதாக பேசப்படமாட்டார்.ராஜினி, MGR போல.தோற்றால் காயம் அதிகம்.மற்றபடி ரஜினி சொன்ன கருத்து சொல்லாத கருத்து எல்லாவற்றிற்கும் ஆழ் அரசியல் அறிவே காரணம்.எடுத்ததெற்கெல்லாம் அரசியல் கருத்து சொல்வதே ஒரு அரசியல்தான்.சீப்பான அரசியல் செய்யாதவர் ரஜினி.அப்படியே கருத்து சொன்னால் அது நாட்டிற்கும் மக்களுக்கும் தேவையானதாக இருக்கும்.மணி போன்ற பத்திரிகையாளர்கள், இவர்கள், அல்லது ஒரு சிறு கூட்டம் வேறு நோக்கங்களுக்கு சொல்லும் கருத்தை சொல்லவேண்டும் என்று நினைக்கிறார்கள். அதலைவர்கள் தலைவர்கள்.கூலிகள் போதும்.எந்த பிரச்சனையிலும் மௌனமான பெரும்பான்மை ஒன்று உண்டு .அவர்கள் சைலண்டாக புரட்சி பண்ணுவார்கள்.தேசத்திற்கு நல்லதை முடிவெடுப்பார்கள்.இதுவெல்லாம் புரியாத மாதிரி, மணி போன்றவர்கள் மக்களை பல காரணங்களுக்காக குழப்ப முயலுவார்கள்.

  13. இவன் dmk மணி…. எது பேசினாலும் dmk ஷாலின் ஆதரவாகத்தான் முடிப்பான்… அது கூர்ந்து கவனித்தாலதான் தெரியும்

  14. கமல்ஹாசன் நோட்டவவிட அதிகமா வாங்குவாருன்னு சொல்லறீங்களா?

  15. வளர்ச்சி இன்றைய அரசியலில் எல்லா கட்ச்சிகளை காட்டிலும் மக்கள் நீதி மய்யம் மிக மிக வேகம்தான் என்று சொல்ல வேண்டும். நன்றி வணக்கம்.

  16. Rajini vanda kamalku tan advantage
    Rajini vs kamal nu makkal papanga so definitely kamal mela attention neraya vilum👍

  17. Forget Rajni even Stalin will struggle to match Kamal in coming years. I am impressed with the way MNM performed till now. What Kamal has done now is he has identified and showed to people who is the local MNM person. Just listen to MNM candidate's speech, second level leadership is getting ready for Kamal which is going to make the difference.

  18. Rajiniyavay umbugada vera Vela punda illa poi velaiya parugada.next vote for rajini nu sonnalathana interview kodutharu

  19. தனிமனித ஒழுங்கம் இல்லாதவன் ஒரு நாளும் அரசியலில் வெள்ள முடியாது .

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